Cheshire Superior Court Blocking – Part 2 – 12/22/2011

  • Ali

    Just trying to make me think? Yeah, cause people who side with law enforcement and the establishment every time someone rocks the boat are the most thoughtful, intellectual beings on this planet. Enslave keene, you have posted under different names, but the message is always the same.

  • slave fucker

    Don't worry, I could call you my little "Ali Baba", but I prefer Baba O'Reilly…(Note:

    NOT Bill O'Reilly…



  • slave fucker

    Seriously, blooging here is ALMOST as much fun as real REALITY…


  • slave fucker



    deal with it…


  • name

    Gee ali, I know it's been almost, like, 20 hours, but let's see if you can follow this. Thomas Ball hits his young daughter in the mouth so hard she belches blood(his words). enslave keene admits to giving his children a healthy whack on their backside (his words). You say about enslave keene " I sincerely hope they see that their mom or dad (whichever you are) is an abusive tyrant bent on maximizing obedience to authority." And about Mr. Ball you say "Thomas Ball didn’t brag about hitting his kid and didn’t suggest it as a way to deal with social issues as enslave keene has." So, according to you, as long as someone doesn't brag about it, and has no reason for doing it, it's ok? Then you add, as an almost offhanded defense "But of course, it’s wrong no matter who does it. I don’t agree with the way the state handles anything." What the state has to do with this, I don't know, but that's what you said.

    Time to get some perspective, ali.

    Until then (not than) hypocrite stands.

    name: troll.

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  • david

    unbelievable… I mentioned that I thought the Sargent was a "good guy".. I retract that..(i re-watched)

    I think he isn't a "good guy" at all now… He was trying to CRAM A SQUARE PEG INTO A ROUND HOLE and in subsequent videos they still were…. I mean by this that they were trying as HARD as they could to find a law that was broken or … It's shameful….

    If those court people don't want to talk to the press and they are so ashamed of things that they want to have the sheriff come out and scramble for a law to fit to make the press go away… I'm going to the sheriff's office and complaining Monday.

  • david

    Here is a idea COURT STAFF……stop RUNNING AND TALK!

    Answer some questions!

    Talk to the people you serve.

    I bet everyone in this forum,whether they would admit it or not, would have WANTED you,court staff, to have STOPPED AND TALKED.

    Instead of this NON SENSE of calling the SHERIFF and the deputies who scramble for different charges … It's sickening.

    I as a person of keene wanted you to TALK and not run away and call the cops for NOTHING.

  • david

    One of you couldn't have stopped and talked?

    Or two…

    Or ,miracle,three.

  • Bill

    Perhaps the harassed individuals have no desire to speak with people who are clearly there for the sole purpose of taunting and ridiculing them. People who do not even acknowledge their right to be left alone when they request it. If I was in a parking lot and witnessed requests to "not be recorded or photographed" be answered with taunting and ridicule, I would not speak to the people with the cameras either.