Former Bloggers

The Free Keene blog was founded in 2006. Over the years various bloggers have come and gone. Some had their path in life lead them out of New Hampshire and others moved to other parts of the state and stopped posting. Here is a record of who has been involved here:


Ademo V. FreemanAdemo V. Freeman (“Ademo”) – Ademo was born and raised in Wisconsin. He moved to New Hampshire to join other activists who advocate for a voluntary society. Ademo has been apart of projects like Motorhome Diaries, which traveled to 41 states and published almost 200 videos while “searching for freedom in America”, Cop, a police accountability site, and Liberty On Tour, which focuses on several aspects of the liberty movement. Ademo is excited to join Free Keene and when not doing activism, enjoys a good game of poker, a beer, and socializing with friends.
ChrisChristopher David – Chris is a web developer and early mover (as of 2009) for the Free State Project now living on the seacoast. He is the ‘illegal Uber driver’, arrested by Portsmouth police on felony wiretapping charges for a YouTube video showcasing effective activism. He is dedicated to ending wars and abolishing the State in our lifetime. Chris is also the founder of “Free UBER“, an activist network dedicated to defending ride-sharing worldwide.
Chris MuskusChris Muskus (“COG_K” ) – Chris moved to Keene with his wife in the summer of 2000 from the Springfield, MA area. Although not a Free State Project Member, Chris got excited when he heard that New Hampshire was the chosen state of the FSP and then again when he heard that Free Talk Live moved into town. Chris tends to be a little quiet and on the shy side… until you get to know him!
Caleb DyerCaleb Dyer – Caleb is a writer, graphic designer, and tree care specialist. His parents moved him to NH when he was a baby and after graduating from Alvirne High School in 2015, Caleb decided not to pursue higher education due to the rising costs and stagnating quality. In 2016, Caleb was elected State Representative for the towns of Hudson and Pelham as a Republican. During his campaign he knocked doors each day after work; knocking on over 2,000 by mid September, and only spent ~$400; proving that, given the effort and diligence, good ideas can win on a budget. On February 9th, he switched his partisan affiliation to Libertarian; becoming the first member of the New Hampshire House of Representatives in nearly two decades to serve the majority of his term as such.
DaleDale Everett (“dalebert”) – Dale is an early mover originally from Georgia. Right after finishing his bachelors in Computer Science at Georgia Tech, he worked as a software engineer for eight years in California and completed his Masters at USC. He now does free lance programming and graphic design. Dale is also the author and artist for a liberty-themed comic strip called Anarchy In Your Head.
Darryl W. PerryDarryl W. Perry– Darryl W. Perry has spent most of his adult life as an advocate & activist for peace and liberty.Darryl is an award winning author and publisher, and is a host on the nationally syndicated talk show Free Talk Live. He also hosts the daily newscast FPPradioNews, and the weekly podcast Peace, Love, Liberty Radio.

Darryl W. Perry ran for President with a goal to run the most libertarian presidential campaign in history, to promote the ideas of liberty as boldly and as often as possible, and to give as many people as possible the chance to vote for an actual libertarian in November 2016. After the Libertarian National Convention – where he placed 4th for the LP Presidential nomination – Perry formed Liberty Lobby LLC, a crowd-funded lobbying firm, to lobby the New Hampshire Legislature in support of individual rights, minimal government and maximum freedom!

Darryl was elected Chair of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire in September 2016 and served in that capacity until April 2018.
Darryl moved to Keene in Spring of 2012.

David KDavid Krouse – Passionate about getting government to stop hurting people. Anti-war, because war always results in ‘colateral damage’, another word for murder. Anti-tax, because he doesn’t live for the purpose of funding other peoples choices. Happy to help when asked, or for a worthy cause. Keene is the smallest city David has ever lived in.
Eric FreerockEric Freerock (“ericfreerock”) – Eric is a Keene native concerned with the massive increases in the Keene property tax that has made Keene an undesirable place to try and own a house. Eric also hosts the Cop Block Radio Show on and is concerned with the ever- growing police state in which we find ourselves.
Ethan GloverEthan Glover (“eglove”) – Ethan moved to the Keene area of New Hampshire at the height of 2015 to be around like-minded people. He describes himself as an anarcho-capitalist. His first major liberty project was building the brand of NH Regional CopBlock. He helped grow the subscriber base 900% in one year. Ethan also does a sporadic podcast that brings online arguments to the real world called, “Fuck It, We’ll Do It Live.” He has a large interest in digital marketing and online media. You can find more about Ethan on his personal website.
Garret EanGarret Ean (“giggan”) – Garret has been involved in political action since high school, but it wasn’t until college that he came to consider himself a liberty activist. In college, he ran for state representative twice, while pursuing a criminology degree. In late 2010, he started to cover news of interest to liberty activists in the greater Concord area. You may catch him in front of the state house with chalk and camera in hand, making futile attempts to objectively cover liberty-flavored events as he participates in them. The underlying theme of his activism is propagating the revolutionary notion that human beings own themselves.
Graham ColsonGraham Colson (“GrahamColson”) – Graham grew up in nearby Swanzey. When he was 16 and still in forced public education, he heard about the exciting things happening in Keene and knew he had to be a part of that in some capacity or another. When Graham turned 18 he moved here and he says his life changed forever, “These last few years have undoubtedly been the most single most interesting period of my life, and I’m looking forward to whatever the future in the Shire holds.” Graham considers himself an Anarcho Capitalist, and seeks to be a part of bringing about the end of the cancer calling itself the state through nonviolent means. He shares an inspirational quote from Gandhi: “When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall.”
Heika CourserHeika Courser (“hcourser”) – Heika is a Keene native and friend to many FSP members. She is a big supporter of the phrase, “No victim, no crime.” Although she is not in support of many things the government does, she has recently become very interested in local politics, such as city council and other city committees. Heika also proudly partakes in many acts of civil disobedience as well as supports her liberty-oriented friends with vigils, protests, attending court hearings and trials, and more.
James CleavelandJames Cleaveland (“lightspeedliberty”)– After being frustrated by the lack of progress of elsewhere and learning of the Free State Project in 2010 through Dave Ridley of the Ridleyreport and attending Porcfest 2011 and 2012, James Cleaveland moved to Keene in June 2012. Since arriving, he has been involved in many forms of activism in the Keene area from hosting ShireTV, chalking, Keene Copblock, jury outreach, trying to film in courthouses, and most recently, Robin Hooding. James believes that through dedication and hard work a more peaceful society can be achieved.
James DavisJames Davis (“James D.”) – James Davis is an unschooling father of two and a liberty activist from New Jersey. After learning about the Free State Project from Free Talk Live, he and his family made the move to Dover, New Hampshire, in October of 2014 to find more liberty for themselves and others. James makes his living running an unschooling and liberty-based summer camp called the Stomping Ground, and speaking at camp conferences nationwide about the benefits of giving children more freedom. He also does Juror Outreach, and is a blogger at
Jason RepsherJason Repsher (“Rapsher”) – Rapsher moved to Keene NH for the Free State Project in March 2011 from Reno, NV. He believes the ideas of liberty were always apparent in him. Being a non-conformist, along with an inability to pay attention in school, he had little to unlearn. In 2008 Rapsher’s views expanded from libertarian into voluntarism. With his cynical sense of humor and an intense internal optimism, Rapsher is genuinely confident that liberty will happen in his lifetime. His personal philosophy is that altruism is synonymous with human incentive, which will evolve into a purer form when human interactions can exist on a voluntary basis. Rapsher partakes in activism, outreach, working on Free Keene TV, Robin Hooding, and more to come.
Jason TalleyJason Talley (“talleytv“) – Jason Talley the editor of the Spirit of Arcadia, a journal of independence and peace in the Atlantic Northeast. Curating and commenting on news from this region, Talley will provide an independent and sometimes contrarian voice on the website. Jason has been actively advancing the ideas of liberty for over a decade. After years working with various think tanks in Washington, DC he left to “search for freedom in America” as part of the Motorhome Diaries crew. After seeing much of the so-called “United States” he opted to coexist in the Atlantic Northeast, currently in New Hampshire as a participant in the Free State Project. In the future he hopes to tour the region to advance independence and peace with his multimedia journalism.
Jay DenonvilleJay Freeville (“Jay”) – Jay finally moved to The Shire from Florida in 2011. He has been involved in the Free State Project movement since 2003,
and through the years has slowly progressed from being a minarchist to being a voluntaryist (if you really want to pigeonhole him). He spends his days making a living with online merchandise sales, causing trouble with his opinions, and running the website.
JamesJJ Epic – JJ is the former editor of the Free Keene Press, the creator and former producer of Free Keene TV and former Free Talk Live co-host.  After discovering his talent and love for video he started a video production company called Starfall Media. He moved to Keene in December of 2007 and moved to Manchester in 2012 where he produces Neocash Radio, A weekly podcast that discusses the future of money today.
Joël ValenzuelaJoël Valenzuela – Joël moved to New Hampshire for the Free State Project in September of 2013 after making a promise to always be on the front lines of liberty. He runs The Desert Lynx blog and writes for numerous other publications. Valenzuela’s undergraduate education is in Statesmanship, and his postgraduate in Global Affairs. He worked for over a decade in public policy for such organizations as the Goldwater Institute, the Alliance for School Choice, the Cato Institute, the Leadership Institute, Americans for Prosperity, and the Western Center for Journalism. When not running The Desert Lynx, Valenzuela is a full-time martial arts instructor.
Kate AgerKate Ager (“kager”) – Kate Ager was born and raised in Keene, New Hampshire and has questioned ‘authority’ since a young age. Surrounded by people who do not think she is a bad person solely for failing to follow orders or obey certain laws, Kate no longer feels out of place. She is a voluntaryist who is trying to further expand her ideas and learn how to effectively communicate them. Kate believes that it is not what you do in life, but how you do it and it is not what you see, but the way you see it.
Kate ParkerKate Parker (“kate39“) – Kate moved to New Hampshire in early 2015 in support of the Free State Project. An ex-dental hygienist, she spent her years after graduation writing articles exposing the truth behind common dental practices, techniques, and chemicals, in addition to articles about Constitutional rights and freedom in general. Her articles have garnered nearly 2 million views on multiple platforms, but lately she’s felt the need to focus her writing activism to better service the community. She considers herself an anarchist / agorist / voluntaryist / leavemealoneist. She’s a longtime Porcfest vendor and host of the ’80s Arcade Party and co-founder of the annual vegan / veggie potluck event there. Kate has a black cat named Cool Cat, who’s also a stalwart anarchist. They live together peacefully in the White Mountains.
Kelly VoluntaryistKelly Voluntaryist (“kellyvoluntaryist”) – Kelly moved to Keene from Scottsdale, AZ in December of 2011 after being repeatedly victimized by the corrupt and involuntary system there for the “crime” of living as a free individual. While her activism in Arizona consisted mainly of working as an advocate for victims of the system and writing about her experiences, she moved to Keene in hopes of inspiring the evolution towards a peaceful society through civil disobedience. Kelly, a longtime agorist, not only believes in smashing the state through civil disobedience and delegitimization, but counter-economically through black and grey markets and non-compliance as well. A Christian Anarchist, she considers herself a conscientious objector of the current system and strives to promote non-violent resistance as exemplified by Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr. She believes that the violation of one individual’s rights equals the violation of all individual rights, that for there to be true peace there must first be true justice, and that true justice must be based on a model of restoration. Her pet peeves are the TSA, the prison system, and government transparency. When she is not smashing the state, Kelly loves to go shopping and spend time with her cat Emily, her chihuahua Isabella, and her voluntary liberty family. Kelly’s experiences in living the peaceful evolution are also being chronicled at
Lorri RodierLorri Rodier (“Lorri R”) – Lorri lives in the Keene area, and has almost her whole life. She’s the mother of three children, and runs a small business. She loves NH, raising her family here, and recommends it to others looking for a good place to live. The only thing that would make NH even better, in her opinion, is if we could truly be the “Free State”. She hopes to help make this happen.
smegMeg McLain (“smeg”) – Meg moved to New Hampshire from her hometown of Portland, OR after discovering the true nature of government and its harmful effects. She came to Keene with a degree in film production, and the desire to be active in the shift from government violence to a peaceful and consensual society. As a filmmaker, she hopes to capture the passion and courage of those who will be the voices of change, so others will be inspired to take part.
Mike BarskeyMike Barskey – Mike first began solidifying his ideas and principles at the relatively late age of 27, when he first started reading Ayn Rand. Thinking he had finally learned “the answer” to the meaning of life, he researched more and more about liberty, discovered the Free State Project, and realized there were indeed like-minded people in the world! Prior to moving to New Hampshire form California in late 2008, Mike had never done any activism. He had never stood up for his rights, had never refused to cooperate with police or judges, had never tried to educate anyone about liberty. Things have changed. His most important change so far has been to learn that he was wrong: he did not know “the answer.” He is still learning, every day, from so many friends and other sources, that there are very many “the answers” – one for every individual person – and that voluntaryism is a peaceful philosophy in harmony with that idea.
PatrickPatrick “IOBright” Shields – Patrick is a web developer and student of self-improvement who moved to Keene to live in complete alignment with his values. Indoctrinated into a moral code founded in obedience and self-sacrifice, Patrick experienced first-hand the misery and frustration they can cause. Now, he works on entrepreneurial endeavors, participates in both political and nonpolitical activism and is enjoying every moment. Patrick’s role models are Steve Pavlina, Tynan and Owen Cook. His primary objective in the liberty movement is critical analysis of tough-to-think-about subjects.
Robert MathiasRobert Mathias (“rwmathias”)– Robert moved to Manchester, New Hampshire from Chicago for the Free State Project in January of 2014. The issues that are important to Robert are personal freedom and self-governance. As part of being an early mover, Robert’s passion is to document what life is like among early movers in a hope that it will inspire others to move early or at the very least sign the pledge in hopes to trigger the move. Check out his youtube vlogs on his Voluntarist Rebel channel.
Sean MurphySean Murphy (“Trifith”) – A long time constitutionalist, Sean came to the ideas of a voluntary society through the works of Ayn Rand and Stephan Molyneux. Moving from North Carolina to Keene, NH in December of 2009, Sean has been active in the local liberty movement, and can often be found doing outreach in the community, Robin Hooding in downtown Keene, and laughing at the state wherever he can. These days Sean finds the idea of a coercive state to be a childish anachronism of humanity’s youth, worthy of laughter, not fear.
Shire DudeShire Dude (“ShireDude”) – Shire Dude is a freelance agorist who helps individuals and organizations film, edit and produce video content. He has been editing and filming projects since 2005, and he accepts bitcoin for his services. New Hampshire activism is highlighted by his show, ItsLikeThisToo, which is hosted by Ron Paul’s channel, Voices of Liberty. The Dude also co-hosts the Rebel Love Show and produces his own comedy show on YouTube. He escaped California and became an early mover for the Free State Project in May of 2014. To learn more, visit
Wendy FrenchWendy French – Not so long ago, in a galaxy we call the Shire, there was born a lady Jedi, Wendy, a rebelette with many causes. Wendy has been a lover of liberty since she was a twinkle, and has grown to be an opti-mystic who follows the footsteps of the greats who have morphed entire empires through the righteousness of their mighty stands. Wendy’s activism and focus have evolved from giving energy to national crusades to giving energy to local crusades, and she practices being the change right here at home, because there’s no place like our Shire on Earth. If you wish to reach Wendy about how she can positively change your life too, through Reiki, Massage, or by loving people and cooking them tasty food, then please DO, because THERE IS NO TRY, DO OR DO NOT!
WillWill May (“Skeptikos”) – Will is not a libertarian. He moved to Keene in 2008 for the Free State Project, and, after one too many books by Paul Krugman, took a sharp turn to the left. Having been critical of Free Keene in the past, he intends to be the opposition blogger, providing an alternative perspective and the occasional debate. He still has a strong anti-authoritarian streak, however, and is working to promote a liberal-libertarian alliance in Keene.
William KostricWilliam Kostric – Growing weary of petty tyrants in Maricopa County, AZ, William determined to free range outside the confines of the United States. One night while researching the Iraq war, he happened upon the Free State Project forums and found that there were many like-minded individuals spread out across the continent. The idea of gathering in a localized area where a greater impact could be made struck a chord and he signed the statement of intent and made the move in 2008.
William’s current projects include Free State Now who’s goal is to complete the 20k signers before the end of 2014, The Quill – a libertarian community center in the Manchester area and working with Occupy New Hampshire to build a broad-based coalition of activists who are motivated to take local action towards measurable goals.
Yadra H. VoatYadra H. Voat – Yadra moved to Keene in March 2009, in-time for the New Hampshire Liberty Forum. He prefers to work as an “I hope I’m right” kind of voluntarist in the same way that Mark Edge is an “I hope I’m wrong” kind of minarchist. When inquired of regarding his unusual name, Yadra likes to ask people “how often is Mark Twain remembered as Samuel Clemens?” He has observed that all moral actions among beings of equal moral nature are voluntary but not all voluntary actions are moral. Most people and Yadra already agree on most subjects, they just don’t realize it yet.