Government Introduces Bitcoin To Prisoner Scheme: Send Your Caged Friends Books & Pay in Bitcoin

Political Prisoners Being Held At The Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat

Political prisoners being currently being held at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat: Nobody (formally known as Rich Paul) & Ian Freeman

The Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat has taken it upon itself to open it’s doors to our political prisoner’s request(s) to receive books paid for with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. How does this work you might ask? Well through an intermediary ( you can now order books and have them delivered to the jail’s inmates via Amazon. You see Amazon is the exclusive entity available by which inmates are allowed to receive books and Purse is the company which handles the cryptocurrency part of the transaction. When you purchase a book for a prisoner and pay in Bitcoin Purse’s ‘earners’- individuals who wish to acquire Bitcoin will purchase your chosen book from Amazon and have Amazon send it directly to the political prisoner. Instructions on the steps to accomplish this are below.

Currently there is an Amazon wish list setup for Ian Freeman:

A wish list for Nobody (a political activist, one of two Crypto6 victims currently incarcerated at the Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat) is currently in development. An update will be posted once we have a 2nd list available.



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  1. The guy still has 28 bitcoin. He can buy his own books.

  2. You don’t seem to understand how the system works. Even if he had 28 Bitcoin it’s not his Bitcoin. It’s the churches Bitcoin. Assuming these guys are so dumb as to not have managed to secure that crypto prior to arrest it’s not that much. You are talking about roughly what it’ll probably cost for lawyers to bring this legal case to conclusion (guilty or otherwise). Ian doesn’t know how to spend money on himself. Christ. If you ever were at his house you’d think he was living in poverty. Which kinda makes sense considering he’s taken an oath of poverty.

  3. Who the fuck is posting using my name? 1. I find this post stupid as I wouldn’t want to put any kind of target on Purse…. 2. Just… get fucked. I don’t need any impostors. I can stir up my own shit.

    Of COURSE FK wouldn’t have any kind of actual login or reasonable identity system….

  4. “Government Introduces”… Ha ha

  5. Johnson “… wouldn’t have any kind of actual login or reasonable identity system….”

    Ha Johnson that’s just the beginning of it. No kind of moderation at all, whatsoever. This is just a troll/imposter playground, in case that’s your thing. Cue Jumping Jacks and his ilk 😉

  6. Lol. You know Intrigare, I’m wondering whether Jacks will be able to do any trolling at all once the trial starts. Especially if Creepy Crawford’s “bouncers” have anything to say about it. 😉

  7. This headline is misleading. This is about accepting Amazon shipments, not bitcoin. Yes you can use crypto on Amazon through purse, but the government has no knowledge of our control of your payment method.

  8. Wow, the begging of bitcoin for an idiot locked up because he practiced federal crimes with gutsy. Why can’t Ian buy his own stuff? He’s the one with all the money. He secured his own attorney so I’m sure he can buy a book. Of course he let RNP to hang.

    Neither one of them are political prisoners. Obviously the freekeeners have perverse ideas about what a political prisoner. This is like calling the mob political prisoners. I’m sure Ian will be poor in prison. He will have to forfeit all that money and bitcoins he has, and I’m quite sure he will have some major hefty fines he will have to pay. The same goes for RNP and the rest of the crypto6.

    As the sheep (freekeeners) continue to serve their master, (Ian) The person who stole their money and bullied his way across Keene, the sheep continue to worship Ian and will go down with him.

    How much longer will the idea of “freekeene” be around? I think it’s on it’s last leg.

  9. Right on cue, Jumping Jacks! Now I wonder if I can get you to do other tricks on command.

  10. Johnson is right about the lack of authentication on this message board. Maybe we can all post our public PGP keys and digitally sign our content so people can verify legitimate trolls from fake trolls. By the way, how do you get fired from the NSA? Publish math poems like:

    Take two large prime numbers, q and p
    Take the product n, and the totient phi
    If e and phi have GCD one
    and d is e’s inverse, then your done!
    For m to the e mod n gives secre-c

    Thank the three mathematicians who discovered the RSA algorithm back in 1978, for c to the d mod n gives m.

  11. “You don’t seem to understand how the system works. Even if he had 28 Bitcoin it’s not his Bitcoin. It’s the churches Bitcoin.”

    Uh huh. Yeah, sure. I’ll pretend that’s a real church. At any rate, he found enough quarters under his jail cushion to hire an attorney, he can look a bit closer if he wants a few books.

    “Assuming these guys are so dumb as to not have managed to secure that crypto prior to arrest it’s not that much.”

    A million and a half isn’t much? I don’t know how much books are near you, but they aren’t nearly that expensive around these parts.

    “Ian doesn’t know how to spend money on himself.”

    But he sure does know how to create a list of books so other people can spend money on him.

  12. gloriouszorn because Ian totally has access to all his assets right now. Why I’ll bet they have a bitcoin vending machine right there in Merrimack County Spiritual Retreat! Ian need not worry, the FBI doesn’t want to steal his bitcoin. The FBI isn’t like that, honest!

  13. I’m sure he has enough assets to buy a couple 15 dollar books without having the community pitch in.

  14. I’m glad there’s a way for the community to pitch in for that, with bitcoin especially. Using bitcoin is like poetic justice… Like a kick in the teeth to those who would try to prevent and criminalize its use.

  15. tj some of the stuff you say us over my head… like they math equation… and idk what a pgp is or how to do it

  16. Really, Intrigare ?? If you want to buy a book for your friend, go for it. But, Jails have mobile libraries and your friend had over $180,000 in cash and over $2 million in Bitcoin. Using Bitcoin is hardly “kicking anybody in the teeth”. It is legal in the United States. In your terms, I am a Republican “Statist” and I bought 100,000 Doge Coins in December for $1,000. Now worth around $40,000. When I sell, I will declare the capital gains and pay the taxes. Schedule D and form 8949. Obey the law if you like your freedom. Being locked up alone in a 8 foot cell for 23 hours per day is not my idea of a Spiritual Retreat.

  17. someone with the name LFOD sats obey the law if you like your freedon…i think thats ironic or something…would you say that to MLK…it just doesnt seem like …..idk….the people who didnt follow the law…made things better for everyone… the people who went by that kept us in bondage ; fear keeps us in bondage

  18. Intrigare – “I’m glad there’s a way for the community to pitch in for that, with bitcoin especially.” What community are you referring to? Who would buy Ian or RNP anything after what they have done. I can believe a couple of loser freekeeners might buy a book or two but you maybe looking at a long jail time until the trial. This is just another way Ian tries to hold on to those who worship him blindly. making them pay for his crimes.

    Ian put himself into jail. Outside of the other crypto6 who helped him commit these crimes. thus puting their own freedom at risk. Ian knew what he was doing and I am more than willing to bet he knew what was going to happen breaking these laws.

    The only thing in Ian’s life is Ian. Everyone else can go hang. And you want to buy him books and continue to give him and RNP money.

    How dumb do you have to be?

  19. Johnson & Johnson: It’s a troll on the government, and a really funny one. The jail is only allowing books from Amazon and it just so happens Amazon is one of the few ways to acquire books and pay with Bitcoin.

  20. Wow, Jacks. You sure do know a whole lot about the criminal mind and stuff, don’tcha? Is that because your daughter’s a deputy? God you’re so lucky. I wish I had a deputy in my family.

    Anyway, the guys here can’t wait to meetcha at the trial. How’ll we know it’s you, by the way? Maybe you could wear one of those buttons you keep telling us about – you know, the ones with Ian’s face crossed out on them?

    Oh! Better yet, maybe you could let us know whatcha look like? My sister’s been picturing you as looking a lot like Corky from that show “Life Goes On” on account that you kinda write like you’re retarded or something. But I think you look a lot more like a young Don Rickles. Which one of us is closer, huh munchkin? And don’t say you look like Keanu Reeves. That’s what everybody says.

  21. David Crawford-can I give you some sincere advice ? Stop talking about the case. When you say that somebody wanted to divulge his business to Ian but Ian “didn’t want to hear it”…you aren’t helping your friend. You are describing a Felony and you may now well be called as a Witness. Similarly, Chris Cantwell did some trash talking with a fellow Nazi scumbag on an encrypted website and then showed it to the FBI and the Keene Police as he tried to rat the other Nazi out. That is the only reason that he is now doing 41 months in a federal prison. I would advise you to shut your pie hole.

  22. @JJ “What community are you referring to?”

    The same community gz asked about. That is, the freedom-loving community at large.

    And like it or not, some of them appreciate the efforts of liberty activists like Ian Freeman and hope to support him in that endeavor.

    We all already know that doesn’t include you, Jumping Jacks. Why, you’re just a troll here who makes things up and and doesn’t value freedom at all. I bet you even wish I were in jail too, don’t ya? Well for what it’s worth, I’ve never wished that on you.

  23. Hmm one of my posts got an “awaiting moderation.”

  24. Interesting. You just described yourself. It sounds like your sister is as stupid as you are. Why don’t you throw her a bone. You and your sister must live together. That is the only way she can be stupid is to live with you frankenstein.

    Now that we have established who your roommate is, Who gets the bedroom. When I come to Keene, I will need to crash for a few days. If you and your sister are sharing a bed, I will have to stay in a hotel. I’m sure you smoke and drink so I would more than likely stay at a hotel.

    I’m sure your merry band of misfits might start chanting in circles and want to kill a human as a sacrifice.

    In short, I will be at this trial in its entirety. I know when I see you, You’ll be the one with the sister on a leash,

  25. You can stay with me, Jumping Jacks 🙂

  26. Intrigare – “some of them appreciate the efforts of liberty activists like Ian Freeman and hope to support him in that endeavor”. No, they don’t. That is your bullshit you made up. the only one’s in keene who support Ian are a couple of burnt out nose boogers with no mind of their own.

    If you want to be in jail that’s your business. I’m sure you would like to be making your prison vows to your cellmate Lars. Just like Ian will be doing before long. I don’t think anyone would care if you were in jail. You would be just another stink bug smelling up the cellblock.

    That’s interesting you call me a troll. You try to counter every post I make even when those posts aren’t addressed to you. It sounds like the real definition of a troll is you. You obviously are getting flustered because your statements don’t carry that warm lackadaisical stupidity you usually have in your words.

    See you at the trial.

  27. lfod: no you have no advise that would help me. I can tell. I read that you wanted to give me advise and nothing more…maybe ill look now, maybe not lol

  28. Oh Jacks…

    Those are some of the nicest words you’ve ever said to me. Especially the parts about “warm” and “see you at the trial.”. You even said my statements don’t carry the stupidity they usually have!

    Who is this Lars you speak of? Sounds exciting. Is he anything like you?

    Do we really have to wait until the trial?
    My invitation is still open to stay at my place. No need to stay at a lonely hotel. Lars is welcome too.

    You can be doctor, and we’ll be the patients. You like that, right? What do you say?

  29. I read the rest; it reveals that you are less informed than i am …lol…

  30. LFOD: im going to help you….seeing as you are ignorant.: What I am repeating, was said BY THE PROSECUTOR AT THE OPEN COURT HEARING THAT YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDNT SEE!!!…SO, If its wrong its the prosecutors fault…im parroting what that douchbag said…k? So now you are less ignorant

  31. Now shut up and leave me alone!

  32. Trying once again to post this…

    I also find it ironic that someone with the handle “Live Free or Die” advises others to “Obey the law if you like your freedom.”

    In any case, LFoD, Uncle Sam must be pleased that you pay taxes on all your unreported income. Most wouldn’t do that. Think of all the grandmas with unreported slot machine winnings. They must not value their freedom like you do, eh LFoD? Do you think they should all be in jail right now?

    And those “financial institutions” they gamble in, required by law to “know your customer,” are all fully aware of these illegal activities and are therefore party to them. Where’s all the FBI raids on those? Hmmmm

    As for your other points, I already answered those in previous posts. You can go back and find them if you’re interested.

  33. “Now shut up and leave me alone!”


  34. A hotel, huh Jacks? Sounds like a plan. Not that I wouldn’t like putting you up for a few days. Although to be honest I really wouldn’t. I mean it’s hard to get around the fact that you’re kind of yucky and also a bit of dickhole. Especially with all this recent weirdness coming out of you about creepy sex stuff and human sacrifice and all.

    Say, what’s the deal with that, anyhow? Is that a libtard weirdo thing? ‘Cuz I heard on Tucker Carlson that you guys are in the habit of accusing everyone else of the things you yourselves are doing. Pretty messed up, right? Hey, you ever catch him on the telly? He’s on twice a night now. God he’s so awesome. Don’t be jealous, though. He’s not as awesome as you are, obviously. I mean you’re a doctoral candidate with peculiar insights on the criminal mind and all, while he’s just a political commentator, journalist, and all around stand-up guy.

    Anyway munchkin, I’m super stoked that you’re gonna be at the trial. You telling everyone here every day why you think Ian’s a hypocrite and all has been getting kind of old. What NH really needs are go getters like you to finally get out of their houses and apartments and actually give a shit about America. You’re the best, big guy. I mean that. Honest Injun.

  35. Frankenstein – Who said I wanted to say with you during the trial? You are really a self centered idiot. There is no hassle when staying at a hotel frankenstein. I could never stay at your place. it’s way too small. I’m sure i would have to continually fight off your sexual advances. I honestly do not believe you could even afford food for the both of us. I would hate sleeping on that old couch you jack off on. I don’t smoke. More than likely you do.

    I’ll see you at the trial loser.

  36. Intrigare – You really don’t know what sarcasm is.

  37. Well ya did mention that since me and my sister would be sharing a bed, then you’d have to stay in a hotel or something, didn’tcha? So I guess it’s pretty understandable why I thought what I did. Oh. Wait. Sorry. Your brain thing. I forgot, munchkin. I’ll try to be more considerate about that in the future.

    Anyhoo, so hey, ya don’t smoke, huh? Wow. You must be really healthy and stuff. You know, I used to smoke. But then I got pregnant and had to quit. I did it cold turkey and everything. Didn’t even bother with the nicotine patch. Isn’t that awesome, big guy?

    Oh, and the kid turned out smart as a whip. He’s gotten pretty husky, too. Plays defensive end in his pee wee football league. Even sacked the quarterback five times in one game. He’s a total badass.

    Say, speaking of couches, I was sitting on mine the other night watching Tucker Carlson, and he said that the Covid Pope’s been running around saying that the vaccines aren’t effective or anything. Can you believe that crap? I mean in Cheshire County alone, 95% of the cases have recovered already, I’m sure in no small part to the vaccines. You won’t catch me taking it, though. Otherwise I’d be a hypocrite. It’s super important not to be one of those.

    Oh well, I’m gonna sign off for now. Need to go to the car wash to rinse the all the salt off the undercarriage of my shitty car. Don’t want any more rust on it than it already has, am I right Jacks?

  38. Hey Ian,

    I’m mailing two cakes to your prison cell.

    One has a file in it, the other is full of spiders.

    Choose carefully.

  39. Frankenstein – You are so full of shit.

  40. God, Jacks. Why are you so pissed off all of a sudden? I said I was sorry. Geez.

    Anyway, check this out. Me and the guys have decided to change things around a bit over here at Casa de la DeSitter – you know, game wise? See, it turns out it’s been kinda hard taking bets on your posts these days – on account that you keep bringing up boogers, weird sex stuff, and human sacrifice and the like. It’s just not fun anymore.

    So get this, we’re trying out something new where we all do funny voices while we read your comments out loud. Totally boss, right? I’ve been reading yours as McGruff the Crime Dog. Remember him? I’ll do it for you when we see you at the trial. Wait’ll you hear it. It’s such a hoot.

  41. frankenstein – Who said I was “pissed off”? Those are your words. Typical freekeener. You interject your feelings into my words and come up with a ridiculous statement. No wonder freekeene is doomed.

    As far as the funny voice thing goes, We have been doing the same thing with your comments but we have been doing that longer then you have. Copycat. You don’t even come up with original ideas.

    Bitcoin seems to be regressing.

    Today, 3393 people have tested positive for covid-19 in Cheshire county NH. Scientists are now worried about mutations of the virus seen in some patients. The virus is beginning to mutate. That ca have nasty consequences.

  42. So I’m a copycat, huh Jacks? Geez. That’s humbling. Anyway, I know what you’re doing. This is what you libtard weirdos refer to as “destroying” someone, right? Pretty fierce, munchkin. I mean you didn’t even gimme a chance to stretch or anything. You just threw it all in using sand and vinegar for lube and a slap in the tuchus. God you’re so hot.

    Anyway, it turns out that Bitcoin isn’t the only thing that’s regressing, big guy.

    Oh, and in other news, Dr. Scott Gottlieb – Pope Saint Fauci the Great’s Grand Inquisitor (may he live forever) – has been predicting similar relief. Ain’t that great, Jacks? Maybe now we won’t have to wear three masks or wipe off our shopping carts every time we go into the grocery store. Fingers crossed!

  43. Frankenstein – Yet again you prove your worthless personality. What are you going to do when freekeee goes away? How about when they close down this site? You won’t have anything to do to peak your interest during the day. I guess you will go under those freaky chat sites. I do not support pedophilia like Ian did so you might want to watch out. I’m sure Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC will be waiting for you and yes, you would be stupid and pervy enough to do such a vile thing.

  44. You should ignore him Jack… attention will him yapping

  45. Yowsers. You’re just chock-full of cautionary tales today, aren’tcha Jacks? I mean first it’s those scary covid-19 mutations. Then it’s the great Bitcoin regression of 2021. And now it’s freaky chat sites and Chris Hansen. Thanks for the heads-up, munchkin. You’re always looking out for me. I love that about you.

    Oh, by the way, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it looks like the Creepster’s trying to move in on your territory again. You’re not going to let him get away with that shit, now are ya?

  46. David Crawford – Typical freekeener. Always telling everyone what to do. Are you taking over Ian’s sarcastic and BS statements?

    Frankenstein – I can’t wait to meet you at Ian’s trial. That is, if you are going. I have never met a bigger asshole than most freekeeners. HAve you people made a colorful ribbon to hang on trees and buttons like the ones people wear to show their support for cancer, HIV/AIDS, other cancers, and this list goes on. Maybe you people can make a shit brown one. That would represent Ian’s current situation

  47. See that David? Now that’s how to be an Alpha. I hope you’ve learned your lesson, pal.

    By the way, thanks a bunch, Jacks. Dave’s been being a real tool here lately. You know, I think he’s on the autism spectrum. I’ll bet that’s why he’s such a spazz. Shame you had to let him have it like that, right? You guys were getting along famously before all this Crypto Six hoopla came out.

    Anyway, to answer your question about ribbons and buttons, I guess I’d have to say “no” to all of that. That stuff’s more of a libtard weirdo kinda thing. Us liberty-oriented folks don’t usually get excited about virtue-signaling like you guys do. And even when the mood does strike us, we prefer chalking sidewalks, flashing tits, or smoking pot in front of cops. But thanks for asking, munchkin.

    Oh, before I forget, guess what? I bought a really cute summer dress with all that bitcoin money I made earlier this month. Did I mention it’s a Louis Vuitton? Va va voom, am I right? Anyway, I’m thinking of wearing it to the trial. Whaddya think your wife will be wearing? I’m picturing her as a pantsuit kind of gal just like Kamala Harris is.

  48. yea.. lol no comment

  49. This is slightly outdated but interesting


    There are a few things in this article I haven’t heard before.

    ” is “willing to surrender his passport and is amenable to a tracking device. He is also willing to pull back from his crypto business.”

    It sounds like he would roll over on RNP as well as the others involved in this. How can you send him bitcoin for a defense fund when he said he would step back from bitcoin?

    Ian also said he knew the FBI and IRS were looking into his illegal enterprises since 2016, He was so arrogant he continued to break the law regardless of being investigated.

    I believe everyone knows Ian would run once he had the chance. Hopefully it never gets to that point by staying in jail. Ian and RNP should of kept their noses clean. Instead, their arrogant egos said differently.

    What a bunch of assholes lololol

  50. I for got to add. Your defense funned was a bust. Only 4 people contributed. That should show you where people stand regarding Ian and RNP. They think they should remain in jail and then prison.

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