Crypto6 Day 10: Closing Statements, Hater Off Jury, & Guilty All Counts

Sisti Informs Us The Fight For Peace Will Continue After Today’s Guilty Verdict On All Counts In Crypto6 Trial

I have some unfortunate news to announce. It saddens me to no end. I don’t know how to continue, but I will. As we all know the state is pure evil and lied, deceived, and manipulated there way into achieving a guilty verdict in this case. It isn’t over yet though. Ian’s a fighter. Ian and attorney Sisti will be appealing each and every count.

If nothing else comes of this Ian’s sacrifice will hopefully still lead to something wonderful. A reinvigoration to keep fighting. Ian’s been working at bringing peace, freedom, and love to New Hampshire for a decade and we’re not that far from achieving victory.

The Free State Project and greater migration movement grows day by day, week by week, and year by year. We don’t win every battle, but every battle brings us a little closer to achieving liberty in our lifetime. It’s because of people like Ian Freeman that New Hampshire will be free one day. There will be a place for people who strive for peace to call home. It may not be achieved today, but it’ll be achieved none-the-less. It’ll be achieved in our lifetime if I have anything to say about it. We’re 8-10 years away from having real control over the state. Further out maybe even independence from the goons that call themselves the federal government.

The government may be able to take out Ian Freeman in physical form, but they’ve already lost the war for peace even if they don’t know it yet. Over the past several years we’ve seen this state go from 20 to 30 to 40 to 50 free stater state reps about every 2 years (not including another ~50 liberty friendly reps). Each and every year since I moved to New Hampshire in 2016 there have been a record numbers of new movers. Just a few short years ago it was so very hard to see a free state. I can’t say that any more and it’s in big part thanks to Ian Freeman. Thank you Ian.

Crypto6 Day 10: Closing Statements

~20 Crypto6 Supporters Out In Support

Name: Mohamed Aly

Q Do?

A Curry Indian Restaurant Owner & Operator

13 years

Prior to NH lived in NY

Moved from NY to NH

Q Do you know Ian?

A Yes

Problem in Keene no Mosque

Q Do you recall the year you met Ian?

A Yes, a couple

We were looking for prier and Ian also has a place that is church and that how I met him and he help us out

So he let us set up Mosque in Church

7-8 months there

Q That was through his church?

A Yes

I open’d restaurant and I was suffering and I mentioned to Ian and he helped me with bitcoin and get more business.

Q Did he charge you for this?

A No!

He gave free tablet and helped with setup. It brought in business.

Q Do you consider Ian a man whose got integrity?

A I don’t know but with me he got friends to help me

Prosecution cross examines

Q Preached there for 7-8 months, Will Coley was Imam?

A No Imam

He converted to Muslim

[the above was a little confusing because Will Coley was the Imam of the Mosque during that year in which the Mosque came to be and was operated, but had to leave and shut it down due to his family needing to take care of sick father far away, but he may mean they didn’t have a Imam at the time or that they don’t have a Imam now nor a Mosque, and this was never clarified by either side, but also doesn’t really matter that much as he did clearly testified to the church donating the space for a Mosque to the minority Muslim community, it could also be he just ?didn’t remember? as this was quite a few years ago now]

Q Was he selling bitcoin in name of Mosque?

A No no idea

He said he could help with bitcoin

New witness

Name: Paul Nigg

Q Where live?

A Newton MA

Former assistant dean

Q What was contact with Ian?

A At height of lock down freeman called about my mother

Q Topic?

A My mother had been defrauded and he was trying to return money

Q How many contacts?

A 2 times and 3 months

Even when we ran into blocks he tried to overcome them

Q How much did your mother lose?

A $11,000

The money was money to help a disabled aunt

Q Multiple texts and phone calls?

A Yes many many texts and a few calls

Q Was he capable of getting the money back?

A Yes

I told him he should deduct postage and associated costs. It was less than $100.

Q He charge you?

A No, no fee

Q What happened?

A Someone convinced my mother to transfer money and we don’t know that is and it ended up in Freeman’s business.

Prosecutor cross examines witness

Q Not personally involved?

A No

Q Based on what mother and freeman told you?

A Yes, but I had picture of drivers license

Q You don’t know his account was frozen?

A No, but a bank closed his account

Q Mr Freeman didn’t lose any money on this transaction?

A I don’t know

Q He didn’t send any bitcoin?

A Right

[this is kinda misleading because the guy doesn’t know if Ian sent any bitcoin to the scammer and it could be the case that he sent the churches bitcoin to the scammer]

Defense redirect

Q $11,000 sent?

A Yes

Q Freeman contacted you?

A Yes

[notice how it wasn’t the bank that contacted him or his mother, but freeman]

Q You got money back?

A Yes, minus what I told him to deduct for his costs was almost nothing

Defense rests

And the closing statements begin!


Plenty of excuses from Ian Freeman, but most of all that he is somehow not responsible because the feds can’t find the scammers.

[it’s going to be hard to not comment on every other word here because every other word is a lie or a manipulation that comes out of the prosecutors mouth during his closing statements, lets start with word 3, Ian didn’t make excuses for his actions, but he did explain what was actually going on rather than just conjecture about it like the prosecution and allude to wrongdoing of one kind or another, and why would Ian Freeman be responsible for the crimes of another individual who he had NOTHING to do with???? He never used the feds not being able to find the scammers as an excuse to his own behavior, but rather to point out the immoral behavior of the feds and the lack of integrity those who were persecuting hold]

You know it is hard to find scammers

[or maybe you’re just lazy and incompetent because Ian Freeman and the church recorded IDs of the scammers so you DO have something to go on if ever even bothered to ask, and other law enforcement actually DID ask and Ian Freeman DID assist them in tracking down the scammers in those incidents]

Freeman charged high fees

[no he didn’t, the church charged market rate or below market rate even, and the thing that increased those rates over time was the governments crackdown on bitcoin, so it’s actually you ass holes who are to blame for the “high fees” among non-high-volume non-exchange sellers of crypto]

and scammers wouldn’t want to pay that but they did because anonymous bitcoin hides their tracks

[your own witnesses testified to the fact bitcoin isn’t anonymous and these scammers weren’t anonymous either and you know why? It’s because the church has a policy of doing KYC and has the IDs of the scammers and you introduced that evidence and so even if you can claim it’s pseudo anonymous it’s NOT in this case]

Freeman was offering an important service that scammers needed and they paid him a pretty penny for it

[not more than market rate they didn’t]

He is the one who makes the scammers hard to find.

[this is an outright lie because Ian recorded the IDs of all his customers so that in the event a scammer got through the KYC he could provide law enforcement or a private investigator with evidence and trail to go, the church was not the place to go to for anonymous bitcoin or pseudo anonymous bitcoin]

He intentionally setup the business to help scammers

[it’s NOT a business as was already proven, it was registered as a church with the state and the dbas are NOT churches in their own right, merely other names for the SAME entity, any other entity was run by another person that WAS NOT IAN you moron]

He paid less than 1% for his bitcoin

[again, not his bitcoin, it was the churches bitcoin, and the church had a board of directions which has had different people on it over the years]

He then sold it for big fees. 14% at kiosks and 10% on Telegram. Up to 21% on localbitcoin.

[these are NOT big fees and they’re higher than the rates in at least the vending machine than I paid in the early days of the machines before there was a crackdown on bitcoin, I was paying 8% from the churches machines, not that I bought bitcoin often, but I did at least a couple of times, the government regulated ATMs in nearby MA actually charge 20% hmmm now whose ripping people off… can we say GOVERNMENT, and as far as the 21%, that actually makes sense, and it was probably even higher than that in SOME instances if these #s are being pulled from the entire pool of folks you charged in this case, and the reason is because if you take money via credit card or paypal or similar you’ll lose that money and its super high risk, but it’s probably also the case that these people are buying relatively small amounts of crypto by comparison to people paying via a wire transfer or cash deposit at a bank so that actually makes a lot of sense, and remember that this is NOT the profit, as there are costs to this as high as 6%, because of things like credit card fees, paypal fees, venmo fees, etc which once you take that into consideration it’s close to 14%, not 21%]

“You won’t see freeman walk arm and arm with scammers” Sisti said, no he’s too smart for that, but he did with a wing and a nod:

“Do not tell our staff why you want to buy our crypto”

[that’s not a wink and a nod, that is a security issue because if someone is told that they’re dealing drugs you’re at risk of charges if you go through with the sale, but staff at a restaurant or similar place aren’t going to be able to stop the transaction from going through, potentially making them victims of government abuse just like you are doing in this very case ass hole]

No questions no matter how vulnerable the victim appeared to be.

[this outright false as was shown by the fact the church had a policy of calling people who appeared to be potential victims]

Not everyone was a criminal who bought bitcoin, but the big ones, the repeat ones absolutely.

[really? You showed us something 8-9 victims during this entire case and while it appeared there might have been a few who were scammers who used a few different people to deposit money it was also the case that the church only received a small amount of the overall amount lost by the victim meaning even had the church caught it the scam wouldn’t have stopped the victim from losing money]

Not a single witness testified they bought them for themselves.

[this is another outright lie, as Dale Chapman testified for the defense that Ian Freeman helped her buy bitcoin from the churches vending machines for herself, and while not for monetary reasons, but rather technical learnings she would have done well over the past 5 years that she’s been holding crypto]

At that midnight nightcap he spilled it. If you fall in love with a guy from Africa I can’t stop it ya gona do what ya gona do.

[really, this is “spilling it”, Ian was stated facts. Just like you can’t stop these scams from happening neither can Ian Freeman, neither can your precious regulated financial institutions which also let all these scams go through and unlike the church the banks actually are regulated]

1. Money transmitting business constantly transmitting bitcoin

[no, because bitcoin doesn’t move from one state to another or from one country to another, and it was the churches bitcoin, not someone elses, which is VERY different than walmart taking someone elses value and sending it to some other location or moving it to another person, the church isn’t moving anything on behalf of another, the church is only figuratively moving it’s own thing to you]

2. Business effective interstate commerce

Accepted money from out of state/country

3. Unlicensed

He did not register

[he had no obligation to register because part of the statute says it’s for people making a profit, not for those doing it for charity and your own witness testified that there are exceptions and one of those included an example of someone not making money off it doing it once]


Involves more than one person.

Rietman knew he needed license and still helped Freeman.

[No he didn’t. He testified that he would need a license if he setup his vending machine business differently than that of the church.]

Money laundering conspiracy

Agreement to launder money

Wink and nod is all that is needed and freeman did that with undercover agent that told freeman he sold drugs and then sold undercover bitcoin.

[except that he didn’t, he explicitly told the undercover he couldn’t do business with him, that he wouldn’t do business with him, and the undercover than went around freeman to a vending machine without freemans permission and bought crypto at a rate higher than when freeman wanted his ‘business’]

Money laundering count

Sisti will tell you freeman “did not engage in transaction” with undercover but he did

[no, this is an outright lie, he didn’t, and the evidence proves it, he went to a VENDING machine, didn’t tell freeman he was doing it and freeman had no means of stopping him]

Tax evasion

He had income weather he likes it or not.

He blames everyone but himself

[what a crock of shit, under the IRS’s own website he owed nothing because he didn’t even have to file let alone pay taxes unless there was some other side gig that he was doing for money which wasn’t the case]

Defense closing statement

Good morning.

I have a bit to suggest: Be objective, rational, reasonable. Ian and I appreciate your service. It’s not the time to be hanging around a court there are a few services that are important most and jury service its a service we appreciate.

Proof beyond a reasonable doubt is the highest in the world. Presumption of innocence. Ian didn’t have to take the stand. He could be found not guilty just by lack of evidence.

He said I made absurd arguments.

[pretty sure he’s referencing the prosecutor above]

But one thing I ask you not to do is speculate.

You can’t go home wondering.

The prosecutor cherry picked.

Do you know how many transactions Ian has gone through?


Most folks we did not get to ask questions.

People over 65 are too old to be interested in bitcoin is just insulting.

You know what else is insulting is we didn’t see Aria.

She didn’t testify that she conspired with Ian.

The people we had up here had integrity.

Renee wanted to change plea.

Chris he said he wanted to start business, but it was different, and he said “I don’t have inventory so I would be a transmitter”

Saying it’s simple is a red flag and that is what the prosecutor said.

Innuendo from a podcast you can pick up on from anywhere in the world? Really?

What is he really doing?

He is warning people of scams because he knows of scammers.

You don’t have to bitcoin to be scammed. People use gift cards every day.

The church wasn’t an illusion to Mohammad.

That’s not a scam, not an illusion.

If they are going to paint that church is a scam they should bring in someone with an opinion.

Why not? Because they don’t want to face the fact.

No you don’t need a shrine, you don’t need bells.

It has a mission, it does community service, it does charitable giving.

In fact the church sometimes has higher ideals than others.

The innuendo was throughout the closing.

You will hear instructions from the judge and if you follow it you will make the right decision.

The reality is anyone and everybody knows Ian as a good guy.

He is not flamboyant, he doesn’t drive a fancy car.

He lives in an humble abode.

He knew the FBI knew about it for years.

He didn’t throw the computer in the river.

You know they have been observing him for years.

They know he was non-violent, they knew all of them were non-violent.

He had a peace flag hanging up.

That morning 5 people got a 6am wake-up.

Plays security video

[the below video is an edited version of the copy played, the music included in this below copy was NOT played for the jurors]

Thats the face of this investigation.

It’s exaggerated, jumps to conclusions, an over reaction.

And you know what, it just damn mean.

Two bearcats, battering rams smashing through property doors windows.

If you want to start calling names.

You can do that pretty easily.

That is not where Osama bin Laden lives.

That is not where some arms dealer lives.

Why would they do that?

Why would they target him?

Maybe they just don’t like him

Officer safety?

I bet in middle of night Bonnie doesn’t forget that.

I bet Nobody doesn’t forget that.

I know Ian doesn’t forget that.

I don’t want to bad mouth these agencies, but you saw it. It was just despicable. It was misguided. Just like this prosecution.

When we are done you are the boss.

There is a defense for each charge and you have to go back and figure out if there is guilt for each charge.

Unlicensed MSB its not.

What you heard is sub-accounting 101.

His gains haven’t been examined.

Ian says it’s a church.

Ian says it’s a reinvestment in the community.

When you re-buy bitcoin you aren’t making profit you are simply reinvesting the churches assets.

They don’t examine like a business.

They want you to go home wondering.

Money transmission means money transmission. One place to another, one person to another.

Ian the only one in the court probably said doesn’t move.

It’s complicated.

It is not an entity.

It is formed and destroyed.

But this isn’t our burden, this is their burden.

They didn’t bring in a blockchain expert.

If they didn’t do it then it’s their fault.

License requirement is for a business, it’s not a business, it’s not transmitting its not required.

Ian initially thought FinCEN document was a scam.

Did anyone take the stand and say yes we’re in the business to transmit funds? No. Did Renee? No. Did Rietman? No, he said he would if required.

There is no agreement there is no conspiracy.

They throw things up and hope something sticks.

There were thousands of positive feedbacks.

They want you to think they were all scammers.

They want to make it evil.

They are asking you to speculate.

They sure would like to have evidence but they don’t.

The innuendo that freeman sells at a higher rate, cute, but did they bring any other vendors selling on localbitcoin or Telegram in? No.

If they want to say he is selling at a higher rate bring someone in to prove it.

They want you to buy in.

But that isn’t your job, but to take what was said throw it into crucible, examine, and see what is true.

How many other people sell on telgram, on localbitcoin? thousands

It’s an open market dozen and dozens and hundreds of other vendors.

Buy they brought in none.

You are not going to bring in itbit with millions of users and compare it to Ian Freeman with mere thousands.

Real criminals if you will destroy computers if they want to continue, but Ian knew since 2018 and he didn’t.

He keeps his records, he has nothing to fear because he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

The banfoon of the undercover agent tried, but Ian still refused.

They want to say because he refused he is guilty.

How about because he refused he is innocent.

Yea it’s there I can’t tell you you can do that.

And the undercover says OK.

The machine is 30 miles away and goes and pumps in $20,000 of your money and Ian doesn’t know what he is doing.

If he was buddy buddy why didn’t he cut him a break? He did before.

They are telling you he can remotely control it, did he do it then? No

How many times does someone have to refuse business?

They are saying because he has invited the guy to a party months later he is guilty?

He didn’t get angry at the guy. He just couldn’t do business with him.

They got a wagon without a horse.

The money laundering charge is a joke.

Money laundering conspiracy.

Bring just one person in.

But people they bring in say no that didn’t happen.

Income tax evasion 2016-2019.

Kinda interesting.

Half hour and we come up with

How much does he owe and could he owe no taxes? Maybe not

How can this be tax evasion when they don’t even know if he owes taxes?

Unlike the rest of us Ian didn’t get a letter and an opportunity to explain he was a church that he does not owe anything.

Does he want to pay taxes? No. Does anyone? Hell no

But I betchas all others to explain

Here there is no invitation

Don’t give me a standard deduction

How much is he worth?

No one knows because they never asked him to come in

I don’t get to stand up again like the prosecutor.

I can’t get up and refute what he says but you do.

I’m asking you to stand up to mr a frame

Don’t rush it

Don’t do him a favor

no time to give the government a gift

Thank you very much for your service.

Prosecutor responds

Don’t do government a gift the government doesn’t get anything from convicting freeman.

Church, but entry to his house

It’s irrelevant, swat team doesn’t matter

mr freeman is anti government

He has weapons

People rents rooms in house

[you know what makes people anti-government, it’s people like you]

The weapons were there for anyone to use

[no they weren’t, they were Matt’s weapons in Matt’s room, and no one would have used those weapons for violence and you knew that going in]

He said we cherry picked

You saw every single photo in Telegram folder

[umm yea cherry picking because you didn’t take a random sampling of everything, you selectively picked a folder that happened to have for reasons unknown to everybody a group that leaned in one direction, which might have been because those were savings of people who were getting extra scrutiny]

He didn’t throw anything away

Well it was encrypted

[it was a weak password that you could crack in a matter of weeks don’t give me that crap, it’s not like you did a live forensics on it and extracted a strong password to gain access, it would have had to have been less than 8 characters non random]

And he didn’t save all Telegram chats

[I am really curious what the hell that even means, you can delete chats, but so can the other person… seems like an attempt to mislead the jury]

He says he is not transmitting

It’s not a fancy word

It goes up and it goes down its transmitting

[wow- that’s the worst definition or explanation of transmitting that I’ve ever heard, I don’t even know I’d try that with a 3 year old]

Ian said license requirement letter was a scam.

You heard his own words say

He said something interesting.

He said a word I’d never heard before called social engineering. He explained it.

We didn’t put it in any evidence about higher fee, but we did with kraken.

[except this is manipulative and misleading because you are comparing him to an f’ing exchange not other comparable vendors]


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