“Boston Strong” Found in Contempt of Court

In December of 2014, Keene Copblock‘s JP Freeman took Matt “Boston Strong” Schmidt to court after Boston drove by JP’s house on multiple occasions blaring his horn at all hours. After a short hearing, superior court judge John C. Kissinger issued an order with an agreement from both men that they would not have contact with one another and further, Boston agreed to not honk or blare his horn in the neighborhood after 4pm.

Within days, Boston was back an honking his horn again after 4pm and then in April, after blaring his horn he approached JP and threatened to “rap his head in with a ratchet”. JP then filed a motion for contempt and a hearing was held on May 29th. Here’s the video from that hearing, to which Boston Strong did not attend:

Afterwards, Kissinger issued a stronger no contact order (click to see that order and Boston’s court filings in that timeframe), telling Boston to say 100 feet away from JP unless Boston was on his own property. Then, in the final week of June, JP alleges that Boston purposefully showed up along with other members of a local hate group at JP’s custody hearing at Keene’s family court. JP claims Boston was removed from the court as it was a clear violation of the court order. He subsequently filed another motion for contempt, and a hearing was granted for July 10th at 9am. Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

NH Liberty Activists Featured In Upcoming Documentary on CMT, “FREEDOM! The Movie”

The trailer has just been released for “FREEDOM! The Movie”, which premieres Saturday, July 11th at 9pm Eastern on CMT and features liberty activists and Free State Project early movers from both the Manch and Keene areas.  In the upcoming feature-length documentary produced by Morgan Spurlock, comedian Billy Wayne Davis is on a search for freedom in America and his path takes him to various interesting places and people.

Here’s the trailer that just hit the web today.  Please share and mark your calendar for 7/11, 9pm, on the CMT network.

VICE Covers Buzz’s Gay Dance Party!


Buzz, of Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party, beaming at the final party. _Photo Courtesy VICE

In at least their fourth story in the last few years related to the Free State Project, the excellent VICE.com has focused in on the amazing Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party which had its final of six years this year at the Porcupine Freedom Festival.  Porcfest will continue, perhaps with a new epic party – only time will tell.

For now, enjoy Michelle Lhooq’s report on Buzz’s final awesome bash and the photos (then come to Hallowkeene at Keenevention 2015!)

For additional perspective on being gay at Porcfest, visit Joe Jarvis’ blog of his experience at this year’s week-long camping festival populated by mostly libertarians and voluntarists.  If you love liberty, regardless of sexual orientation, you’ll probably really enjoy Porcfest.

Here’s the excellent story about the BGDP from VICE.

Keene Parking Czar Resigns!

Robin Hood of KeeneThe “Parking Czar”, Gary Lamoureux has announced he is leaving his position later this summer. Lamoureux had become the “city parking project manager” after retiring from the city fire department, which made him a “double-dipper” – collecting over $90,000 a year in pension payments AND getting a regular paycheck (more than $50,000 per year) for his parking job on top! Don’t forget to count in the sweet government benefits. Must be nice to be in the government gang, huh?

According to the Sentinel story on his resignation by Martha Shanahan, Lamoureux leaves at the end of August and claims that his decision to quit had nothing to do with the city council coming close to eliminating his position. Lamoureux’s legacy will be overseeing the mostly failed lawsuit against Robin Hood of Keene and proposing parking rate and fine increases that have ultimately gone nowhere and have been very unpopular among the people of Keene.

According to the Sentinel piece, Lamoureux will make one final push for parking rate and fine increases before heading off into the sunset to cash his sweet, sweet pension checks.

Hallowkeene 2015 Announced at Final Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party


Hallowkeene 2014

It’s BAAAAACK! This past weekend on-stage at Buzz’s Big Gay Dance Party, Derrick J and Ian Freeman announced Hallowkeene as a spiritual successor to Buzz’s party which ended this year in an amazing, awesome finale on Friday night at Porcfest.

Last year was Hallowkeene‘s first, experimental year. We had dozens attend! It was a blast, raising more than $500 for Silk Road founder Ross Ulbricht’s defense fund.

This year’s event promises to be even better, with a new venue, running later, until 1:30am. Attendance will be restricted to Keenevention attendees and their guest. Tickets for Keenevention are just $50 for the whole weekend, but go up to $60 or BTC in July (tomorrow), so lock in your earlybird price now!