Live Tweets From the Robin Hood Hearing Day 2 of 3

Robin Hood of KeeneWere you unable to attend day 2 of the Robin Hood “evidentiary hearing”? Here are literally hundreds of tweets from Darryl W. Perry, who also tweeted out day one of the hearing. The tweets are in reverse chronological order, so start at the bottom for the beginning.

Be sure to come out tomorrow at 10am to “superior” court in Keene for the allegedly final day. (Remember, this is just the “evidentiary hearing” to allow the judge to issue a “preliminary injunction” if he so decides.) It has taken two full days and the prosecution has yet to still close their case.

Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Court resumes tomorrow at 10am #robinhoodtrial
Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Garret began interacting with PEO’s after Cantwell made a video & Jane said he had nothing intelligent to say #robinhoodtrial
Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Garret explaining the difficulties of Robin Hooding from a 30 foot distance #robinhoodtrial (more…)

VIDEO: Travis Hobbs Attacks Robin Hooders

Robin Hooding has been going strong and consistent since around the turn of the new year. In the thousands of collective hours that the Merry people have spent marching the streets of Keene, we’ve seen our share of haters. For every few supporters, there’s usually one detractor, and of the few dozen who will yell out profanities or insults, only a handful have ever gotten physical. There was Bradford Hutchinson, a well known indigent local who often goes under the moniker ‘the King of Keene’ online. He was upset over the Merry people’s nullification of the parking enforcer’s jobs, and expressed himself by waving a can of pepper spray in Garret’s face before trying to grab him around the head. Deflected with minimal resistance, he eventually wandered off on his own.

Then there was Nicholas McCallister, who seemed less concerned about Robin Hooding and more concerned with civilians in possession of cameras. He began threatening me while I was with James and Graham, while none of us were filming, thus resulting in him getting his wish and becoming a video star. For all of his huffing and puffing, he seemed content with punching James in the arm and, like Bradford, wandering off. (more…)

A Parking Ticket Victory in Legal-land

On March 16 of this year, I received a parking ticket while parked on Winter Street. After looking at the ticket, I realized that the ticket was written before the meter was supposed to have expired. I had parked at 1:00pm and put enough money in the meter to cover the next 1 hour and 6 minutes. The ticket was written at 2:05:57. A few days later, I went to the Police Department stating that I would like to challenge the ticket. A Pre-Trial Conference (PTC) was set, and I motioned to waive the PTC. A Hearing was then scheduled for June 12 at 9:00am.

I arrived at the District Court at approximately 8:40am and at 8:50 was called by the Clerk to go into the “small room” near the lobby. I can only guess that Judge Burke did not want everyone in the main court room to see the trial.

The only witness against me was Jane McDermott, the Parking Enforcer who issued the ticket. During cross-examination I asked how, since the meters aren’t calibrated, she knew the meters kept accurate time, she stating that she doesn’t know, but if the batteries are bad, they replace them. I attempted to make a statement and was told that I would have to testify in order to introduce any “evidence,” so after the “City” rested it’s case, I was sworn in. I stated that on the date in question, I had parked at 1:00pm and put enough money in the meter to cover the next 1 hour and 6 minutes, which meant the meter should not have expired until at least 2:06 (and some seconds). Since the ticket was written at 2:05:57, I was shorted some amount of time that I was owed.

Judge Burke then said “Since the burden of proof is on the City to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, I am marking a finding of not guilty.”

Here’s the trial video (more…)

Robin Hood Lawsuit Hits Front Page of the Sentinel

RH_WantedThanks to the Keene Sentinel’s Kyle Jarvis for the follow up story he wrote about the people calling themselves the “City of Keene” suing Robin Hooders. The story is on the front page, above the fold:

The city of Keene says its parking enforcement officers need protection against members of a local pro-liberty group, and has filed court action to do so.

The petition, filed earlier this month in Cheshire County Superior Court, seeks to establish a 50-foot safety zone around the officers to alleviate what the city terms “harrassing behavior.” (more…)