Man Who Erased Homeless Awareness Chalkings Identified!

The Chalk Warrior

Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt, Chalk Warrior

The Chalk Warrior doesn’t discriminate. It doesn’t matter who creates the chalkings, be it an activist or a child, you can count on Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt to come along with a scowl on his face and destroy the artwork. (All the while claiming that everyone loves what he’s doing.)

Last weekend, he struck again. This time against a peaceful homeless-awareness chalking event on Central Square. Members of the Unitarian Universalist church had come out and traced outlines of their bodies to bring awareness to the 42 deaths of homeless people in New Hampshire in 2014. According to a report by the Keene Sentinel’s Martha Shanahan and Alyssa Dandrea, shortly after the event an unidentified man came out of a local business and attacked the chalkings with a brush and water. Despite being confronted by witnesses who asked him to stop, he continued his destruction.

Homeless Awareness Chalking: Pre-Attack

Homeless Awareness Chalking: Pre-Attack Photo by Susan MacNeil

I reached out to witnesses in the case and showed them a picture and video of local chalk hater Matthew Schmidt in action and they confirmed that yes, it was him. I wasn’t surprised, of course, but I wanted to wait until I’d confirmed it with the witnesses rather than post an article speculating it was him.  So, consider it confirmed.

Does Schmidt hate homeless people?  Does he hate artwork?  Does he hate children?  He sure seems to have plenty of hate, for whatever reason.  I hope someday he finds peace.

WAR ON CHALK III: Chalk Warrior

The Chalk Warrior

The Chalk Warrior

The latest episode in the War on Chalk series focuses on the last remaining chalk warrior, Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt as he struggles to keep the oppression of free speech going.

Longtime viewers may recall the beginning of the War on Chalk in May of 2014 when some local busybodies calling themselves “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” decided to decimate the free expression of the peaceful chalkers in Central Square.

The freedom-loving chalkers continued unabated, their ranks bolstered over time by local families and an international alliance in the form of some European college girls. While the war raged on throughout the summer, the later-summer lack of news coverage regarding the chalking conflict didn’t mean it had died down. Indeed, it continues to this day. However, only one man continues the fight against freedom of expression – the Chalk Warrior. This is his story:

Say, whatever happened to the tough-talking city councilor’s proposal to ban all chalking downtown?

AKPF #1: Beclear

In this installment of AKPF #1, originally aired September 29, we are granted an anthology of president Obama’s clearest moments, including an after action report of a recently contested parking ticket in the DPRK district court system. Enjoy AKPF #1 episode, Beclear.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep72


The walls are pink! • Darryl explains wrastling • City nannies decide to enact time limit on Robin Williams memorial • libertarian Cards Against Humanity? • Gov Hassan has blood on her hands • Jimmy from AZ  who is not James from AZ leaves a nice voicemail • Shaunna: never going back to Cali • Darryl and Shaunna join • Show notes at:

This month’s Keene Nanny Award goes to…

As many of you may already be aware, last month saw the passing of funnyman Robin Williams. He will be missed.  In response, his fans chose to honor his life by setting up a memorial at the Parrish Shoes wall in downtown Keene.  Parrish Shoes was a fictional store in the William’s movie, Jumanji, which was filmed in the area.  The shrine which includes portraits of the late actor, personal letters, and candles has stood for six weeks through rain and shine.

Now, as reported by the Sentinel, the regional coordinator for Monadnock Voices for Prevention and all-round local busybody, Polly Morris has petitioned the city to have it removed. Her reasoning? It may present potential health risks to the mentally unstable. Seriously? I have no doubt her intentions deep down are good, but her actions highlight exactly what is wrong in this world. People trying to control other people. Until the nannies of the world learn to live and let live we will never know peace.

So with that, this month’s Keene Nanny Award goes to Polly Morris. Thank you Polly for your hard work and dedication. Doubtless, without your motherly meddling society as we know it would plunge right back into the Dark Ages. And we can’t have that, so thank you.

Update: The great and wise city Nannies have spoken. Of course, they know best. And for some reason, what they say goes even though they are only a small few. The Robin Williams memorial will be removed 3 days before Pumkinfest (10/15/14). Perhaps the memorabilia will be saved for some library wall? Perhaps it will go straight in the trash? Who knows? Ultimately the cities bureaucratic elites have decided to piss on the free speech of the peasants of Keene. “Get back in line. Pay your taxes. And stop causing a ruckus. We know best.”