Questions for the NH Supreme Court

In search of answers from the NH “justice” system on the camera ban in the 2nd floor lobby, which applies to everyone, except the state, main stream media, and important bureaucrats, I’ve drafted a writing. I ask about the supposed investigation into the assault and resulting damage to my camera by the CSO’s. Jordan Hazy, supervisor over all the court security officers,  has hung up on me and refuses to return phone calls. So our latest attempt is with Laura, the spokesperson for the Supreme court.

Hi Laura,

In our conversation on September 8th, you agreed respond with answers around the 10th.

I haven’t seen an answer to the questions we discussed, and I wanted to follow up to see what progress has been made. When can I expect answers the questions per our phone conversation:

1) Related to the Nashua District Court incident on or around August 3rd,

a.) Can CSO’s arbitrarily close public sections of the court house?

b.) Where are CSO’s granted the authority to close down public areas of the court house in a non-emergency situation?

c.) Is the local Police department under the authority of the CSO’s while in the court house?

2) Related to the Keene District Court and CSO Dwane Dehotman’s (sp) actions on April 26th, 2010, which resulted in the $130 in damages to my camera outlined here:

a.) What is the status of this investigation?

b.) Is it normal to not contact the victim or return phone calls in an investigation?

c.) Who do I contact about compensation for the damage willfully caused by your agents?

3) Related to the assault and disarming of Rich Paul recently in the 2nd Floor common area of the Keene City Hall. Here’s KPD’s log of the event: (more…)

Rick Van Wickler Discusses the County Jail on WKBK

Thanks to Dan Mitchell for having Cheshire County Jail superintendent Rick Van Wickler on his show to discuss a few issues related to the jail.

I called in to discuss taxpayers subsidizing federal prisoners (and the larger jail), the private property signs, and the continued targeting of Free Keene activists.  Unfortunately Van Wickler advances the Campaign for Ignorance by painting me as the “leader” and claiming “Sam’s group” has people that want to be in jail. If I’m your leader, I have to say, you guys suck at taking orders.

I don’t hink any of us want to be in jail, but there’s a willingness to use the system’s threats and punishment to raise awareness to the injustice and immorality inherent in such actions.

Grab the archive.

If you want to listen to the full interview, download the full hour here from WKBKRadio’s website.

FK Blogger Brad Jardis Talks to a NH Drug Warrior

This is video from the Concord 420 event held on 4/20/2010 at the NH statehouse. It contains an interview from a medical cannabis patient, and Brad wonders off to engage state trooper Chris Carter who was quoted a month earlier on WMUR supporting the drug war.

Unfortunately state policeman Chris Carder, doesn’t seem to understand the lessons learned from the prohibition of alcohol. What blinds people to he reality their actions create?