Nashua Telegraph on the FSP: “only a matter of time before they’ll have the keys to the Granite State”

fsp_LF2014Nashua Telegraph photo journalist Bradford Randall has filed an excellent feature report on this weekend’s successful “Liberty Forum“, where hundreds of liberty-minded people from as far away as Germany and Russia gathered to network, plan for the future of freedom in New Hampshire, and see great speakers and panel discussions.

Here’s the story.

Free State Project’s “Liberty Forum” Makes Headlines

lf13_2[1]Here’s the Union Leader’s feature story about Friday at the Free State Project 2014 Liberty Forum:

NASHUA — A legal adviser for Edward Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor under fire for leaking global surveillance documents to the media, took the podium at the 2014 New Hampshire Liberty Forum on Friday to discuss her legal work with government whistleblowers.

Jesselyn Radack, a human rights attorney with the Government Accountability Project, is passionate about her work and ready to share her experiences with Free Staters from throughout New Hampshire and the rest of the nation.

“There is no such crime as leaking,” said Radack. “We do have something called the First Amendment.” (more…)

Candlelight Vigil to Memorialize Slain Ducks

On Sunday at 11am, a candlight vigil will be held at the scene of the slaughter of five ducks and the little-yellow-duck-swimming-water_120406aserious injuring of many more after state representative David Campbell drunkenly careened into the flock of waterfowl on December 23. The event scheduled for the two-month anniversary of the deaths will feature a moment of silence, presentations from the audience, a reminder of the dangers of combining alcohol consumption and driving, and an update on the situation. Since the incident dubbed #duckgate, Nashua police commissioner Tom Pappas, who assisted David Campbell in evading police interaction until the following morning, has resigned from his post amid calls for both he and Campbell to do so. Though he issued an apology and pled guilty to hunting ducks out of season, David Campbell has ignored all calls for his resignation. The Concord-NH Patch ran an announcement after a facebook event was created to coincide with the New Hampshire Liberty Forum. Check back for video from the scene to follow. (more…)

DPRK News Update for February

The official Democratic People’s Republic of Keene has released a ten minute February news update which airs on Cheshire TV as well as being hosted on the Aqua Keenedprk-unicorn-nhliquor youtube channel. In this timely update, we learn about the details of the audiotapes related to the Duckgate scandal from Nashua’s Crown Plaza Hotel, where an allegedly drunken state rep mowed down five ducks and injured more with his luxury vehicle. The recent electronic revenue generation theories being hypothesized in specific zones around Keene are overviewed, both from the perspectives of Keene’s Robin Hood as well as an AKPF field representative. Promotional consideration is given to the corporate sponsors, as the news update concludes with a hollywood cinematic teaser trailer.

Animated Video Illustrates #Duckgate 911 Calls

little-yellow-duck-swimming-water_120406a An anonymous video editor who wishes to be known as ‘Duck Truther’ has submitted an edited rendition of the recently released 911 calls related to the Duckgate scandal. In the calls, we hear a representative of the Nashua Crown Plaza hotel call the police because an allegedly drunk man has killed several ducks. We also hear a call from one of three Nashua police commissioners, a friend of the allegedly drunk man, who provided cover for him while police were seeking him out. After coming under criticism and review, Nashua’s board voted not to kick out Thomas Pappas. Listen to the saddening calls and see the crying duck in this powerful submission to the AquaKeene youtube channel.