Wiretapping Secret Search Warrant Revealed

joedirusso_dprkpoliceToday at noon, the secret search warrant sought by the furtive NH state police trooper Joseph DiRusso was unsealed, having been cast into shadow by its robed rubber stamper judge Edward Burke. In the text, we learn several intriguing facts. Prince John himself was involved in the plot to snatch my camera, as well as royal police chief Kenneth Meola, conveniently utilizing a legal means of attack in addition to the frivolous Robin Hooding lawsuit that the Prince and Jester already have levelled against area activists.

princejohn_maclean_akpfIn a previous update, we learned that the original unseal date of July 26 was extended until August 6, with no reason given. On the first page of the secret warrant, we see the request for the extension, which cites a backlog at the NH State Police crime lab of over a year. Specifically for this case, the laboratory search of my property was expedited to be done within 45 days. How important must this wiretapping charge be to Keene city bureaucrats and their minions in the state police? I certainly hope that no evidence pertaining to actual crime had its analysis delayed so that DiRusso could waste time seeking something innocuous that doesn’t even exist.

Reading through the search warrant, nothing included seems to demonstrate probable cause of criminal activity beyond that jester Tom Mullins found my recollection of the conversation accurate in his opinion. Opinion is not probable cause. To back up Mullins’ baseless claim, DiRusso arrogantly fancies himself a witness to the event, despite not even being there (unless he was hiding in the Jester’s office closet at the time). Joseph DiRussio writes, “Throughout the course of my career, I have conducted numerous interviews which required me to take notes of what was said. I have thoroughly reviewed Attachment #1 and would not have been able to create such a detailed interview of said meeting by means of memory and one page of written notes.”

How could a judge possibly have found this pulled out-of-thin-air nonsense to constitute the legal standard of probable cause? Under what authority can DiRusso attest to the accuracy of reports from scenes that he was not even witness to?

As for the secrecy aspect, there is no explanation as to why it was necessary to hide the reasons for the camera jacking other than a lone claim by DiRusso that, “Premature disclosure of the information set fourth in the above-referenced materials would compromise the integrity of an ongoing criminal investigation of the above-named individuals”. I wonder if any justification was needed to support this claim, or if judge Burke simply took DiRusso’s word for it as it seems he has done for the remaining disturbing requests for authority from the secret state trooper. It goes without saying that a followup with legal advisers will be forthcoming. No word yet on when I will have my property returned to me, as the receptionist at the clerk’s office where I obtained the full warrant suggested I file a motion for its return.

Read the full text of the secret warrant (17 page .pdf)

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  1. whoa, whoa, WHOA!!! They said they had to keep this all secret otherwise it, “…would compromise the integrity of an ongoing criminal investigation of the above-named individuals.”????
    Okay… If they are investigating a CRIME… let’s have it.
    What is the crime they are supposedly investigating here?

  2. DiRusso’s written testimony says he doesn’t have a good memory and isn’t capable of taking good notes. I think any case where he was a witness against someone should be suspected as being inaccurate.

    I wonder if the people he has caged should ask for a retrial based on this new evidence he has provided to everyone.

    “Throughout the course of my career, I have conducted numerous interviews which required me to take notes of what was said. I have thoroughly reviewed Attachment #1 and would not have been able to create such a detailed interview of said meeting by means of memory and one page of written notes.”

  3. Excellent point.

  4. Fake wiretapping Law. It Origionated from a Civil Plaintiff (Mullins) . It is illegal to retaliate in a criminal manor while a Civil Case is active between the same parties.Derusso,Burke, and Mullins should be arrested and charged for an illegal conspiracy.

  5. Let me see if I have this right (I only recently came across the Robin Hood story).

    1. Good citizens are helping fellow citizens by keeping their meters topped off.
    2. The city/municipality of Keene doesn’t like losing their revenue.
    3. No laws are being broken.
    4. A judge is issuing secret warrants (meant for terrorism investigations), to investigate a non-criminal activity.
    5. Civil rights are being violated at every turn by the local public servants.

    Did I miss anything?

  6. Page 5: Evidence of their crazy belief system: look how the warrant is written in the collective, despite only being signed by or having room to be signed by one individual. The page says “our state” and “we therefore command”. It’s very much in line with how robed men refer to themselves as “the court”, in the third person.

    It’s like they view themselves as human extensions of the idea of “the state”, this mindless, insane, violent collective.

    What a nutty, dangerous religion.

    Abolish the state… from your mind.

  7. Is there a specific wiretapping law that would apply here?

  8. Thanks for clearing that up… although it’s completely bogus on their part. Recording public officials as they perform their duties is clearly not a crime, especially in light of the Glik decision.

  9. There is the open meetings law, which also gives people the right to record meeting. Unless I read it wrong, forbidding him from recording the meeting and forcing him to take notes was also a violation of his rights.


    “Subject to the provisions of RSA 91-A:3, all meetings, whether held in person, by means of telephone or electronic communication, or in any other manner, shall be open to the public. Except for town meetings, school district meetings, and elections, no vote while in open session may be taken by secret ballot. Any person shall be permitted to use recording devices, including, but not limited to, tape recorders, cameras, and videotape equipment, at such meetings.”

    “II. Communications outside a meeting, including, but not limited to, sequential communications among members of a public body, shall not be used to circumvent the spirit and purpose of this chapter as expressed in RSA 91-A:1.”

  10. I think it’s hilarious that these cops and idiot judges are so bothered by you guys. It’s amazing how much time and energy is spent on trying to put you all in a cage, You guys are the biggest threat to their monopoly of power and control and they hate you all. I recommend you completely remove and destroy any and all sd cards or devices that are used for special purposes for now on.

    They are desperate to find anything on those cards/cameras because that’s all they got. LOL Keep fighting them and hey,….do you all need more donations for Robin Hooding ? LOL Would love to donate again.


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