Activists at Liberty Forum speak about their passion for Liberty

This past February I attended my very first Liberty Forum in Nashua New Hampshire.  While there I met many inspiring people dedicated to living free in our life time.  Many of the people I met call the shire home or were their to discover what the Free State Project is all about.  I took the opportunity to create a video that would help portray the dedication to liberty that so many of the attendees at Liberty Forum have.  To showcase why so many of us are active for the cause of freedom.

AKPF #1: Robin Hood’s Direct Action Panel

akpf_patrioticThis week’s AKPF #1 is the first of three parts of Robin Hood’s Direct Action Panel from the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum. This never before seen edit of the panel includes b-roll embedded to better illustrate the scenes as painted by the panel. This footage aired on Cheshire TV at 7:00pm on March 10, as per the usual AKPF #1 timeslot.

AKPF #1: Printing Revolution

This week’s installment of AKPF #1 takes place in three acts. The most modern information is presented initially, and all others are portrayed in descending order. You won’t want to miss out on the historical knowledge presented in the latest episode!


Nashua Vigil for Slain Ducks Receives Statewide Coverage

nashua_ducksderrickgarretA candlelight vigil held two months following the deaths of five ducks at Nashua’s Crown Plaza Hotel was attended by approximately 15 mourners and celebrants of the lives of the deceased waterfowl. Broadcast media was standing by with local newspaper correspondents snapping photos and jotting notes, as others videotaped the ceremony from multiple angles. The following day, original stories appeared in the Nashua Telegraph and Manchester’s Union Leader, with a reprint of the Telegraph story appearing in the Keene Sentinel. Each article highlighted the eulogies delivered during the public ceremony, and described the scene as participants sang Amazing Grace and marched to place candles near the scene of the bloodshed. In the syndicated coverage from the Concord-NH-Patch, videos from four different angles are linked from Fr33manTVraw.


Cody Wilson Explains How IP Laws Target Wiki-Weapons

Cody Wilson has a unique relationship to the intellectual property that he has been developing for the past few years. He has designed three dimensional, printable plastic firearms accessories and essential parts, including rifle lower receivers, extended magazines, and the first functional printed plastic pistol, known as the Liberator. However, intellectual property laws in the United States prevent him from being able to directly share Screenshot-codywilsonnhlfthese designs with the world. While courageous others risk fines or jail time for hosting the schematics independently, the information produced by Defense Distributed is essentially illegal. The reason for this is that the IP laws unique to munitions technology specifically state that all intellectual property related to munitions are deemed to be under the ownership of the US military. As a crypto-anarchist, Cody is interested in neither profiting from nor restricting the sharing of his designs, yet his wishes as the product’s creator are rebuked by federal statute so as to place an artificial limitation on the advancement of the technology. Despite the restrictions and the uses of intellectual property laws to limit the free flow of information and media, Defense Distributed continues to stand for the right of producers to share their created items freely, understanding that ultimately ideas cannot be owned. The above interview was filmed on 22 February 2014 at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Nashua, New Hampshire. (more…)