Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas Flees Ridleycam

In an undated video uploaded today to the Ridley Report, Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas, a member of the three-person board of selectman in Dublin, tucks his head, shuffles a flight of stairs and grumbles a question away with, “I’m not answering any questions from you.”PeterThomassturdy2camera

While it would be exposing, but not completely unprecedented to have observed any other politician behave in such a way, Peter’s behavior seems to demonstrate a desire to conceal, especially given his own activities behind a camera as part of DPRK‘s case against Robin Hood of Keene. While he was sometimes friendly when dealing with myself, in videos where he meets other Robin Hooders he displayed a relatively hostile tone and behaved as though he was entitled to deliver orders to others around him. During his time filming he was even shoved by a passing female pedestrian who said nothing to him while Peter was filming a Robin Hooder and an enforcer on a North Main Street sidewalk. He called out to the person and the retired detective presumably flashed a badge, or some sort of authority symbol. On one occasion he took to asking interrogatory questions about specifically who pays for what different tools used in the process of Robin Hooding. In other encounters with Ian Freeman, he would refuse to disclose that he was working for the city when directly asked, and would repeat a drone-like opening greeting in response to any questions.

'Sturdy' literally hangs his head before fleeing the videojournalist

A slouching ‘Sturdy’ hangs his head before fleeing the videojournalist

On one occasion in which Peter and myself conversed in the city hall parking garage, he was quick to tell me that he was proud of all of his conduct over the course of his career in police work. Generally trustworthy as firm words may be, I found his eagerness to avoid the discussion of unnecessary conflict revealing of a potential lack of self-reflection.

Seeing Ridley’s video, actions speak volumes over Peter’s words.

For video captured by Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas and used by unknown City of Keene bureaucrats in a public relations campaign against Robin Hooders, check out AKPF #1 episode 08 Dolus. The entire records request received from DPRK officials of Peter Thomas’ over six hours of Robin Hooding footage is available on a playlist at Fr33manTVraw. (more…)

AKPF #1: Ridley Report Emporium 01

In this week’s historical installment of AKPF #1, we are exposed to select Ridley Reports of recent months past, with minor additions inserted as well as a redacted finale from the Cheshire TV controversial after hours program lanekendall_leninartakpfBlack Sheep Rising, wherein parking rates are discussed. This episode of AKPF #1 broadcasts Monday 14 April 2014 at 7:00pm on Cheshire TV.

00:00 – Warning disclaimer to Cheshire TV audience
00:10 – Dublin illustrations through MiniDV eyes, landscape town building (Ex cop flees Ridleycam)
01:42 – Peter Sturdy Thomas runs from Ridleycam and scampers away, head hanging low, despite his former employment as a police officer and private investigator; Peter Flimsy Sturdy.
04:43 – Shadowy figure rantings to Ridley of disillusionment in Keene circles which he had wished to interject himself (Camo-clad Constitutionalist demands to be sued by city)
08:50 – Driving in circles around Central Keene somewhat confusedly anthem advertisement by Dave Ridley
09:46 – The comedy of the commons – The joyous fun among the political angst of the collective proletariat (Fighting cop state doesn’t have to be serious)
14:25 – More from a camoman on Ridley’s Report outside of the Concord BEARCAT city council central committee vote (Banned Keene activist still supports Free Keene) (more…)

AKPF Remix Unprecedented

2013_09_19_akpfAiring on this week’s AKPF #1 timeslot is an unprecedented revamp of Dolus, a prior episode. The infamous CoK official DPRK video of the ‘doctored’ Robin Hooding is replaced with courtroom footage to put you in the action with cast and dedicated fans of the Aqua Keene Parking Force. Additionally, fans receive more content from amateur videographer Peter ‘Sturdy’ Thomas, who did not appear in the court proceedings. See for yourself why AKPF is #1 in the Robin Hood:

Live Tweets From the Robin Hood Hearing Day 2 of 3

Robin Hood of KeeneWere you unable to attend day 2 of the Robin Hood “evidentiary hearing”? Here are literally hundreds of tweets from Darryl W. Perry, who also tweeted out day one of the hearing. The tweets are in reverse chronological order, so start at the bottom for the beginning.

Be sure to come out tomorrow at 10am to “superior” court in Keene for the allegedly final day. (Remember, this is just the “evidentiary hearing” to allow the judge to issue a “preliminary injunction” if he so decides.) It has taken two full days and the prosecution has yet to still close their case.

Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Court resumes tomorrow at 10am #robinhoodtrial
Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Garret began interacting with PEO’s after Cantwell made a video & Jane said he had nothing intelligent to say #robinhoodtrial
Darryl W. Perry ?@DWPerry78 2h
Garret explaining the difficulties of Robin Hooding from a 30 foot distance #robinhoodtrial (more…)