Free Keene Fest An Outstanding Success!

Wow! It was a beautiful day here in Keene, perfect for the Free Keene Fest held this afternoon on Railroad Square. With at least 300 people stopping by to purchase or sell items, pass out informational fliers or collect money/clothing for charities, it was a fun time for all. The Federal Crime, a rock band, played for half of the festival and then some local gentlemen took over the music aspect playing the banjo!

I was thoroughly impressed with several things today, one being the amount of Keene folk that walked through, enjoying the music and purchasing items. People were super friendly and supportive of this agorist festival, and many took fliers and pamphlets of liberty-oriented subjects with them upon departure. There were, of course, many freedom-loving people from all over the state (Grafton, Manchester, Peterborough, Hancock, etc) that enjoyed the day as well!

It was  nice to see the variety of items the vendors had, as well as the style in which they set up their tables. Ice cream, muffins, jam, jewelery, massages, framed photos, liberty flair, books and bumper stickers, and even massages were sold, as were a wide variety of attire. There was even a table for black jack!  Information regarding Monadnock liberty families, ‘Don’t take the plea deal’ (fija),, and Fr33 Aid was on display for all. There were tents, canopies, colorful table cloths, and unique signs to make the festival stand out just off of Main Street.

I was tickled pink to observe the wonderful, calm demeanor of the few police officers that drove or walked by, even though there were MANY blatant open containers. They didn’t say a word about the alcohol, just smiled, made small talk with some festival attendees, and went on their merry way. YAY! I firmly feel that is how it should be all the time! No one was endangering anyone or anything,  and so they ignored the open containers. It’s about time! I just hope that  friendly attitude of the Keene PD will continue on.

This permit-free, drama-free festival was sensational, and I hope to see many more outstanding festivals in the future! I would also like to thank  everyone who participated today; it wouldn’t have been anything noteworthy without them!

Free Keene Fest Is Just Around The Corner…

It’s that time again…Free Keene Fest will be held Sunday, May 8, from 12-4pm on Railroad Square.  The rock band, Federal Crime, will be playing live during the festival. If they sound familiar to you, it’s probably because they have played at other Free Keene Fests and even played behind the E.F. Lane Hotel during the Music Festival last fall!

There will be lots of unique things to do, see, and buy. A few will even be handing out informational material on various liberty-oriented topics!  Poker and other games will be set up, and food/ beverages will be for sale. Looking for some pro-liberty apparel to sport? Come on down! There will be a couple of vendors, including one of my favorite local artists, Dave Dixon, selling his famous t-shirts and sweatshirts. Did I mention there will be a clothing drop-off if you are looking to give to the community? Clothing will be collected at the Fr33 Aid booth to be donated to a local charity and anyone in need.

Free Keene Fest has been a fun time for many for almost five years, being held biannually. Many people come from afar to hang out with other liberty-minded individuals. There are no permits or vendor’s fees paid to the city of Keene for this festival of freedom. However, responsibility for your property/trash/etc is expected!

I sincerely hope to see this Spring’s Free Keene Festival a smashing success!