Keene’s WKBK Jumps to 107.5 FM

facebook-og[1]Keene’s only local commercial newstalk radio station, WKBK, has moved up the dial to 107.5 and quadrupled their power to 250 watts!  Monadnock Radio Group‘s longtime AM talker (still on 1290 AM) had been on 104.1 for a few years, but that transmitter was only about 60 watts – it’s now been allocated to simulcast their other AM, WZBK (ESPN Radio).

The extra power is a much-needed upgrade for WKBK which features locally originating talk programming every morning with weekday hosts Dan Mitchell 6a-10a, and newsman Paul Scheuring 5a-6a.  On weekends the station features Al Kulas on Sat 5a-9a and Sun 5a-8a and their newest offering “Sound Off” with Chris Coates and Greg Pregent.  Their local shows can be reached via phone at 603-357-1290.  Also, my show, “Free Talk Live” is heard there on Saturday nights 7-10p, when baseball is not on.

Congratulations to WKBK and their staff for the upgrade!

NH to Repeal Adultery as a Crime (UPDATED)

Tim O'FlahertyState representative and liberty lover Tim O’Flaherty of Manchester has put forth a bill that repeals the act of adultery as a crime, which according to the state, hasn’t been enforced in a decade.  It’s amazing that any police resources were spent on such a ridiculous investigation even a decade ago!

The bill was overwhelmingly passed by the NH house in a 268-29 vote.  The senate votes today and according to WCVB, governor Maggie Hassan has pledged to sign the bill if it reaches her desk.

I’ll update this story as the senate vote is revealed.

UPDATE (6:44p) – this has passed the NH senate in a voice vote.  Presuming Hassan signs it as she’s pledged to, the repeal goes into effect on Jan 1st, 2015.

It *is* possible to change the system for more freedom in NH.  Please come here and join us as part of the Free State Project.

Dozens of Business Owners Sign Petition Opposing Parking Rate Increases

robinIn an inspiring show of solidarity, dozens of downtown business owners have signed a petition opposing the city’s proposed parking rate increases! You can see that petition here in the agenda packet for tonight’s city council meeting. Please support these fine businesses and thank them for standing up for their customers and against the proposed increased rates and fines for parking!

Here’s a story from the Keene Sentinel’s Kyle Jarvis, highlighting the opinions of some of the signers: (more…)

The New Cynthia Chase: Suzanne Mercier Vail Claims Freedom “Maxed” in NH

Suzanne Mercier VailIn a recent post to her official facebook page, NH state representative from Nashua Suzanne Mercier Vail claimed that liberty and freedom are “maxed” here in NH.

Her comments are very similar to Keene state rep Cynthia Chase, who made national headlines last year when she called Free State Project participants the “single greatest threat to the State”.

Here’s the full text of Vail’s post:

One rarely considered consequence of the Free State Project, will be the formation of another form of government. The aim is to overpower the state government. The method is to weaken the laws of New Hampshire, creating more freedom and liberty in a state where that is maxed. (more…)

Obamacoin Alternative Currency Accepted by City of Keene

Yesterday was a historic day for alternative currencies in Keene, New Hampshire, as the Aqua Keene Parking Force division of the Democratic People’s Republic of Keene police accepted — with no questions asked — the unique and impressive Obamacoin. Obamacoins were introduced to the world several years ago through fabulous infomercial campaigns which ran on both late night and daytime television. Viewers of Cheshire television may be familiar with the elaborate art film inspired by and crafted with actual Obamacoin testimonials, RENDER UNTO OBAMACOIN.

The currency consists of varying forms of artwork imitating coin design orbiting around the profile image of Barack Obama, applied to real-life united states government federal reserve coins, often quarters, nickels, dimes, half dollars, and dollar tokens. In some cases, the raised profile of the 2014_04_16_dprkakpfobamacoinpolitical figure emblazoned beneath the Obama sticker is vaguely visible through the creative addition. In yesterdays test payment of Obamacoin to cover the cost of a $5 parking ticket issued by the AKPF, only a brief admiration and inspection of the new currency was given before a receipt was promptly being printed up and the citation’s debt eliminated. With the coins’ potential as collectors items to bring the value to the moon, who knows at what price the city of Keene was able to auction the individual coins for? Not only is the introduction of Obamacoin into the local economy an encouraging development, but it is also a promising sign of a willingness to adapt on the part of city officials that they retain a great deal of openness to unexplored concepts such as alternative currency. Given the booms and busts of other monetary alternatives, the individual is at a loss to predict what possible exchange rates Obamacoin will establish itself at as businesses begin accepting and trading with this new system.