AKPF #1 Denounced by Keene Sentinel

whacky_delly_sentinelWe’re only three episodes into the hottest new weekly variety series on Cheshire TV’s local access channel 8, and already AKPF #1 has received a scathing denunciation from the anonymous editorial board of the Keene Sentinel! AKPF is allegedly tied to the devious Robin Hooding ‘campaign’, and the nameless author alleges all sorts of terrifyingly vague safety concerns that may come about as a result of filling meters. First sensationalizing the material, the author attempts to marginalize the Robin Hooding footage selected by referring to it as ‘mundane’. Clearly, they have not watched much of the hundreds of hours of footage at Fr33manTVraw if they think that a riveting discussion that myself and James Cleaveland had with parking enforcer Jane exemplifies mundane footage.

Before the conclusion of the editorial, there’s a video cited which, based on facts referenced, likely is this months-old video, which was produced by Chris Cantwell, a comedian from New York who is not affiliated with Robin Hood of Keene nor is named in the lawsuit. Though it would not take much investigating on the part of the Slantinel, it was apparently too much work to figure out the names of the individuals they make broad allegations against, not so much alleging crime as they are “childish behavior playing out in the streets”. Despite a functioning website, and presence on the internet for several years, the Slantinel also fails to link to the video they absorbed so much knowledge from. It is almost as though they would rather you just take their word for it. (more…)

Announcing AKPF #1: Series Premiere May 13

I am pleased to announce May 13 as the scheduled date of premiere for Cheshire TV’s newest variety series, AKPF #1. Earlier today, a program preview was completed and uploaded to the Aqua Keene channel. AKPF #1 will function similar to a variety show, and occupy a 30-minute slot from 7-7:30pm Mondays on Cheshire county’s channel 8.

Do you have content you would like to see featured on the program? Would you like to guest host an episode? As the series is prerecorded and will not be utilizing the cable access studios, the producers have total creative control outside of the standard financial and broadcasting standards constraints. Submit your unique ideas or content to akpf_x001akparkingforce@gmail.com. Feel free to create your own content using the archives of creative commons videographers, such as those working alongside the AKPF.

ShireTV – Episode 33 – April 8th 2013

1.  Big win for first sale doctrine.
2.  No warrant?  No drug dog.
3.  Turtle Island Preserve.  We don’t need no stinking permits.
4.  Sex hotline snafu.
5.  It’s OK to spy on Some Americans.
6.  The man who sells the moon.

ShireTV – Episode 30 – Mar 18th 2013

1.  No meat for you!!
2.  SB2 voting = uninformed voters.
3.  Bradley Manning leaked pre-trial.  Why he did it.
4.  The state’s secret wiretapping won’t stand up in court.  Because it’s secret.  Duh!
5.  What drone war?