Another Free Keene Supporter Arrested – For What This Time?

For What?

That’s the question Andrew Quemere was asking himself as he was walked from his workplace to the Keene Police Department this morning. Apparently arrested for loitering in the back of a truck. However, Andrew was assigned by his workplace to be in the back of that truck. While exercising his right to not show ID, Andrew does not appear to have been confrontational or aggressive; he simply wanted to get back to work.

But when officer Chris Simonds threatened to throw him into the parking lot pavement, Andrew followed the officers’ commands and was handcuffed. Charged with “Obstructing Government Administration”, he was released on $2000 PR bond and has an arraignment date of August 10, 2009.

More details are in the embedded video:

SamIam’s Trial Date Set, Well Sort of. . .

First off, let me get everyone the date:

Friday, July 31, 2009 at 1:30 pm

Keene District Court

So this date was scheduled a while back as a Trial date. Since then several motions were filed, and both sides have requested a hearing. The court has failed to acknowledge if this will be a hearing date on the motions or trial. Edward Burke in his latest “order” seems to be pushing for trial. Of course, he’s also been called as a witness. . .