NH HB 1027: Elected Officials Who Abuse “Emergency Powers” Could Incur Felony Charges of Treason

New Hampshire HB 1027 was introduced by Rep. Tim Baxter (R – Rockingham 20) and Rep. Josh Yokela (R – Rockingham 33) on January 5, 2022, followed by a public hearing on January 19th. It’s now sitting in committee until March 10, 2022.

  • “This bill establishes the crime of subversion of the legislative process-treason for any act to subvert the legislative process based on a false claim of emergency caused by COVID-19.”

Politicians and bureaucrats that violate our medical freedom by enforcing unconstitutional and unlawful mandates should go to prison. The legislative process is sacred. President Joe Biden is not a king, and the executive department cannot subvert the legislative process when it is convenient. It is up to individual state legislatures and the United States congress to enact legislation that impacts the citizens…It is well within the authority of the general court to protect its constituents from overreach of federal executive power. This bill aims to check the power of the federal government, and to defend the people of our state from unconstitutional executive actions and decrees that encroach on their ability to conduct business freely. This bill protects the right of private businesses to make their own decisions in what they require of their employees, and frees them from being shackled by executive overreach.” – Rep. Tim Baxter, HB 1027 public hearing, 1/19/2022 – watch here


Arguments Presented at the Public Hearing 

Rep. Baxter’s arguments focused on how covid-19 mandates in New Hampshire have affected employers/employees negatively by forcing them into catch-22 situations. One example was a mother in tears because she didn’t agree with the vaccine mandate, but would lose her job if she didn’t comply. Rep. Baxter argued that businesses should be in charge of setting their own parameters, without government intrusion or intervention whatsoever.

Rep. Yokela’s arguments focused on how using covid-19 as the basis for “emergency powers” is an abuse of the legislative system. Over two years into the pandemic, any “emergency powers” enacted are unnecessary, as the entire world is well aware of the situation. Employers do not need hand-holding, and employees should not be forced into unconstitutional positions by the government. Rep. Yokela argued that legislatures have enough time, at this late stage, to follow the legitimate legislative path instead of enacting laws by executive decree. If they do not follow the proper path, it should be considered an act of treason.

I became actively involved in this process in the end of 2021, beginning of 2022, and I was actually appalled with the way people are being discriminated against because of this pandemic. Not only in our communities, but right here in our legislative body. This bill would hold those people responsible and accountable at every level. It needs to be done. I was in a Senate hearing yesterday and one of the senators who spoke…said the bottom line is that we don’t want to approve this because we want everyone vaccinated. That’s not appropriate. That is not appropriate for someone to take that kind of a stand. He’s representing the people of New Hampshire. Not everyone in New Hampshire wants this vaccine. Not everyone in New Hampshire believes in this vaccine. Not everyone in New Hampshire trusts our federal government, or even our state government at this point. I’m here today to support this bill; it’s a good start.” – Russan Chester (NH citizen), HB 1027 public hearing, 1/19/2022 – watch here


Abusing “Emergency Powers” Is an Act of Treason

Skirting around the legitimate legislative process by proclaiming kingly “emergency powers” (when there is no emergency) is an act of treason against the state, and should be treated as such, the bill argues. Obviously if used as intended, the power of “the king” to enact spur-of-the-moment laws wouldn’t seem quite so shady. But creeping up past the two-year mark of the pandemic, there’s no reason to skirt around the legitimate legislative process anymore. If an elected official abuses their powers, this bill would allow for them to be charged with treason, carrying a minimum prison sentence of 20 years.

As this bill states, the legislative process is a core process of our democracy and a lot of people may think of treason as helping a foreign state. In fact, not only is it helping a foreign state, but undermining the core of our actual state. And there are some people who wish to subvert that core aspect of the legislative process in our country, and that should be taken with the utmost of seriousness. The use of covid-19, this far into a pandemic, is not a legitimate claim of emergency. The claim of emergencies that go around our legislative process are used so that in a short amount of time the people can react to changing circumstance. But two years into the pandemic, the legislature has ample time to assess and respond, legislatively. And so going around that legislative process is now unwarranted.” – Rep. Josh Yokela, HB 1027 public hearing, 1/19/2022 – watch here


Video of the Public Hearing for HB 1027: (5:20 – 16:00)

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  1. Why not punish all forms of tyranny, not just those having to do with Emergency Powers. The people parading around as kings in my town broke the law several times in the last 3 years regarding me adding an addition on my house. No one gaf. Some free state. “Come to NH, get raided by the FBI!”

  2. Government by it’s very nature, automatic involuntary inclusion, even if a person is otherwise peaceful, is the definition of “abuse of power”.

    A giant contradiction, a turd that despite furious scrubbing by dedicated turd polishers, will forever remain a turd.

  3. this is stupid!

    The powers that be havent done anything extraordinary .
    Theyve done things with restraint and maybe even they’ve been lax.
    The virus is still here and isnt mitigated..
    Thus whatever the powers that be are doing isnt enough, really.
    this dumb bill intimates that we are being oppressed, which is nonsense

  4. Spoken like King George III and well probably every tyrant in the history of mankind there David. Kudos!

  5. One of the purposes of gooberment to to protect the peoples ..

  6. Yeah yeah David but if you know of any entity that could defend our rights, instead of violate them, then that’d be really interesting I’d like to hear more about that.

  7. Like I already said. What ever has been done is pretty lax.
    Which right was taken away in this?
    My view is that most of the actions taken by gooberment resulted in hardly more than social pressures.
    No one got carted off… If people wanted to they could ignore the “mask required” sign at the door.. :pretty lax

  8. and because it was pretty lax..it still lingers..

  9. How ’bout the people described in this article who would lose their jobs if they didn’t comply with the vaccine mandate? Pretty sure that falls under life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness somewhere wouldn’t you?

  10. If the person losing their job is at a private business. Then its up to the business owner. If the person is losing their job is at a job where they are paid by tax money, then they can either use there votes to get rules they like better…Actually those are government jobs which go against all thing libertarian so obvio they are a statist… So libertarians would be against those jobs …and they dont want to hack at the leaves they should go to the roots…comprede’ piston puss?

  11. Ah okay so it sounds like you agree with Rep. Baxter on this for the most part. Or do you think emergency powers should last forever? Or just trolling?

  12. i dont “troll” piston puss… and now that youre using ad hominems im splittsville.

  13. my position is that the state should do better…they should get rid of the virus

  14. for instance… they should mandate that masks and maybe proof of vaccine for going on planes

  15. Mmm okay David except but those things you mentioned isn’t going to get rid of any virus. So I must be right… tyranny just for the sake of tyranny 🙁

  16. And you are the final word on what works and what doesnt! lol.. Yea you “must be right” about everything all the time! lol

  17. Whats your Genius solution to getting rid of the virus … Dont keep it secret!

  18. Haven’t you watched any of those apocalyptic movies? Or perhaps you’ve watched too many and just didn’t pay enough attention– Anyway, once a virus reaches critical mass, there’s no stopping it until its run its course.

    The good news is that the viruses we’ve seen lately are pretty much indistinguishable from the cold or the flu, so no need for all your drastic tyrannical measures. Keep them.

  19. There’s other movies that are documentaries. Where the virus is well eliminate well eliminated.
    Sometimes letting run it’s course means a third of the population dies.

    There’s nothing wrong with doing precautions.
    Smart people say so.
    Nurses wear masks when they enter a sick person’s room.
    So I disagree with your throw your hands in the air solution

  20. The word “tyrannical” for lax… Doesn’t make sense
    It’s hyperbole to the max lol

  21. Like I said at the outset …. They haven’t done anything and you scream tyranny…. You lost cred bc of that

  22. “There’s other movies that are documentaries.”

    Uh huh. True dat, Dave. Like “Idiocracy,” for instance. Great movie, am I right? Way better than “Beavis and Butt-Head Do America,” by the way.

    Anyway, can you guess which character in “Idiocracy” you remind us of? That’s a joke, Dave. I know you can’t. 😉

  23. I was thinking of the documentaries having to do with smallpox and polio.

  24. P.S. you still sound like a complete moron…stfu

  25. Wow. Smallpox and polio, huh? Ya know, that stuff’s not really my bag, tbh. Truth is, if Adam Sandler’s not involved, I really don’t wanna watch it.

    Anyway, great posts, Dave. My favorite part was where you referred to the government as the “gooberment.” Hey, can I borrow that sometime? Just kidding. I prefer calling those guys “assholes.” It just slips off the tongue better, don’tcha think?

  26. You are stupid

  27. No person, or persons, Governor or legislature has the right to lcck anyone down. Every person has a right to quarantine themselves if they feel that is necessary.

    If people are supposed to start out as “equal” regarding their rights, relinquishing their rights is always a voluntary individual act, otherwise they aren’t rights, they’re revokable privileges.

    The idiocy and power lust of Sununu is easily exposed, when he kept right on building new liquor stores during “this horrible pandemic”. We are already seeing “the vaccine” is beyond useless, it’s deadly. People who issue “mask orders” are not behaving as an equal, they are behaving as if they think they own other people. No thanks.

  28. It’s called voting.. People in a group concede to the vote.
    Whether it be in a car going out for lunch or regarding masks

  29. David, before a person can vote on something, that person would have to possess the individual right to do that something already. If you don’t have that right, “zero right”, you can’t add your zero to a bunch of other persons zeroes and come up with anything other than zero, as in zero right.

    You can vote 0+0+0 is a positive sum, but I’d hate to have you balance my checkbook if that’s your math.

    Voting doesn’t grant nonexistent rights. It’s literally impossible.

    I suggest a little more fresh air and sunshine to improve your cognitive function.

  30. My vote is *for* masks.
    You lose on this vote it seems…
    Not that it is much of a concession for you.
    But to hear people here tell it ..:

    Being able to ignore a stores’ “masks required” sign is oppressive slavery and that this country is going back to before the civil war but this time white people are the slaves too, because “muh mask freedums”..

    If im suppose to understand what you wrote in your last submission, and if that post is the test for “cognitive function” then, you are correct; That was a hard test, that i failed

  31. “Treason”? The state is going to authorize what is recommended by the CDC. This is how things are right now. It will be this way for a long time to come. Covid continues to mutate and introduce more and more different infections. More stringent requirements will more than likely be passed in the future. Brace yourselves

    I believe masks are less difficult to deal with then someone getting covid and ending up on a ventilator fighting for their lives.

  32. David, you have every right to wear a mask, wear two if you want. You have no right to make another person wear one, unless it’s your property.

    The problem with “stores”, especially the ones deemed “essential” is, they are governmentalities, who love the idea of YOUR business being forcibly closed while they stay open. Heck, they even act as obedient tax collectors. Talk about fascism.

    I could respect “private business” more if it were actually private and didn’t align with government to shut down their competition.

    In other words, why not have two options? You can open a store unmolested and infringed by government that don’t require masks and the 6 foot fake distancing hysteria.

    Or, you drop the fascist alignment with government and have a store that has “safe spaces”, silly masks and all kinds of other useless shit for fearful people to obey. That way people have choices. Nobody has to have their property rights infringed.

    You go to Fear City Grocers and I’ll go to Covid Response is a Scam Grocery Store. We both get what we want. Peaceful solution?

    David the “cognitive test” is easy. If you don’t have a right to do something, you couldn’t possibly delegate that nonexistent right to another person or group of people, even those who claim to be “more equal”. Voting can’t alter math or logic, no matter how hard people wish it could.

  33. You go wherever you want and don’t wear a fucking mask; don’t give a flying fuck, you dimwit.
    My job will be to ban your disease carrying ass as many places as I can.
    Now go fuck off you stupid fuck

  34. Bob
    Going to lunch with you must be hell.
    If we decided to not you where *you wanted.
    You’d kick and scream like Trump when he lost the election.. We’d have to kick you screaming crying as it of the car; yes BY FORCE

  35. David, I appreciate your ringing endorsement of peaceful solutions.

  36. Your diseases are aggression. .
    And we want those at Bay

  37. David, I don’t own any diseases though. Maybe Fauci or Bill Gates has a patent?

    Besides, those naughty cooties travel where they will and no amount of ocd cleaning while wearing the same mask that dangles from your car mirror day after day marinating in a fetid stew of gingivitis and spittle will save you.

    If you’re afraid barricade yourself indoors or don’t. Your choice, as it should be.

    Hey, btw, you’re not one of those mask wearing ass clowns that impatiently reaches around people to get some sugary delight off a store shelf violating the magical 6 foot barrier are you ?

  38. No.
    You get barred out!
    You seem dense on that point
    You can still have a baby fit

  39. I look forward to the day that I don’t *have to reach around the maskless because they won’t be there!. Lol

  40. Ha ha. Your vote, huh? Good one, Dave.

    Anyway, it’s a good thing you libtard weirdos have finally joined forces with the corporate world, isn’t it? Otherwise you’d never have been able to argue that “business rights” are the real reason why you should be allowed to shut out conservatives and libertarians from the court of public opinion, am I right?

  41. youre a doofus , go away…What you say is dumb and the way you say it amplifies the dumbness ren fold lol…go away

  42. That’s nice, Dave.

    Anyway, like I was saying, it’s wicked smart that you libtard weirdos have been pressuring businesses to deplatform you opposition, am I right? Cuz that’s what makes it a technically legal tactic and stuff since businesses have the right to associate or not associate with whoever they choose. I mean, if the power of “gooberment” can’t be used to muzzle the opposition, then the power of corporations is the next best thing, right Dave?

  43. Whatever you say, doofus boy
    Can you put “dave thinks I’m a doofus boy and doesn’t read what I say” as your next quoted heading, Please

  44. Ha ha. Good one, Dave.

    Oh, by the way, I don’t take requests. Especially ones from big, flaming libtard weirdos who think that diseases are a form of aggression and that only the state has the power to save us from them.

    Anyway, now that I’ve got that off my chest, guess what? Turns out that our freedom-loving pals in the Ottowa, Alberta Freedom Convoy just got some help. And from the Canadian Cowboys no less! Didja know that Canada has cowboys? I know! I was just as surprised as you! Ya know, watching those horses trot in really makes me wish we could claim this movement as our own. I mean we’re being totally outdone by these guys, aren’t we Dave?

  45. Ha! Then you will remain in your cocoon of ignorance and unenlightenment!

  46. That’s fine with me. TY

  47. I know, right?

    Anyway Dave, there’s more news coming out of Ottawa about the Trucker Freedom Convoy. Get this, apparently the mayor is absolutely desperate to convince reporters there that this protest is in reality a violent insurrection. Truth is it’s the exact opposite – as the bouncy castles the protesters have been setting up for their children attests.

    I mean really. The thing that twists the Mayor of Ottawa’s panties into a knot is the fact that the protestors there are having too much fun? Sheesh. Imagine being a grown-ass man complaining, to a reporter no less, about children having the time of their lives in a bouncy castle. What a loon, am I right?

  48. Ya he’s a Canadian loon..

  49. i know theres truckers in canada and yada yada yada.. But Im more onboard with the *smart* protests, not the dumb ones, like the truckers.
    Joni Mitchell and Neil Young are both Canadians and they ditched Spotify… Those are the smart protests
    The truckers are Idiotic

  50. Yup. Totally smart. I mean there’s no better optics for the libtard weirdo movement than a couple of greasy hippies with million dollar portfolios screeching for more censorship, am I right?

    Anyway, while Joni and Neil continue to spend their twilight years dodging soap and shrieking at the neighborhood kids to get off their lawns, our heroes in Canada’s overclass are stealing diesel fuel and PayPal donations from peaceful protestors – you know, cuz truckers are all racists and stuff.

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