Letter #18 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

November 2, 2009 A.D., Day 32 – 148 to go 😐

I never cease to be amazed at how sickening the “corrections” system is, how corrupt, how demeaning, condescending, abusive, humiliating, freedom stealing, ad infinitum!

Moments ago I discovered that full grown adults who are placed (according to the other oppressed gentlemen in here) on this awful product called “probation” (which is ridiculously long periods of time, expense, and humiliation) have a curfew! “Are you freakin’ kidding?” I could hardly contain myself. Some fathers and mothers have to be at their homes no later than 9 PM. If there is anything that frosts my hiney, this is it. I am outraged. Sure, this may seem like some small detail that could be easily overlooked as unimportant to you, because you aren’t the one that has been dragged into their system against your will… “so what? Aren’t they bad people who hurt others?” No! They are mothers and fathers, business owners, pastors, employees, contractors, etc., When I was duped into joining the military years ago, something I never thought would ever occur, something so insanely humiliating… dressed up as anything but hat it was really for was called “The Buddy System.” We could not step one foot anywhere in port cities without a “buddy/” That infuriated me. I hated it! Who are they to judge what I do? Well, I was property (literally) of the federal government. One size fits all. I don’t think I have ever been insulted quite like that. My friend Rick in here (and yes Mom, I’m making friends in jail, sorry) is a grandfather. You may think these guys or girls are bad people and it doesn’t matter because it’s not happening to you. Look, probation, first of all doesn’t work. It is designed to keep the dollars coming in to the private corporations that run the courts like they are stuck in a rotating door. There isn’t one “Corrections” Officer who does not disagree with me (on that topic) but then again where does their $ come from? If they can keep humans caged for longer periods of time it means more revenue, more hours, better choices for shifts, bigger budgets, etc.… you know the government drill, all too well by now, and if you don’t, it’s time, past time you started standing up for where my wallet gets spent… speaking for myself, jokingly of course. Yes, this stuff drives me crazy. I wish my attitude was better, but I’ve had a headache since a month ago today. I would love to dance like my friend Yadra was doing when some of you saw him in cell #114. (more…)

Letter #17 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Sunday, November 1, 2009 A.D., Day 31 – 149 to go… or so 🙂


Happy Sunday! Halloween was great! I dressed up as a person who is thought to harm others and to many folk’s eyes I looked real! What a scary guy I am.

Today was visit day and a day for me to be further targeted by the crumbling system of thugs. “After “visiting hours” the jail personnel would not allow my attorney the “unfettered access” granted and mandated by their rules. My good friend Richard (thanks for all you do) made a sign that has been held up at many of our protests reading “APPLE YOUR RULES TO YOURSELVES.” After all, aren’t the “rules” for them too? How about “everyone?” Nope. This is only targeted at me, and likely anyone who attempts (with resounding reception) to illustrate the false legitimacy of the thugs.

Not all of my life has been one where I saw them clearly for who they are. Sadly and shamefully, I fell into the sales pitch, that we need those jails to “put bad people who hurt us.” Being inside sure has proven to me that imagining anything of the slightest bit resembling that cartoon image is simply lies, deception, etc. It is all clear to be and sadly I still have residual damage as a result in that I still, somewhere, in the back of my mind WANT to believe that so it will be all okay and I can feel that false sense of warm, safe and fuzzy that I enjoyed when I was living in dream land. (more…)

Letter #15 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Saturday, October 31, 2009 A.D., Day 30 – 151 Days to go

Last night’s “battle” with the physicians assistant was interesting, to say the very least. I’m still shaking my head in astonishment. First off, the appointment I was supposed to have with the opthamologist was supposed to occur on Monday or Tuesday of last. It finally happened on Thursday, when the guards announced “there is someone who wants to talk with you” then proceeded to play games with me as to if they would tell me where I was actually going or not. Okay I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on those items. David Seigal, the physician’s assistant, was downright rude and the double speak was amazing. “Well we live in a very litigious society” was his defense, to his previously offensive comments and lack of desire to rectify the issues of why I can’t walk without excruciating pain. It’s an amazingly sick soul someone has when they tell you that you are “refusing” an MRI after I finally got to the point where I can’t take the abuse and harm they intend. How can it possibly be anything else? I was very direct when I asked “why are you ignoring my condition?”… he replied “what do you want me to do?” as if I’m qualified to know. The conversation continued and I told him to imagine I’m a human being without this orange jump suit on for an instant, that I’m not some horrible person who has harmed anyone to which he went totally off on some tangent about how he didn’t want to have a political debate… who mentioned politics? What??? Hello??? You are “the DOCTOR!” I am a person, a human, suffering in pain. If I ever questioned the Hypocratic oath, it was last night. He’s a statist thug, embezzling and living like many in his legion. I have met the enemy and he’s the state, as a matter of fact, he’s the Doctor for “the state.” Yippe, I got some more Motrin to tear up my guts and how on earth am I going to discover what is wrong with me? Now, he’s scheduling yet another eye appointment. In the meantime I get the nurse with a bedside manner of a grizzly to hand me Motrin. I think they all need to see psychotherapists. I won’t describe here just how nasty and degrading he became when I told him that I’d signed release papers for my wonderful chiropractor, and I also mentioned that my wife will be bringing me papers for me to authorize my friend, a Harvard Doctor, who has volunteered to examine my records as well. That is when I should have known but naive as I am, I did simply expect him not to feel so threatened by my mentioning I was getting a second opinion. hen the door shuts behind you in here, as well as if you show up for court here and even dare question the false authority the illegitimacy of the state’s power becomes crystal clear. When I departed from our “conversation” I only said “God Bless You” because I sure wasn’t capable of it at that time. Today I received a card from Tarrin from the LCL Report. I must let you all know that though I tried, I could not see any of you who were also kidnapped, while they caged 13 of you in here. Thanks for the update Tarrin. Knowing that the message is growing is more strength than you know. Info getting in here is an awful task. To see Yadra and Evan in shackles and chains by the dirty hands of the real enemy was amazing on many emotional levels. Some sadness, some joy. (more…)

Letter #14 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Friday, October 30, Day 29 – 151 to go

Ma’am Behind The Curtain

The violent ones “allowed” Aubern to “represent” my person in their devilish system. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I signed an apology, as much as I could stand to, to just get me into a position where I can get both remedy for my pain and limited physical abilities and into a position where I can contribute to my family and the world in a way that thugs may not like, by providing for them without begging permission from them.… which sadly and shamefully I have to do so I can do something better for the world. I sure don’t want to rot in here at a cost of nearly $15,000.00 to the tax-payers, most of whom agree that it is against their will, and they don’t approve, never mind the cost of the medical bills, which I sure as heck am not responsible for, and I’m sure the tax-payers aren’t responsible as well. Just who is responsible? I think the man who knows he is, knows. He needs no introduction here, surely.

It is so nice to hear, from all the mail, that many more people are moving here. Lots of people seem to say that Burke’s days are numbered in that seat. Interesting huh? (more…)

Letter #13 from Kurt in Jail

[Transcribed from Kurt’s “Mail From Jail” letter, which can be found here. Be sure to visit Mail-to-Jail to write letters to Kurt in jail.]Kurt

Thursday, October 29, 2009 A.D., Day 28 – 152 to go

Don’t Ask

Today is visitation day! I get to see the love of my life! Sweet sadness is the theme.

Much to nobody’s surprise this mail is read by the Gestapo, ah, sorry, I mean government workers. Yes folks, even after sealing it up and placing some security marks on it, as well as recording which guard took which letter and the date being put on the outside of the envelope, they read the mail. Yes folks, some government workers can read, however, when you ask a question, don’t you generally want an answer? Perhaps not if you are asking rhetorically but… not once have I responded to “Mr. Hoffman.” When asked by the guard named Coulme (or Colon) what the reason was and explaining after I asked if he seriously wanted to know why I don’t choose to have a last name rather than my family name he replied in true government fashion by saying rapidly “I don’t want to hear any of that nonsense,” then tried to insult me. It’s wise to take what he says with a grain of salt… well if you seriously want to know then be patient enough and have a brain enough to LISTEN! (more…)