Update on the Green Beam Case

As reported here, Manchester police issued a summons for violating a sign / zoning ordinance for using a laser projector during a Peaceful Streets event which warned citizens of the dangers that lay ahead at the suspicionless checkpoint  being operated by MPD. In response we set up a successful go fund me campaign to help with legal expenses.


Attorney Seth Hipple was hired  to handle the case and a letter was sent to the city requesting that they clarify exactly which subsection of the ordinance we were accused of violating. The response we received was unexpectedly positive, the summons has been cancelled. Here is a copy of the letter. MPD LASER LETTER


As of right now, the Green Beam is ready and waiting to deploy at the next event. The law office of Martin and Hipple will remain on retainer in case the planning department decides to pursue the matter or the city devises a new strategy. Any remaining funds will be used to upgrade and maintain the laser. Thank you for your support.

Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it. — Henry David Thoreau

During the trial of the Trespassive Three who were charged with the dastardly crime of Criminal Trespass for refusing to end a protest at the appointed hour, the State and it’s minions made some pretty ludicrous statements. Many of them were so over the top that they require no rebuttal, simply to be pointed out and laughed at. For instance; if the jury finds these three not guilty, anarchy will reign supreme, the parks will turn into campgrounds and the grass and trees in the parks will die. There were however a few statements that I believe warrant a closer examination.