WAR ON CHALK III: Chalk Warrior

The Chalk Warrior

The Chalk Warrior

The latest episode in the War on Chalk series focuses on the last remaining chalk warrior, Matthew “Boston Strong” Schmidt as he struggles to keep the oppression of free speech going.

Longtime viewers may recall the beginning of the War on Chalk in May of 2014 when some local busybodies calling themselves “STOP FREE KEENE!!!” decided to decimate the free expression of the peaceful chalkers in Central Square.

The freedom-loving chalkers continued unabated, their ranks bolstered over time by local families and an international alliance in the form of some European college girls. While the war raged on throughout the summer, the later-summer lack of news coverage regarding the chalking conflict didn’t mean it had died down. Indeed, it continues to this day. However, only one man continues the fight against freedom of expression – the Chalk Warrior. This is his story:

Say, whatever happened to the tough-talking city councilor’s proposal to ban all chalking downtown?

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  1. this is a whole new level of sillyness… I can’t even believe what I’m watching… you guys should start calling him saying “hey ‘boston’, we’ve chalked up the whole park and if you’d be so kind as to come clean it up for us, so we can chalk it up again, we’d really appreciate that!” lol… maybe when he’s doing you guys a favor rather than a disservice he’ll stop proving to the world he’s the biggest douche, not just in Keene, but I’d be willing to say probably the lower 48… no one, seriously NO ONE with even a single fiber of love in their being would actually waste any time doing this… no one!

  2. Honestly, I can’t stand you idiots. However, I think you should keep talking about the idiots drawing pictures and the people sick of you making our public areas look like shit and Keene like a laughing stock. I’ve changed my perspective, because the entire nation now knows what imbeciles you are. Every post, every incident, every step you take and lie you tell just adds to the huge vacuum of your own creation. You’ve embarrassed yourselves and you continue to embarrass libertarians and The Free State Project. You, your drug addict room mates and the little girl that you defile are all like a sideshow. You are now and will remain a curiosity, a cult of nearly homeless nitwits. You are a living example for our children, to teach them as to what drug abuse and laziness leads to. In the end, don’t change, stay in Keene. You are nothing, you’ll never be anything, you have no impact on anything, you make no difference. You are like a virus, actually more like a disease. A Virus will go away, A disease sticks around. Dance monkeys, dance.

  3. He’s cleaning graffiti from a public space. He’s making the space nice and acceptable.

  4. Let me get this straight , seriously. The people drawing dicks and other random shit in chalk in a public area, that people want to look clean, decent and appropriate. They are just fine….The guy cleaning it up for free, on his own, being harassed while doing it….He’s the douche? I would suggest ‘BlastOid” that you’ve been blasted in the ass one too many times as something has seeped from your ass to your brain, rendering you incapable of rational thought.

  5. Maybe he should have brought a rake with him if he wanted to make it all nice and pretty.

  6. I’m pretty sure graffiti would warrant criminal charges… Do the cops not care? Or do they only chalk when Johnny po po isn’t on the beat? If they don’t care and it’s not an arrestable offense, then why do you give even half a fuck? Are you perpetually trying to take the ultimate tourist marketing photos of pristine Keene? I guess I just don’t get why anyone would give an eff…

  7. You’re knowledge of the human bodies functionality is astounding! You must be one of the most respected proctologists in the state. I’ll make sure I schedule my checkup with you when I get moved up there. I do enjoy a good finger banging from a random every once in awhile.

  8. First off. I’m tired and I need to go to sleep now. I will however, answer your previous questions. I’ll leave the proctologist and finger banging comment/question for your ass buddies at the Keene Fun House to answer. I am pretty sure they are familiar with all sorts of ass play with each other as females are about as scarce as regular bathing there. Lube up, I’m sure they’ll have plans for you once the big move happens.

    Secondly, I must say and I’m sure the geniuses at the fun house will agree, I am not the person in the video.
    The boys track IP numbers and match aliases and screen names to whom they believe they are speaking to. They obviously know at this point that I connect to the Internet via an encrypted connection, far outside the Keene area…not that far but farther than the man in the video. They use their basic knowledge of the internet and connectivity to perform very simple, basic tasks to satisfy some type of paranoia, as if anyone gives a shit.

    I’ll try to make this simple so you can understand it. There are hundreds of Businesses in Keene, Thousands in the Monadnock Area. We are a tourist destination, Keene is a College town.

    Yes, it’s very important that the region appears clean, well kept and that it appears to be a decent place to live. There are some business owners, along with other hard working middle class people that own homes and rental property that see this behavior as detrimental to the aesthetic value of Keene, trickling down to the entire region. This activity does not harm the state in any way, it is a direct assault on the incomes of business owners in downtown Keene. It is an assault on businesses in all areas of the Monadnock region as it degrades the experience of a quaint New England Town for everyone. It also reflects on Keene State College, in the sense that not only do these idiots make the news, parents can walk through Downtown and see giant pictures of dicks and vaginas themselves. Yes Dorothy, some parents will make a decision based on something like that alone. Property owners will be affected as businesses move and the region deteriorates, because property values will fall, some say they may have been affected already.

    I am a libertarian. I think these fools in Keene, simply instigate and make trouble for the sake of having fun. It’s screwing the movement and driving the bus into the ditch. Scribbling with chalk on a sidewalk is harmless, of course. A child hopscotch, kickball, a temporary fun thing to do for kids. For me, for a lot of people I know. We see this group that all live in the same house, and now across the street. We see them after lunch when they wake up , because most don’t work. They sit in the center of town near a beautiful gazebo(and other places), while people drive by shopping and on their way to lunch, back to work, whatever. They are drawing pictures of penises and vaginas, cops being shot, etc etc..

    It is not a singular reason why people hate them for doing this, it is a complex spider plant of misguided, weed fueled wasted efforts. All for no apparent reason than to irritate people. It is a libertarian value to encourage independent endeavors and businesses. It is a libertarian value to be a good neighbor and at the same time strive for healthy competitive markets. This group is sabotaging or at least on the surface it appears to many people in Keene and in the area, that they are sabotaging the economic stability of the region. They are driving people away from Downtown businesses, they are encouraging behavior that denigrates our community and then harass those that try to clean it up and mitigate the damages that they create.

    Liberty is not smoking weed 24/7 and alienating hundreds of thousands of people with your idiotic behavior on national television. This my friends is just idiocy, in it;s purest form.
    You may see this guy, whoever he is as a “Douche” . I see him as a person that cares about his community and the damage that is being done. I see him as a great man that is volunteering his time to clean up the mess that someone else is making at the expense of everyone. In the face of harassment and name calling he remained calm, said little and got the job done. He is a great man, I’d love to buy him a beer.

    I can answer the questions that Afro-Chist was asking. The statement he was making by cleaning up your mess, silently and solemnly was that our community will remain. “Vigilance”, remember that word…”Vigilance” .It used to be a large part of the Libertarian philosophy. His statement was that you aren’t worth the time or the effort. His statement is that the work of our country will go on, as will our community, long after you are gone.

  9. I like what you said about the technical aspect of the issue. The FCC, Homeland and other agencies have pretty smart fellas working for them. I know if I was wanna be hacker…I would be pretty upset right now and want to launch, make all the haters pay. If I had to guess, I’d say these agencies have people doing some provoking just for that reason. How else would you catch them really? You prod the cattle into the pen. I wonder?

  10. Yummy.

  11. It’s plain he’s not cleaning up the chalk. He’s merely making a derivative work, same for the chalkers. The sidewalk is the original work of art, a purposely ‘blank canvas’ and the chalk is a temporary derivative work.
    The water and the brushing is adding another layer to this freeform, public mode of expression. The medium is irrelevant, what is being said is not.

  12. You Sir don’t sound like a libertarian. You sound like another defender of the status quo. Well I’ve got news for you. Chalk and one house full of miscreants cannot destroy any worthwhile movement or community. Therefore Boston’s supposed statement and your monologue are immaterial.

    I only wish the vid had been dubbed with The Sorcerer’s Apprentice instead of Bravehart.

  13. Interesting perspective! I was thinking this is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object 😉

  14. Hey Skippy. U mad?

  15. Absolutely! I think his dedication is admirable. Go Boston!

  16. STFU idiot

  17. There’s a group of us Keene residents that are grateful he cleans up the bullshit. If I remember correctly, there was rude and shit talking stuff chalked about business owners etc over the summer. He is doing us all a favor. You people need to get a life. Maybe now that crazy and Garret are together, there will be less chalking since they are the only ones who still came around. I guess there is someone for everyone.

  18. Sidebar-Don’t you have anything better to do than blog about innocent people? Says a lot about you and your group. Should be called Free Losers.

  19. Comparing drawing with chalk on the sidewalk to any form of art is like comparing taking an interesting shit to classical sculpture. Nobody want to see your post burrito masterpiece or your idiotic rendering of sponge bob masturbating, on the sidewalk. Cheers.

  20. You’re a bad fucking joke, Ian. Is this how enact your “revenge”? By making yourself look like an even bigger dickhead? Well congrats, asshole, because it worked!

    Keep fucking with people. You’ll eventually come across someone who is nuttier than you and won’t hesitate to put your narrow ass in a body cast.

    In the meantime, tell Renee I said hi and that she left her panties in my backseat.

  21. Unstoppable force? = Idiots drawing on sidewalks? hahahahahaha… Rising above this conversation, I will say this. It is my experience that the only unstoppable force in the human realm is liberty. Those that stand in the way of liberty, often find themselves at the tip of proverbial swords. Perhaps the definition of Liberty is what you need to work on, is it Liberty you bolster or is it Liberty you prevent? What about the freedom of those that live in Keene and don’t want you there? Is it not an acceptable response for them to rise and defend their businesses and homes from your treachery? I believe it is Liberty itself that drives these people to rid the area of your wretched, odiferous souls. I applaud their efforts. I think they lack some champions…Knights of Liberty if you will. I also believe the call has been sounded and sometimes Knights come dressed in Tach gear. Sleep well boys.

  22. No Honey, Normal people don’t get mad at idiots. This shit is peripheral fun for me. I have a job, a business, property, a real life. This is a momentary distraction while I sip my coffee and laugh at all of you and your pointless existence. “Mad” it says… I couldn’t be happier actually. The Free State project is in turmoil because of you idiots, now they even despise your existence. The entire country knows what imbeciles you all are thanks to Colbert. I’m actually super happy and I am having the best time kicking your stupid asses while you are down. I couldn’t be happier, and who knows what joys the New Year will bring to you fine gentleman. I am sure Happiness will expand and grow, it usually does.

  23. What a pretentious ass.

    Chalkings are equitable to dog shit in Central Square. He’s just cleaning up after irresponsible owners.

  24. Like how you keep a fork in your back pocket just in case you come across a buffet that needs demolishing?

  25. Liberty is winning – this is too funny, the state and its worshipers are most amusing

  26. Thats obvious.

  27. I wish I had as much free time as this asshole. Scrubbing chalk smiley faces? This guy needs to get a job…;)

  28. Hey elmer I think you should do drugs. It can only benefit at your level

  29. You think chalk drawings by the dirty Afrochist guy who lives in a van with his girlfriend is a victory for liberty?

    Then maybe Ian should go hire every self-righteous crackhead with a bathing problem to write his manifesto on the streets? Enough of this piecemeal shit that he’s been pulling for nearly a decade. Its time to go whole hog and really make everyone despise his fucking existence.

    Do you happen to need a job?

  30. While I agree this conflict is unfortunate, let’s not ignore the silver lining. The Free Keene lefties may not have much to offer in the way of solutions, but they are doing an admirable job of highlighting the phenomenon known as “tragedy of the commons.” With any luck, some of the libertarians brought by the Free State Project may eventually end-up in Keene, and show the locals that libertarianism offers real solutions to the problems associated with leftist movements such as Free Keene. I truly believe that even misguided lefties who thrive on treating “public” property as their own may be open to accepting libertarian principles such as strict enforcement of private property rights.

  31. Some good points and fundamental questions each activist must answer for themselves.

    You say “I believe it is Liberty itself that drives these people to rid the area of your wretched, odiferous souls.” Then would you say it was also Liberty itself that drove the Mormon Wars in Missouri and Illinois?

    Do you believe it is Liberty itself that drives people to take on slaves? To murder?

    What would you have your “Knights of Liberty” do? Throw Free Keeners in a cage for life? For what crime? Or is the crime irrelevant as long as the value of Keen business and homes is maintained?

    Perhaps you’re the one who needs to work on your definition of Liberty.

  32. ??? what’s obvious?

  33. Go on, I’m sure that’s not your best shot… if it is, I’m sorry that’s all your quaint little mind could muster…

  34. Hilarious. FSP is calling the Free Keene Freaks “lefties”. Perfect. In a Libertarian Utopia, who takes care of the common? I would think it is whoever wants to take care of the common. The person scrubbing your dicks off the sidewalk is more of a Libertarian activist than most of you.
    Private property rights? Most libertarians only own the bag of weed and the pipe in their back pocket.

  35. Winning? That’s not what this looks like to me, it looks like the locals have bottled up the cultists so all they focus on is the freedom to chalk dicks on the sidewalk. If that is the biggest fight the douchebags can manage, than the real, decent members of Keene are doing just fine.
    But by all means, keep telling yourself your version of “liberty” is winning. Sounds nice…

  36. if you only knew – the guy with the Afro is winning hearts and minds while the mean Statists who worship violence and death allienate more and more decent Americans every day

  37. I’m honestly ignorant of what gets drawn on the sidewalks, do people really draw sponge bob masturbating, penis and vagina? or are these just the exaggerations you make to justify your own hatred? Again, I’m asking because I’m truly ignorant of what gets drawn… I would think liberty and peace related messages wouldn’t be offensive, but I can see how people would take offense to the types of imagery you’re describing… but the guy in the video was erasing smiley faces and a dolphin, and what looked like some liberty/peace related messages… so honestly I’m confused, did garret leave out the parts where he was washing away vulgar images, or do those types of imagery show up more rarely?

  38. You are missing the point. If it’s just a shit, it’s not art. If it’s there for the purpose of being seen and stirring up emotion then it’s not only art, it’s successful art.
    If a masturbating SpongeBob makes you laugh, it’s art. If you revile in horror it is art still.
    If you erase it you are competing for art space in that you prefer the prior art of the plain sidewalk.
    Public chalk art is intended to be temporary. If you remove it, you have made a contribution to it, not invalidated it. If it remains and it weathers away this is also valid.
    Art is both objective and subjective. Objectively, one cannot like or dislike the art itself. You can appreciate the medium, subject, and the technique objectively; but other aspects are subjective
    . Art ain’t a democracy. Culture ain’t a democracy. Freedom ain’t a democracy.

  39. You really believe you can free yourself by restraining another? The path to liberty is the initiation of force? Here’s a quote for you.

    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist.

    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  40. Deep man, that quote is used every time an angel loses it wings..or a jackass it’s tail. Something like that….

    The thing you don’t realize is that you are the people that are the aggressors.

    The man in the video is simply performing a simple task for the benefit of the community, we want him doing what he is doing. He is performing a good deed.

    The aggressor is following him, chasing him, harassing him.

    It is you who are coming for our community, we are speaking out.

    You come to abolish unions and dismantle infrastructure, We are speaking out.

    You come to dissolve our Union and subvert the system to benefit a very small group of radicals. We are not only speaking out. We are organized, aggressive, and very smart. We are ready to fight you off.

    If this were Nazi Germany as was the time frame of your cliche’ little quote, you would be clicking your dirty little heels and saluting the local leader of the Hitler Youth, Ian Bernard.

    It is Liberty itself that drives us and empowers us. You are what people are speaking out about because our society has learned lessons from the past, lest we ever repeat them.

  41. You are pretty dumb. I imagine this being Garret,
    which surprises me, because despite the dirt and long fingernails he seemed a bit more lucid.

    No one has made you an outcast. People have tried to include all of you in the community. Personally on some levels, invitations have been made and declined. You all are still welcome to join the community, become part of the solution instead of the problem.

    I believe the term “Liberty” was used an awful lot during the Revolution here in our country. It was when an outside force and those aligned with that force, used violence to ensure alliance to Mother England and to make sure we paid our taxes like good little victims of tyranny.

    It was not just England using force, it was also the then Declared United States. It was both offense and defense. Liberty requires vigilance and duty to preserve and defend.

    More than 200 years later you and a small group of people that you admire have decided that our ‘Experiment” hasn’t worked and that what we have is NOT liberty. YOU all on your own, along with a bunch of other low minded, confused, people decided that what we have is not Freedom. You then decide to exploit flaws in meaningless laws and use public spaces like toilets because you can.

    You see these actions as thought provoking and indicative of Freedom and liberty. In reality you are pawns in a game, sad people that are being used by a larger machine to achieve a very simple goal. Vote deflection. You believe you are voting for Freedom when actually every vote cast is for the Corporate machine that is actually your repressor. Most libertarians vote along party lines and do what they are told.

    Ron Paul and the Tea Party is part of the larger plan. Along with voter suppression it is a tactical plan by Corporate interests like the Koch Bros to divert you from what is really going on. Every moment spent doing what you idiots do is a moment spent supporting the very things you hate. You are voting in the people that will fund large defense contractors that build drones that kill people. You are voting in the people that are destroying Liberty, upending freedom and subverting honesty and integrity in our process.

    I am a Libertarian, but I don’t play the game. Thomas Jefferson would be rolling in his grave right now, screaming for all of you to wake the fuck up and see the truth of what you are doing and why you are doing it.

    I choose to defend the man that was harassed on the common. I choose to defend the Freedom we have fought so hard for time and time again. I choose to be open to new ideas, and not adhere to what “The leadership” wants. Shame someone else, call them a statist, or whatever the latest keyword is to put down someone that thinks differently than you do.

    Our union has never been perfect, it is up to us to constantly refine it. I do agree it is time to flush away some waste and refine the process. Unfortunately I feel that your movement and the manipulation behind it is part of the waste that needs to fill the bowl.

    What can I say , I hope most of you stop smoking weed long enough to break free mentally from Bernard and his handlers. I hope you find a path forward and see that Freedom is right in front of you. It is what you make it. I will also say that yes , I believe force in the defense of liberty is historically and morally acceptable.

    Again. History tells us that if we do not defend ourselves from Tyranny, we permit the Tyrant to run rampant over us. It is you who are the instrument of the Tyrant, The Murdering Corporate Machine that runs this country. You are part of the grand distraction, you are the queen in a game of “Three Card Monty”. The real question is do I think it is morally acceptable to punish you and the other idiots for being oblivious morons? The answer is complicated. At the end of the day you are a cog in the wheel of tyranny, you need to be taken out along with the machine.

  42. Deep Baby. Deep. (You’re really stupid).

  43. Yes everything from penises to vaginas, defamatory statements about residents and businesses , ugliness, hateful messages and imagery. Most assuredly there are usually smiley faces in the mix, a dolphin, sometimes even a teddy bear strutting.

  44. Really, all that is desired is to free your mind. Your ass will surely follow.
    It is given that your zone of comfort is receding. That it is difficult to see reality as it is. Your gods of custom and tradition, licensed immorality, to sit in judgment of your brother and hold yourself above.
    This isn’t about aggression, destruction or even liberty. You see, liberty is meaningless in and of itself. Liberty only has meaning when restricted. It’s about removing the scales from your eyes. It’s about seeing things as they are. It’s about Stockholm syndrome and rising above the brainwash we’ve all been fed all our lives.
    It’s ALL Nazi Germany. You can’t have ‘good’ government unless there is ‘bad’ government. It’s a false dichotomy.
    It will be easier to see when you understand it’s not why someone does something that makes it bad; it’s what they do that is bad.

  45. Maybe you’d prefer mud? Honestly Bob, they’re just shoes.
    Some things are only noticed in their absence.

  46. You should really pull apart your sentences and dissect them. Addled by drugs or mental illness…I’m not really sure.

    In reality Kev, it’s you that is being fed a load of horse shit.
    You are correct, attempting to restrict the liberty of this poor man doing good work is reprehensible. What Free Keene does is Bad on it’s face, and it doesn’t matter why, I agree with you there as well.
    I believe most of the Free Keene movement suffers from Stockholm syndrome, you are correct there too. Especially the way the leader Ian trains and brainwashes young girls. It is very similar to the way Charles Manson operated in the 1960’s. I like how you drew that parallel in our private exchange.

    We will help you get out as promised, no worries.

    So I guess we agree on all these things Kev, good job.

  47. I didn’t say anyone has made me an outcast. I was trying (unsuccessfully) to narrow down your definition of liberty so we could have a meaningful discussion.

    Instead you yourself are engaging in deflection, which fits in with your stated purpose here (peripheral fun, a momentary distraction.) So I will stop wasting my time trying to understand you. Good day Sir!

  48. That’s what I thought…. I couldn’t be clearer about my definition of liberty. You couldn’t be more lost in the clouds about yours. It’s ok, plenty of time to learn.

  49. I can see that your pain of approach of understanding is great. That you snap and bite at those that would help like an injured puppy. Your pain is known. Orwellian doublespeak is comforting and angry words avoid the agony of reason.
    It is interesting that you bring up Charles Manson, rank amateur and competitor to the state. His killed maybe half a dozen, while statist number in the millions.
    You know in this day there is no genuine private exchange. Perhaps you have mistaken me for another?


  50. It takes great courage to admit that our body of work is based on something false. It is bravery that will save us all. It takes an epiphany, a “what the hell am I doing” moment. Then we move in a different direction, learning from our mistakes. Wisdom rules the day and your actions will be honed. I applaud your zeal, now it’s time to round it out. Every artwork goes through levels of refinement. Refine yourselves, open your eyes to what is really driving you and what you do every day. You are right, it is an Orwellian force that is the enemy….however it is you that are the direct instrument of that force. Taking a break for a while now. Merry Christmas , shitheads. Wake the fuck up before it’s too late.

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