Robin Hood Update


Robin Hood hearing
August 12th in the AM (exact time to be added here)
Keene “Superior” Court
12 Court Street Keene, NH 03431 .

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Those who claim to act as on on behalf of the “City of Keene”

  • tom_mullens_courtjester-robinhood-keene-copblock“court jester” Thomas Mullins – “attorney” for the “City of Keene” – signed the preliminary injunction and who is advocating for the creation of a 50′ anti-freedom zone more 603-357-9806
  • princejohn_maclean-robinhood-keene-copblock“king” John MacLean – “city manager” for the “City of Keene” – supporting the move to criminalize Robin Hooding 603-357-9804
  • Charles P. Bauer – Concord-based “attorney” hired by the “City of Keene” to help try to distort truth with legalese 603-228-1181
  • Ginger Reyes – “parking enforcement supervisor” for the “City of Keene” 603-357-9813 x7000
  • Linda Desruisseaux – “parking enforcement officer” for the “City of Keene” 603-357-9813 x7145
  • Jane McDermott – “parking enforcement officer” for the “City of Keene” 603-357-9813 x7211
  • Alan Givetz – “parking enforcement officer” for the “City of Keene” 603-357-9813 x7212
  • John C. Kissinger – “judge” in Keene’s “Superior” Court who is hearing Robin Hood-related legaland ventues 855-212-1234
  • Joseph T. DiRusso – “trooper” for the “NH State Police” who stole Garret Ean’s camera based on a still-sealed affidavit signed by Edward Burke 603-358-3333
  • Aaron Gillis – “trooper” for the “NH State Police” who assisted in the theft of Garret Ean’s camera 603-358-3333
  • Edward Burke – “judge” for Keene District Court who signed the warrant for DiRusso and Gillis to steal Ean’s camera 855-212-1234

Those collectivized as “Robin Hood” by the “City of Keene”

  • Kate Ager
  • James Cleaveland
  • Graham Colson
  • Garret Ean
  • Ian Freeman
  • Pete Eyre

Jon Meyer is now representing the first five named above, Eyre is pro se



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Bitcoin: 1PRPhRRoxekgLwgqXxBKGTJ9La5EwSXcJJ Paypal: via Snail Mail: Keene Activist Center, 75 Leverett Street, Keene, NH 03431 on Facebook: Robin Hood and the Merry Men believe in openness and accountability – see hours of raw video recorded by activists at Watch the popular web series Aqua Keene Parking Force and local television series AKPF #1 on the channel ________________________.


December 01, 2011 Activists Save People from Parking Tickets (Robin Hooding) by Ian Robin Hood and her Merry Men have returned to Free Keene! You already know about Robin Hood if, while parked in downtown Keene, you returned to find a note from Robin or one of the Merry Men. The note kindly informed you that you had been rescued from one of the Crown’s parking tickets. You can see the full note on the Robin Hood page. You can also visit from anywhere via or just look under the Shire tab in the top menu, on the right, here on the blog. ________________________ December 19, 2011 Activists Save People from Parking Tickets (Robin Hooding) by Rapsher ________________________ January 21, 2013 Spirit of Robin Hood Revived in Keene by Free Concord ________________________ January 21, 2013 Robin Hooding – Super Mario Edition by James Cleaveland ________________________ January 29, 2013 More Public Support for Robin Hooding by James Cleaveland ________________________ January 30, 2013 Introduction to Robin Hooding by James Cleaveland What is Robin Hooding? It is a form of activism where activists try to prevent people from having their money taken from them by paying an expired meter before a parking enforcement officer can write a ticket on the expired meter. Like Robin Hood, these activists are standing up against an oppressive government tax. ________________________

February 10, 2013

Warning: Removal of This Chalk is a Class B Felony and Carries a Prison Sentence of More Than a Year by James Cleaveland

Today I was made aware from KPD Officer Jason Short that removing the chalk that the parking enforcement officers put on a parked vehicle’s tires is a class b felony. I was given a piece of paper, pictures below, with the applicable RSA. ________________________

February 10, 2013

Keene Parking Enforcement Illustrates Lysander Spooner by Free Concord ________________________ March 11, 2013 Retired Cop Confronts Robin Hooders with Unconstitutional Orders by James Cleaveland Robin-Hood-Cards-Destroyed-300x225Parking Enforcers Steal and Destroy Robin Hood Cards Unfortunately, the parking enforcers of Keene have resorted to theft and destruction of property as a new attempt to thwart Robin Hood of Keene, a development that I view as further evidence of Robin Hooding’s effectiveness. I was given the following stack of cards in late February from an enforcer who informed me that they were removing them from vehicles and ripping them up. I then shot the video below in which a parking enforcer of the city of Keene removed some of our cards from a vehicle and threw them in the trash. I decided to wait to release this footage to see if the enforcers reformed their ways, but since the card removal appears to be continuing if a Robin Hooder is not with the enforcer, I decided to release the footage. Robin Hooders been told that this practice was occurring and have witnessed it prior, but did not have any footage of it until now.


April 11, 2013 Retired Cop Confronts Robin Hooders with Unconstitutional Orders by Ian Retired KPD Captain Peter “Sturdy” Thomas is back on the streets of Keene, this time armed with a video camera. He attempts to give unconstitutional orders to Robin Hooders.


April 11, 2013 Keene Sentinel Investigates Robin Hooding Investigation by Free Concord While all public officials in New Hampshire are required to be at all times accountable per part first, article 8 of the NH constitution, the parking enforcers are open to a particularly higher degree of publicity, because they work in Keene police uniforms and wear a Keene police department badge. The normal course of their duties also require themselves to be able to attest for what they are doing constantly, as the documentation of violations is an outwardly public process.


May 12, 2013 City of Keene Goes after Robin Hooders in Court – Admits the amount of tickets issued are down and robin hooding is legal by James Cleaveland he city of Keene has filed a lawsuit (copy here) against me and several other people regarding robin hooding (Respondents). Basically, the city wants the court to issue a “preliminary” and “permanent” injunction “restraining Respondents, or anyone under their direction, supervision, employment, or control, from coming within a safety zone of fifty (50) feet of any PEO [Parking Enforcement Officer] while that PEO is on duty.” Additionally, the city wants to stop us “from video recording, within a safety zone of fifty (50) feet,” and “from communicating with any PEO.” … This move by the city is a validation of how effective robin hooding has been in Keene with ALL of the parking enforcement officers stating that “Since December 2012, when this activity started, it has been noted that I have written less tickets than in the preceding time period.” This case also validates that robin hooding and all activities performed by people robin hooding are perfectly legal because the city (Petitioner) admits, “Petitioner has no adequate alternate remedy at law.”


May 14, 2013 Union Leader Reports on Robin Hooders Being Sued by “City of Keene” by Ian


May 18, 2013 Thomas Mullins & Comrades Levy Frivolous Threats at Robin Hooding Do-Gooders by Pete Eyre


May 19, 2013 Prince John’s Royal Proclamation Denies Fiscal Motivation by Free Concord princejohn_rhkeenePrince John, on behalf of his court jesters and their enforcement units, has penned a desperate response to the global outpouring of support received by Robin Hood and the Merry Men . . . Through a royal proclamation published in Saturday’s Sentinel, the Prince builds upon his deceitful characterization of individuals that he first perpetuated in a Keene Sentinel cover story over a month ago. . . . The Prince has become so drunken with authority that he cannot even get the alleged story of his subversive subjects straight! Is Robin Hooding officially about filling meters and saving the civilian population from tickets, or terminating the employment of otherwise replaceable enforcers? . . . Fortunately, the burden of proof is on his highness, and despite his fallacious allegations, we have yet to be presented with evidence of any specific incident of harassment against any of the units under the Prince’s employ.


May 20, 2013 Delivering Flowers to “Prince” John and Thomas P. Mullins by Darryl W. Perry On Monday May 20, after the security theater closed, Nemi (Free Talk Live co-host) and Graham delivered bouquets of flowers to “Prince” John MacLean and Thomas P. Mullins, the City Manager & City Attorney respectively. The flowers were delivered to thank them for all of the news coverage they have brought Free Keene, Robin Hood and the Free State Project.


May 21, 2013 Opening Dialogue with Keene City Bureaucrats by Free Concord garretean-meter-robinhood-keenecopblockToday I took the initiative to do what lawyers do before taking cases before the court — discussing the matter with the opposition. After passing through district court security at City Hall, I headed upstairs to see if city attorney Thomas Mullins was available. We scheduled a time to meet tomorrow morning to discuss the world-famous Robin Hooding lawsuit. While not open carrying my camera at the time, Mullins laid down a non-negotiable prohibition on electronic recording as the condition under which he would be willing to have a dialogue. I find it unfortunate that city officials are not willing to be objectively accountable in dialogues regarding public matters, but I will be permitted to take at least written notes.


May 23, 2013 Robin Hood Court Date Set: June 10th, 9am by Ian robinhood-wanted-keenecopblockAs you probably know, Keene’s heroic Robin Hooders have been sued by the “City of Keene” people and accused of harassing the meter maids. ________________________ May 23, 2013 First Dialogue with Tom Mullins by Free Concord Yesterday morning, I sat down with city attorney (or court jester to use the royal parlance) Thomas Mullins, who was responsible for signing the paperwork filing suit against the Merry (wo)Men allegedly associated with Robin Hood of Keene. Below is a transcript of the meeting constructed from memory and extensive written notes, as Mullins had refused to engage in dialogue if an objective record was to have been made.

E: So, you think that following public officials, you said “clearly a pursuit aspect”, you think that following public officials who wear a Keene police department patch and badge while they drive a Keene police department vehicle, and during the hours of employment, you think that there’s something inherently illegal about that?

M: No, I didn’t say that. This is a question of a civil action we are involved in. From our perspective, you’re trying to force the termination of these individuals by getting them to quit.

E: And you think that all six people are involved in that activity?

M: Yes, exactly.

E: Okay, and do you have more affidavits, will this be available in discovery?

M: I’ll provide you with all of the, as we get ready for the lawsuit


May 30, 2013 Robin Hooding Lawsuit: The City and its citizens will lose no matter what by Jay In my opinion, there’s three ways this suit can go. The City of Keene cannot legally stop people from putting money in meters either way. So, here’s a list of my thoughts about the possible outcomes: 1) The entire case is thrown out. – Robin Hooding continues as before and the City still continues to lose revenue. – Lawsuit costs its citizens a bunch of money. 2) Negotiations happen, and a reasonable “safety zone” distance and behavior standards are agreed upon. – The City still continues to lose revenue. – Lawsuit costs its citizens a bunch of money. 3) The City wins its 50 foot “safety zone” and Robin Hooder’s are forced to comply. – The City ends up losing more revenue than either of the two outcomes above. Why? Because the Robin Hooder’s will have to change their tactics to keeping all meters fed continuously instead of those just in front of the Parking Enforcer. – Lawsuit costs its citizens a bunch of money. So you see, they lose no matter what. Revenue from Parking Enforcement will still be down from solving a problem that doesn’t exist. Its only practical option will be to raise parking rates and/or fines sooner than they had planned. The City was already planning on raising parking rates before Robin Hooding started in its current form back in December, but of course they’ll probably pin the blame on those mean people saving folks from parking tickets.


June 02, 2013 Robin Hooding Lawsuit Continued Despite Objection by Free Concord I had been scheduled to be out of town for a few days leading up to and on the hearing date, so I filed a motion to continue, asking for either all parties’ hearings to be rescheduled, or to have a hearing scheduled solely for myself. No stranger to courtrooms myself, I have filed countless motions to continue with courts across New Hampshire, and have not yet had one denied. It was not surprising that the city attorney might object, and reading his objection, you would think that the situation was dire.

As stated in the City’s Verified Petition for Preliminary and Permanent Injunctive Relief, the seriousness of the situation warrants immediate consideration and action by the Court; the City and its Parking Enforcement Officers would be prejudiced by any delay in this proceeding.

What exactly will ‘the city’ present as damages in this case? They have yet to cite a specific claim against Robin Hooders other than vague allegations of ‘harassment’. Attorney Mullins seems so convinced that Robin Hooders pose such a potential threat that even delaying their preliminary hearing one day could mean chaos in the streets of Keene. Mullins’ objection was denied, the continuance granted, and a new hearing date has been set for June 11 at 2:30pm.


June 02, 2013 Want to see what a typical day of Robin Hooding is like? by James Cleaveland PeterThomas-cityofkeene-robinhood-keenecopblockIf you ever wanted to see what occurs during a typical day of robin hooding, feel free to check out the footage that Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas, the former “Police Captain of Field Operations” of the Keene police department took for the “city.” He was hired as an “Investigator” and paid $28.81/hour ($1,339.67 total) to film robin hooders on the streets of Keene. I filed a 91a request (Freedom of information in NH) for the footage.


June 09, 2013 Response to “City of Keene” Misinformation re: Robin Hood by Pete Eyre


Robin Hooding Lawsuit Update – Garret’s Response by Free Concord Retaining the monopoly on “justice”, the government’s courts have a way of interrupting one’s life with their arbitrary demands. In civil court, unlike criminal, the burden of proof is not upon the state, and one is obligated to defend themselves or face a default judgement without any input from the defendant.


June 11, 2013 City Fails to Obtain Preliminary Injuction Against Robin Hooders + Full Court Video by Free Concord Despite the city’s numerous written pleadings for urgent action to be taken by the court, the issue of whether a preliminary injunction would be granted was not entertained. Instead, the judge requested optional positions from both sides on the constitutionality surrounding the proceedings, granting twenty days to file additional paperwork before a full evidentiary hearing would be scheduled.


June 13, 2013 Robin Hood’s Next Hearing: See You Aug 12 by Free Concord robinhood-cartoon-keenecopblockJudge John Kissinger has affirmed that the city’s case against Robin Hood of Keene and friends is on hold until an evidentiary hearing to be held on August 12. Unless the pending motion to dismiss is granted, the matter will continue on with a full evidentiary hearing in August, in which the city will be compelled to substantiate its claims against Robin Hood and friends.


June 13, 2013 Condensed Video from Robin Hood Hearing by Pete Eyre


June 18, 2013 Discoverizing the Robin Hood Case by Free Concord Prince John, Jester keene_papertigerMullins, and the royal henchmen and spinsters have for too long continued preaching falsehoods against Robin Hood and the Merry (wo)Men. Within ten days, I expect a response from the Jester as is obligated by the rules of the court. Will the city be able to manufacture their alleged video evidence of Robin Hooder harassment, or will the world be lulled by the softening roars of another paper tiger?


June 25, 2013 Did Someone Order a 91-A Request? by Free Concord



June 26, 2013 AKPF Reviews CoK Hit Video on Robin Hooders by Free Concord Days after the city of Keene published an embarrassingly poor quality, overchopped video linked from the front page of their website, the producers of AKPF #1 have responded by illustrating the number of doctorations contained in the thirteen minute shameful sham.


June 26, 2013 City Admits Incompetence, Spends Your Tax Dollars on Private Attorneys for Robin Hood Case by IanGallagher, Callahan, and Gartrell attorneys Eric G. Moskowitz and Charles P. Bauer have put in an appearance in the Robin Hood sham case against local activists. Apparently the city people couldn’t take on a handful of “pro-se” activists by themselves and had to bring in some professional help. If the hired guns were ethical at all, they’d tell the city attorneys they are out of line with the suit and refuse the case. Of course, they are not ethical, (why do the right thing when you can milk taxpayers for billable hours?) and are apparently the go-to firm for the City of Keene. I wonder how many municipalities use their services?


June 26, 2013

NH Bureaucrats Conspire to Censor Garret Ean by Pete Eyre

Is having an accurate recollection of a conversation criminal? An hour ago my good friend Garret Ean had his videocamera stolen as he bicycled toward downtown Keene. The theft was perpetrated by two men wearing NH State Police badges identified as Joseph T. DiRusso and Aaron Gillis, who, upon spotting Ean, drove their unmarked silver Dodge Charger toward him and demanded his property.

DiRusso and Gillis claimed their actions just per some text on paper signed by Edward Burke based on allegations made by Thomas Mullins


July 01, 2013 Lawyers Hired by “City of Keene” Issue “Memo of Law” re Robin Hood by Pete Eyre


July 03, 2013

Renown Free Speech Attorney Jon Meyer Joins Robin Hood Case!” by Ian

Attorney Jon MeyerJon Meyer is a Manchester-based attorney whose normal focus is on employment-related cases, however he is also renown as one of the best lawyers in America on the subject of free speech. Meyer filed his appearance today in Cheshire superior court on behalf of five of the six defendants, with‘s Pete Eyre deciding not to opt-in to having an attorney.


July 12, 2013

City Accuses Robin Hooders of “Civil Conspiracy” by Ian

the city’s hired-gun (at who knows what cost to taxpayers) private attorneys have asked the judge to accept new language alleging that Robin Hooders are engaging in a “civil conspiracy” against the city and their parking enforcers. What’s a “civil conspiracy”? The city attorneys’ filing claims:

A civil conspiracy is a combination of two or more persons by concerted action to accomplish an unlawful purpose, or to accomplish some purpose not in itself unlawful by unlawful means.

What were the unlawful purposes or means? They claim in the amended petition that the unlawful purpose was to cause “tortious interference” with the city’s employment contracts with the Parking Enforcement Officers. Essentially their argument is that basic constitutional activity, (speaking to and recording bureaucrats), should be banned because some employee’s feelings might get hurt.  


July 12, 2013 Sentinel Speaks on Latest Paperwork Shufflings by Free Concord mullens_conspiracyYesterday at Free Keene was posted copies of the memorandums recently filed, which points out the ridiculous new element being levied against Robin Hood and friends by the city of Keene. A new low has been reached by the city as they are now introducing conspiracy theorizing into the case by alleging “civil conspiracy“. According to the city, the goal of Robin Hooding is not to reduce the number of penalties imposed upon the good people of Keene, but to psychologically manipulate parking enforcers into quitting their jobs, amounting to a secret conspiracy. Our principled attorney obliterates this assertion in his critical response, highlighting how the city is without standing, and seeking legal relief in contradiction of previous precedents. We shall see if the judge is amused by such cliché, deluded ramblings as conspiracy theories being introduced into the court by the jester and his legal cortege. ________________________ July 12, 2013 Sentinel Speaks on Latest Paperwork Shufflings by Free Concord  

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  1. The person representing Kate, James, Graham, Garret, and Ian in court:

    “Jon Meyer, a partner graduated from Harvard Law School, clerked for a judge, taught at Univ. of Miami Law School, and worked on civil rights cases for the NH Affiliate of the ACLU before joining the firm in 1981. He has won cases before the United States and New Hampshire Supreme Courts. He has been Chair of the New Hampshire Bar Association’s Labor and Employment Law Section and devotes a large part of his practice to representing employees in employment cases. He also works in the areas of school law, civil rights, personal injury law, and business litigation. He is recognized in the book “Best Lawyers in America” in the fields of employment and first amendment law. Call Atty. Meyer about USERRA law, benefits and resolution.”

    This looks good. I’ll be very surprised if “The City of Keene” succeeds in persuading their court to tell their police to prevent any of the Robin Hooders from continuing to walk near the meter maids.

  2. I wonder if we can sue the city with a civil case, when they try to make you pay taxes for a service that you’ve contracted with another party.

    If you lose this case you could use it against them later.


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