NH Governor Mute on State Police Camera Seizure

New Hampshire governor Maggie Hassan was recently ambush interviewed by Dave Ridley multiple times at the same event as she greeted constituents and took photographs with young people. The topic of the interview was the electronics raid exacted on Garret Ean by state police investigator Joseph DiRusso on June 26, which resulted in a 55 day hassan_picakpf1aconfiscation of the device. When the camera was returned on August 19, it had some minor vandalism scribbled on the underside by unknown agents of the state.

Throughout the entire video, the governor of New Hampshire does not once seem to so much as acknowledge Ridley’s presence. After the chief politician is back in her vehicle, Dave turns his camera to her driver, asking if it’s appropriate for the state’s chief executive to ignore the state’s number two most popular youtube channel. He follows his boss’ lead and 2013_06_26_dirussohandalso gives the journalist nothing but a silently bowed head. Maggie Hassan has also been evasive with independent media in the past, including when the topic of the ambush interview asked the newly-inaugurated Hassan about NH independence.

Aqua Kzheckpoint Patrol Fortification #1

2013_09_09_akpfmasscopThis week’s fulfilling installment entered into the AKPF #1 timeslot on CheshireTV is Aqua Kzheckpoint Patrol Fortification #1, offering a unique perspective into a suspicionless checkpoint established on Route 12 in Walpole in addition to following up on AKPF #1 episode 10 Staatspolizei. Included in this episode are editorial videos by Dave Ridley, which do not represent the views of this channel, its staff, board of directors, or underwriters. Plus, you wouldn’t want to miss the unconstitutional anticamera tirade of Barnstable MassCop Gretchen Allen as captured by journalist Robert Bastille.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_lt0dF0WX0 (more…)

Ridley Reports on Secret Police Camera Robbery

garret_cbsboston_akpfThe Ridley Report has published a seven-minute feature on the camera robbery of Garret Ean that was orchestrated and executed by Joseph DiRusso on June 26, 2013. Yesterday the report featured commentary on the activism of Garret in the past and broadcast the footage of the camera snatch that was recently recovered. The conclusion of the piece implies there will be additional analysis of the situation by Ridley. Check out Cops Raid Reporter for Failing to Get his Facts Wrong:

Retrieving Property From the NH Secret Police

2013_08_19_akpfcameratheftWhile more is learned about what motivated the theft of my camera that occurred at the hands of state police in June, content continues to upload as it becomes available. Embedded below is footage of the retrieval of the camera at the state police headquarters on Ash Brook Court in Keene. The return was overseen by trooper Aaron Gillis, who was also a participant in the theft, though identified as a subordinate by the orchestrator of the incident, trooper Joseph DiRusso.

Also discovered last evening was some vandalism to the camera underneath the battery port, where someone had scribbled on the camera with different sharpies.

Wiretapping Secret Search Warrant Revealed

joedirusso_dprkpoliceToday at noon, the secret search warrant sought by the furtive NH state police trooper Joseph DiRusso was unsealed, having been cast into shadow by its robed rubber stamper judge Edward Burke. In the text, we learn several intriguing facts. Prince John himself was involved in the plot to snatch my camera, as well as royal police chief Kenneth Meola, conveniently utilizing a legal means of attack in addition to the frivolous Robin Hooding lawsuit that the Prince and Jester already have levelled against area activists.

princejohn_maclean_akpfIn a previous update, we learned that the original unseal date of July 26 was extended until August 6, with no reason given. On the first page of the secret warrant, we see the request for the extension, which cites a backlog at the NH State Police crime lab of over a year. Specifically for this case, the laboratory search of my property was expedited to be done within 45 days. How important must this wiretapping charge be to Keene city bureaucrats and their minions in the state police? I certainly hope that no evidence pertaining to actual crime had its analysis delayed so that DiRusso could waste time seeking something innocuous that doesn’t even exist.

Reading through the search warrant, nothing included seems to demonstrate probable cause of criminal activity beyond that jester Tom MullinsĀ found my recollection of the conversation accurate in his opinion. Opinion is not probable cause. To back up Mullins’ baseless claim, DiRusso arrogantly fancies himself a witness to the event, despite not even being there (unless he was hiding in the Jester’s office closet at the time). Joseph DiRussio writes, “Throughout the course of my career, I have conducted numerous interviews which required me to take notes of what was said. I have thoroughly reviewed Attachment #1 and would not have been able to create such a detailed interview of said meeting by means of memory and one page of written notes.”

How could a judge possibly have found this pulled out-of-thin-air nonsense to constitute the legal standard of probable cause? Under what authority can DiRusso attest to the accuracy of reports from scenes that he was not even witness to? (more…)