State House 4/20 Celebration Scheduled for ‘Easter’ Sunday

As has occurred annually since 2010, the 4/20 celebration is organized to proceed as usual on 2013_420rallythe state house lawn in Concord, New Hampshire. The disobedience rally in the supreme political venue provided by the state house originally occurred at the revered time on Guy Fawkes Day of 2009, and became a yearly occurrence when a larger group held a celebration in April of 2010. Free Concord has covered the event in 2011, 2012, and 2013, and is expected to collect content from the ritual again. Check out the facebook event page for details on the upcoming festivities.

AKPF #1: Ridley Report Emporium 01

In this week’s historical installment of AKPF #1, we are exposed to select Ridley Reports of recent months past, with minor additions inserted as well as a redacted finale from the Cheshire TV controversial after hours program lanekendall_leninartakpfBlack Sheep Rising, wherein parking rates are discussed. This episode of AKPF #1 broadcasts Monday 14 April 2014 at 7:00pm on Cheshire TV.

00:00 – Warning disclaimer to Cheshire TV audience
00:10 – Dublin illustrations through MiniDV eyes, landscape town building (Ex cop flees Ridleycam)
01:42 – Peter Sturdy Thomas runs from Ridleycam and scampers away, head hanging low, despite his former employment as a police officer and private investigator; Peter Flimsy Sturdy.
04:43 – Shadowy figure rantings to Ridley of disillusionment in Keene circles which he had wished to interject himself (Camo-clad Constitutionalist demands to be sued by city)
08:50 – Driving in circles around Central Keene somewhat confusedly anthem advertisement by Dave Ridley
09:46 – The comedy of the commons – The joyous fun among the political angst of the collective proletariat (Fighting cop state doesn’t have to be serious)
14:25 – More from a camoman on Ridley’s Report outside of the Concord BEARCAT city council central committee vote (Banned Keene activist still supports Free Keene) (more…)

Slimy Politician Attempts to Hide From Ridley, Drops Her Papers

What does state rep Janice Wall have to hide and why is she so unfriendly?  Dave Ridley of the Ridley Report returns to the state house to attempt to hold members of the judicial committee accountable on what, if anything, they are doing about Thomas Ball’s self-immolation nearly three years ago.  They mostly ignore him, but one of them is even more ridiculous and rude than the rest, Janice Wall.  She attempts to hide her face with papers (which she accidentally drops), then attempts to tell on Dave to the building’s security staff.  Enjoy these videos of this ridiculous person.  What does she have to hide?  I sure hope I recognize her next time I’m in the state house, because I’ll be sure to grab my camera and ambush interview her as well.  In fact, any activists living in the Madbury area should also try to interview her about why she’s so unfriendly to independent media.  She should be on video more often!  Here are Ridley’s two videos where he confronts her multiple times:

Part 1:

Part 2: (more…)

Vanity Plates Show Off Individualism


Ever since coming to New Hampshire I’ve been struck by just how many vanity plates I see around. More often than not, it seems like a good third or more of plates are customized.

I would expect this of the liberty-minded community. After all, we are all full-time activists of some sort, what with our little liberty buttons and t-shirts, and it makes sense that a great deal of people in the local liberty-loving community have vanity plates with slogans like “AGORIST,” “BITCOIN,” and the infamous “COPSLIE.”

But here in New Hampshire, the average local seems to have the same individualistic flair on their vehicle. I can’t even begin to name all the different customized plates I see around here. This is a stark contrast from other places I’ve lived, such as California, the District of Columbia, and even free-spirited Arizona.

That’s because the Free State has a unique culture of freedom and individualism unlike any found elsewhere. Fitting right in with a lack of legal requirements to wear a seat belt in a car or a helmet on a motorcycle, the propensity of locals to take greater charge of their vehicles speaks of a larger sense of self-reliance and liberty.

So the next time some detractor tries to make you up to be an invasive species, just remember: we’re right at home here.

Thanks to the State Police for the Free Media Coverage!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASomeone at the NH State Police did me a big favor and sent out a press release about my arrest.  As a result, WMUR has published a quick blurb and tweeted and is working on a larger story, a Union Leader reporter has called for an interview (UPDATE: Here’s the UL report.), and the Concord Patch has already scooped the mainstream news with some good coverage!

Thanks for the free press, NH State Police!  You’ve managed to make yourselves look really petty and this also seems to be highly political.  Or, do you treat everyone like this over paperwork errors?

Here’s the release, which wrongfully misinforms readers that I had obtained multiple identifications from the DMV.  At no point did I have more than one ID from New Hampshire: (more…)

Kidnapping is Poor Customer Service (Why I was arrested yesterday.)

If you’ve been reading the Free Keene blog for the last year, you know that in Summer of 2013, the NH DMV suspended my driving “privileges” indefinitely, until I got a NH driver’s license.  You also know that for many years I have been using the name Ian Freeman without going through the probate process to change my name legally.  In my interactions with the state and city, this name-change-in-fact has had mixed results.  I was able to successfully register to vote as Ian Freeman and run for office under that name, but most courts would not recognize my name change.  Though, there were a couple exceptions, including Concord district and MA’s Palmer district courts.  However, most robed men would refuse to recognize it, even though I would cite NH supreme court decision Moskowitz vs Moskowitz that makes it pretty clear that one can change one’s name in NH without probate court, simply by using the new name.  They just ignored the decision.

Since I had been ordered to get a drivers’ license under threat of violence, I decided that would be a good time to do a legal name change.  (I’d actually tried this a couple of years ago but was stopped when I was arrested for going to court.  That no trespass order for which I was arrested was eventually thrown out and the case against me dismissed.)

The DMV had told me my “privileges” would be suspended as of Nov 5th.  After that, there was a short window of time where if I got their license, the $100 re-instatement fee would not apply, so I was in a hurry to get it done.  The probate court process was simple and relatively quick for government work, but of course, I was paying them $105, and they tend to be more efficient when getting paid.  I got the official name change document from the probate court on November 7th and went down to the DMV to get the NH drivers’ license.

I figured I had everything required – old license, voter ID under the name Ian Freeman and name change document from probate, but no – turns out there was an unwritten requirement: (more…)