The Most Important Date Of The Decade Is Upon Us: A Hearing On New Hampshire Independence Is Here

The BIGGEST most important date (Jan 20th) of the decade for freedom may just be upon us so mark your calendar and come support the New Hampshire independence rally & public hearing this Thursday ! Don’t be the reason we’re stuck without options- freedom loving people unite- lets create a home and free place to live and give our kids a bastion of hope for the future.

If New Hampshire voters say yes to independence it will separate New Hampshire from the US empire and immediately halt the abuse by Washington DC. What we can accomplish by ourselves will be far greater than anything we can accomplish under the threat of Washington politicians. Independence will offer New Hampshire citizens many things- everything from a reduced tax burden and economic growth to reducing the staggering amount of regulatory barriers placed on New Hampshire businesses. Unhappy with forced vaccination? We can fix that! If we’re independent the feds can’t dictate what should be a matter between us and our doctors. Don’t like Washington’s gun regulations? We can go farther at eliminating arguably unconstitutional restrictions. Unhappy about our schools? Without DC bribing our politicians to pass laws we otherwise wouldn’t and they can’t pass directly we can fix our schools.

When all else fails, what is the plan New Hampshire? 71% (78% at its height) of Union Leader readers said YES to a vote on independence! Now we need to get the legislators to put it on the ballot so the voters can actually decide to declare independence from Washington DC. This New Hampshire constitutional amendment will do just that.

For those not aware New Hampshire’s constitution pre-dates that of the United States and should we choose to do so we can leave the union and divorce DC. We can lead the US just as our forefathers did before us during the Revolutionary War. Just as they declared independence from Great Britain we too can declare independence from the new empire.

However unlike that insurrection this isn’t a declaration of war. This is a means of declaration via proper legal channels- and that’s something even the US courts have acknowledged. Where some would lead you to believe that independence is illegal or that it’s impossible the truth is that even the courts have ruled that the procedure rather than the declaration itself has in prior instances been improper.

Let’s keep our options open and support CACR 32 by joining together with democrats, conservatives, and other independent voters this Thursday Jan 20th, 2022:

Address: 33 N State Street, Concord, New Hampshire
Time: Rally starts at 2:00 pm, press conference @ 3:00, and the public hearing is at 3:30 Room LB 206.

Can’t make it? See our directions below for how you can testify electronically.

For more details read the latest article by Liberty Block:

Breaking: NH Exit Legislation Assigned House Committee & Hearing

Want to express support for the constitutional amendment on New Hampshire independence? Here is how to testify (in other words inform the committee on your thoughts) electronically on what you think of this important legislation.

Can’t Make It? Here is how to testify electronically via email

Step 1: Open the link here

Step 2: Select January 20th on the calendar shown

Step 3: Under Select the Committee find House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs

Step 4: Under Choose the Bill find 3:30 pm – CACR32

Step 5: Under I am select A Member of the Public

Step 6: Under I’m Representing leave Myself

Step 7: Select the bubble I Support this Bill

Step 8: Click Continue

Step 9: Enter your First and Last name, Town, State, and an email address.

Step 10: Click the Continue button

Step 11: Check the box that says “By clicking this checkbox, you agree that the information you have provided is truthful to the best of your knowledge.”

Step 12: Click the Continue button

You’ve now registered your support for giving voters of New Hampshire the opportunity to vote for independence from Washington DC.

The next thing to do is send the Committee your thoughts and comments in why they should support democracy and give the people the chance to vote on this very important constitutional amendment.

Please email written testimony to:

It’s currently unclear if the hearing will be live streamed by the state itself or not, as nothing is shown under scheduled live streams as I write this, but this may change, and we will certainly be posting a video of the hearing afterward on just what happened so stay tuned in to Free Keene for updates. Here is a link to the live streams just in case you are able to watch it live via the state’s cameras:

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  1. If you’re not free to choose to leave, you’re a captive.

    The essence of freedom is the protection of and exercise of equal individual choice.
    The essence of captivity is the stifling of that or the sleight of hand abridgement of what that means, thru “democratic choice”.

    Should be hilarious to hear the rationale of the naysayers of independence. I voted myself free a long time ago, it was unanimous.

  2. The South rightfully tried to secede from the federal dictatorship under comrade Lincoln but instead, Lincoln waged the War of Northern Aggression against the Confederacy and the South was totally destroyed since they didn’t have the numbers of troops to continue to fight against the much larger forces of the Northern invaders. So if the South wasn’t allowed to peaceably secede from the federals, then what makes anybody think that the federals of today, who are so much worse than even dictator Lincoln, would ever allow NH to peaceably secede????

  3. Jingleheimer… The south want right you fuckling dimwit

  4. John Schmidt.
    You are stupid

  5. I personally this there *is* a avenue to peaceful secession; because if this state rejects all things federal.
    Then that is secession

  6. The question is; really, Is there a avenue for peace?
    And the answer is OF COURSE there is a avenue for peace!

    On this MLK day. MLK a major advocate, and proponent, of nonviolent resistance.

  7. Should a wife stay with her husband because he will beat her if she leaves? Of course not.

    I agree with David. There is always an avenue for peace!

    The circumstances surrounding the onset of the civil war differ greatly from today. States seceded well before the Civil war began and the federal government was actually somewhat tolerant of it. That was not the sole cause of the war.

  8. imo
    In the civil war, violence, by the federal government, aka the north, was used to *stop* a violent aggression…

    “we want to separate ourselves so that we can continue this violent system”(say the south)

    So the federal government, in the civil war, had a morally justifiable use of violence: To *stop* violence!

    In this case, its sort of the opposite, : “we don’t like your violence, federal government, so we want to separate ourselves from you”

    So these secessionists may have the moral high ground.

    So unlike the civil war; violence to stop violence isn’t a reason to stop this secession

  9. Another fly by night. I assure you, there are not enough people who want to succeed from the union. New Hampshire cannot survive as it’s own entity. A lot of the residence of New Hampshire would move out of the state so the population would change dramatically which would destroy it’s infrastructure.

    This is nothing new. In one example, Texas has tried to do the same thing and have failed every time and they have been trying to leave the union for well over a hundred years.

    It is comical to watch and everyone needs a hobby.

  10. “I assure you, there are not enough people who want to succeed (sic) from the union.”

    Well jeepers, Jacks. Thanks for your assurance and stuff. Anyway, you also assured us that the PDR was unavailable to the rest of us normal folks and would cost us $1,000 per copy as well – even though it’s actually totally free to everyone with an internet connection. I know, I know. Rants and raves, am I right?

    “Texas has tried to do the same thing and have failed every time and they have been trying to leave the union for well over a hundred years.”

    Uh huh. Have they really though, Jacks?

    Oh. Before I forget. You can go fuck yourself. I mean that. 😉

  11. Ouch. I mean, you did kinda walk right into that lambasting eh Jacks? Ah well, as long as we’re all entertained that’s what counts right?

  12. If Texas has been trying for over a hundred years then you know things are about to get real once NH starts trying too, that’s all I’ve got to say about that hehe

  13. Say Intrigare, didn’t Jacks also assure us drama queen trolls that we’d all be dead from the ‘rona right about now? Shit. I’ve had it twice now and I’ve never felt better. 🙂

  14. Yeah I’ve had it twice too. Or the flu. That’s the same thing isn’t it?

  15. Probably. But the Branch Covidians will never admit that. Covid doctrine is more important than the truth to those assholes. Ha ha. And they ask me why I drink. 😉

  16. Ignorance is strength baby!

  17. <3

  18. The people against COVID protections,
    are duped by nonsense.
    Or they just always think everything is “us against them”.
    Or they think everything is a government conspiracy. Lol

  19. Another fly by night. – More rants and raves without saying anything. You are good with the psycho babel but you come off like a buffoon.

    It floors me to read these grabbles you right. Go out and educate yourself. You are one of very few people who thinks your lies are going to make every one to change their mind. Thank you for the yawn fest. I needed the sleep

  20. Uh huh. That’s tight, Jacks. That’s tight.

    Anyhow, last night I was eating fish fillets and while I was surrounding them with a moat of tartar sauce I saw on the news that Carhartt has decided to start subjecting their employees to medical abuse with vaccine mandates and stuff. This despite the fact that SCOTUS rightly struck the federal mandate down only a few days ago. Weird, right?

    Can you guess what happened next? Well it turns out that many of Carhartt’s loyal blue-collar customers will now be spending millions of dollars a year on hoodies, jackets, winter gear, and free advertising on somebody else. You know, cuz tyrants totally suck and stuff – be it the corporate ones or the government ones.

    Hey, do ya know where I’m going with this, Jacks? Ha ha. Just kidding. I know you don’t.

  21. The situation in Texas and the situation in the south during the civil war were very different. Nobody is proposing a war and if the US invades NH it’ll be a boon to the economy. When the US leaves we’ll just go for independence again. It’s not like the US beat the Taliban or nothing. If a ragtag bunch of men with little more than basic arms and ammunition can win a war against the United States New Hampshire should be able to win a non-war for independence. The question that has yet to be answered is there the will to travel down this path? IDK. But we’re going to take a shot at it. We already have. There is a hearing Thursday on this and we’ll see what the turn out is like.

  22. If the south and texas have nothing to do with NH.. And nothing in common with NH.
    Then the Taliban *really* muddies the waters and is alot less relevant to the discussion.

    I see NH leaving, as people leaving a party or a gathering : “It’s been nice but gotta go now”..

    Like a divorce because of irreconcilable differences.

    there would be court cases to divvy up the shit.. etc

  23. if someone brings the Taliban into the committee meeting then they are bringing a losing argument

  24. Did it get a thumbs up?

  25. Did it get the thumbs up?

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