Free State To Receive More Visitors Post Jeremy Kauffman Interview

Jeremy Kauffman, LBRY founder, Free State Project board member, husband and father, yesterday joined a two hour conversation with Tim Pool and Ian Crossland. It’s an informative, timely, and freewheeling exchange.

Kauffman did a bang-up job highlighting the already significant impact of liberty-oriented doers in the Free State of New Hampshire and the potential that exists here going forward. He is well-versed, on-point, and approachable, and his message will undoubtedly inspire viewers to visit (perhaps for Liberty Forum) and vote with their feet.

Take a look:

Props to Kauffman for taking the time and to Pool for extending an invite.


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  1. You really strive for the stars don’t you Pete.

    “the already significant impact of liberty-oriented doers in the Free State of New Hampshire and the potential that exists here going forward”.
    What exactly have these “liberty-orientated” changed or done for New Hampshire? I know, they have done nothing.

    Well, it looks like everyone needs a hobby including freekeeners. Isn’t that what the free state project is? a hobby?

  2. Unless Mr Kaufman can correct himself regarding the comments that were pretty racist or ignorant I’m not listening to anything else he has to say even though I did give this a try; I listened; it’s pretty long video, I listen to a third of it

  3. The video was pretty interesting. Good job Jeremy!

  4. Man-the trolls are out today. Jeremy Kaufman never made any racist statements. I think you are confusing the lies you are telling with that of Mike Sylvia the state rep (who unsurprisingly had his words twisted and manipulated by you liars). As the left and right lose power in NH and as they frantically try to claw their way back they’re managing to pull out every lie, misleading statement they can come up with, and manipulation tactic that they got. Unlike the republicans and democrats libertarians don’t want to be in power. The libertarians want to dissolve the powers that be handed out so no more abuses can be had. This is why the states budget is shrinking and the left/right/republicans/democrats are freaking the f out.

  5. The racist tweets are easy to find.
    Maybe your confirmation bias blinds you too them.
    Mike Silvia is a good rep.

  6. I’ve seen Jeremy Kaufman’s racist tweets with my own eyes.
    Now go away with your nonsense

  7. I’m not ” you liars” . Dullard

  8. I’d like to see these supposed racist posts. The ones referred recently about Mike Sylvia was not him being racist. It was him referencing racism and the feelings of others. He asked a question and nobody really said anything in response in support of or against although it was not something that anyone would have moved forward with. Effectively what Mike brought up was using the same tactics that the democrats and republicans utilize. He was saying if they utilize dirty tactics why shouldn’t we? The fact he nor ANY of us went down that path just demonstrates how pathetic the lie is that he’s racist. There is like 1 person who moved to NH for the Free State Project who clearly went the racist direction, 1 who claims to be racist and libertarian, and of which the die hard racist isn’t part of the libertarian world and doesn’t claim to be any more. However he humorously actually preaches against violence still to a great degree though probably not entirely. The other guy claiming to be libertarian whose also a racist doesn’t understand that you aren’t libertarian if you advocate for violence to achieve social and political objectives (outside of self defense anyway). There is no doubt that there are some republicans who like to cater to libertarian voters, but those republicans aren’t libertarian. You have probably 20 or so republicans like that if I had to guess that might lean libertarian on some issues.

  9. They are easy to find Jeremy…
    But your stamp of approval of whether or not they are racist, is not required.

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