Shire TV Episode 9

1. Keene personal injury lawer disbarred.
2. New startup charter schools denied funding.
3. Gary Johnson endorses the FreeStateProject.
4. Arsenic in the rice.
5. Yes We Can indefinitely detain you.
6. Protests continue over the “Innocence of Muslims” video.

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Shire TV Episode 8 September 17th, 2012

Our newest show, featuring a roundtable discussion with hosts Ali Havens and James Cleaveland and special guests Kelly Voluntaryist and Derrick J Freeman! I hope you enjoy and let me know if you like this format better than the other topic shows or straight news and analysis! Thanks!



FKTV – Episode 52 – July 16th, 2012

1. Local man goes drives a fire truck around town
2. Keene School Board rejects allowing counter-recruitment by military veterans in High Schools
3. NH State House Redress of Grievance panel votes for an impeachment investigation into Judge Arnold
4. Porcfest Chronicles – Micro-gardens
5. Porcfest Chronicles – Entrepreneurship
6. FKTV Producer interviewed on his last show as Producer


FKTV – Episode 51 – July 9th, 2012

1. New Hampshire loves beer
2. Pledge for Ademo
3. Pete Eyre has a video on FBI entrapment
4. What is a Bitcoin?
5. Dave Ridley Reports from Porcfest with
6. FKTV Producer talks about the show and his future