Voluntary Alternatives: Education. Home/Un-School

Continuing our look at education in a stateless society, lets examine homeschooling and unschooling. Because of the similarities between the two, I’m going to present both in this post, rather than repeat myself. Both home and unschooling are very student driven, giving focus to each individual students needs. The parents, who will act as instructors, are very involved in the child’s education, which is more difficult when the children are sent to an outside school. Home/Un-schooling also has an incredibly low cost.


Voluntary Alternatives: Education. Private Schools

Let’s take a closer look at the options available in a voluntary society. We’ll start with private schools. For the purpose of this essay, I’m going to assume that the current standard of a single teacher teaching a class of 30 students in a building containing multiple classrooms is the market chosen system. It may or may not in fact be what the market comes up with, and we can’t know what that actually is until we have a market in education.


Voluntary Alternatives: Education

Lets take a look at how various state services may be provided in the absence of government. Education, Roads, Protection, Courts, pollution control, and many other services currently monopolised by the state can not only be provided by the private market, the will be more affordable, less intrusive, and respond to customer needs faster. Education is often a service that people just can’t seem to imagine without the state. But as I hope to demonstrate, the private market can, and will, provide, if only the state got out of the way.


Update: Man Self Immolates, Possible Relation to Family Court

From Anitjingoist at Apathy Online

Someone lit themselves on fire outside the Cheshire County Superior Court yesterday, in Keene, NH. On the police scanner, the KPD mentioned finding a car nearby that could have been his, registered to a Thomas Ball in Massachusetts. A Thomas Ball, from Massachusetts was involved in a court case around 2007: “Thomas Ball v Monadnock Family Services” A Thomas Ball from Mass. Also signed an online petition here: http://bit.ly/lykCr0, where he states:

The authorities are forcing parents to choice between the loyalty to their families and the loyalty to our government. The government will lose this type of contest.

It is likely that Thomas Ball lost this court case and felt it was an extreme injustice, especially if it involved his children and possibly loosing custody of them.

UPDATE: There is a facebook group scheduled to be archived that was created to provide “Help for men, and women, arrested for domestic violence. Shared parenting for divorced parents.” It is admin’d by a Thomas Ball, whose profile is here: Thomas Ball.

He also appears to have run a website: http://jimbrownprinciple.com which is the only reference to the case “Thomas Ball v. Monadnock Family Services” but is no longer online.

UPDATE 2: Thomas’ Ball’s story about Monadnock Family Services (PDF) (Google Cache Link)


Mr. Ball also sent a last statement to the Keene Sentinal

Keene Police Accept Shire ID

Back in February, as I was walking to a job interview, I found a gold bracelet on the sidewalk. Not being a jeweler,  I took it to a nearby pawn shop to be evaluated. I assumed it to be a relatively cheap piece, as it had clearly broken off of somebody’s wrist. I was quite surprised to find out that I had a valuable piece of jewelry on my hands and, at the recommendation of the pawnbroker, I took the bracelet to KPD to turn in as lost property. Not my first choice of organizations to use, but currently the one that the original owner is most likely to talk to. I received a receipt for the property and was told I would be contacted.

Thursday I received a postcard informing me that the property was unclaimed, and that I should make an appointment to pick it up. Friday, I did so, and was informed that I would need “an ID we can make a copy of”. Having become involved with several media organizations, including Free Keene, and Free Talk Live, over the last several months, I had made a Press ID card, similar to the one pictured. I decided to try to use that as my ID in my dealings with KPD today. I was shocked when the Evidence secretary took the ID card as valid without even a question as to its origin. I have previously used this card when ID’d to enter a local bar without incident. These are high quality cards that may be useful in a variety of situations where you don’t wish to use state ID. It should be clearly stated that the ID I presented contained valid identifying and contact information.

If you would like a similar ID card you can make your own at EasyIDCARD.com.