Cheshire Superior Court Blocking – Part 2 – 12/22/2011

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  1. I found great comedy in this. Thanks for the laughs!

    The fools in uniforms beclown themselves.

  2. Awesome Court Blocking! Keep up the good work!

  3. Yet another video that makes Ian and company look silly and juvenile. "What does in the way mean?" "What does don't follow them to their vehicle mean?"

    "There's no one getting in anybody's way" "do you have evidence of that?"

    If you have been asked to stop and you refuse to stop, that is intimidating. If I have to walk past someone who has intimidated me, they are in my way and continuing to intimidate me. The evidence is in your own videos.

    Every word that comes out of your Lying, Hypocritical mouths just drips with sarcasm. I can't even take your points that I agree with seriously, because there is no sincerity in their delivery.

  4. Once again police officers (The Man) politely asking folks to give reasonable birth between them and their victims (honest working people) and the FK's refusing to do so. It really is this simple.

    People in the employ of the government providing services in the interior of the government (NON ELECTED) employees are NOT subject to public review nor is there any such right under the law. Clerks, secretaries, janitors etc, are simply not obligated to answer to the public at large.

    When my children were little and told to go their rooms and they would walk up to the threashold of the doorway and try to be cute and say "im still in my room" they would get a healthy whack on their backside. Exactly what they FK's need…

  5. After getting that good whack, they then understood the definition of "GO TO YOUR ROOM"… All confusion addressed and clarified….

  6. Idea to replace courts- change it so the only way somebody is prosecuted is if a person DIRECTLY files charges saying that theve been harmed ("property crimes" dont count) and then put the acuser and the defendent in front of ten RANDOMLY selected people and let the ten people decide whether their guilty or innocent. No more judges, jurys, prosecuters, DA's, lawyers, or formal testimony. The best part is no more clowns in a dress (judges in case somebody desent get it). Also no more need for the pigs called lawyers, and you wont go to jail anymore for having drugs.

  7. @SMASH

    Could we also give everyone a light sabre and an X-Wing fighter smash?

  8. The sheriff guys are trying to intimidate right now…

    They are the only intimidaters here.

    The cops are trying to stop the press by intimidation.

    The deputies are trying intimidation/not telling the truth to make yall go away…..

    Good job guys…

    Also that deputy with the camera ….fine…If the cameras around and attached to the building 24/7 aren't good enough…

    It's overkill though and for silly reasons and with tax dollars .

    To the deputy with the camera : What is your point? Are not the tax paid for cameras around the building good enough? Deputy with the camera….You don't look good doing that …

  9. The activists didn't do any thing wrong……the deputies are threatening them … I guess keene power structure doesn't like the freedom of the press…..what are they hiding?

  10. @SMASH

    Great idea my man! Just 1 question… When I violate your rights and there are no judges, cops, bailiffs etc etc. Who is it exactly that is going to compell me to even show up at this "place" with 10 people to judge me?

    Id rather just say screw it, youre beat! lol…….. I mean there is no one going to come after me ?

    Epic fail dude!

  11. I would make a effort to make the Christmas greeting sound sincere…

  12. Security cameras don't have sound. Security cameras are fuzzy. The deputies camera is recording the incident from start to finish. There won't be any convenient editing. The deputy with the camera isn't talking and interrupting and walking/circling around Ian like ADAM is. The deputies aren't asking stupid questions, like – define "define". It's a public space it''s a public space it's a public space – waaaaa. The deputy can film all he wants – NO VICTIM NO CRIME – even if you don't he looks good "doing that".

    This Caleb guy is being perfectly reasonable and pleasant –

  13. @enslave keene- there probably would still be cops, but it wouldnt be half as bad because they couldt really arrest you, unless somebody made a direct complaint, so that way you could drive with no registration, lisence, plates, and they wouldt do nothing to you because nobody would care. See right now, most laws are enforced by the gubnmint strictly because the gubmiont thinks its a good idea, and most people dont care if those laws get enforcemed. (Drugs, underage drinking, seastbelts, store robberys.) No, im afraid WalMart wouldnt be able to bring charges if you stole something, the right to charge somebody with something wouldnt be extended to businesses or banks. Which also would mean i could rob banks whenever i felt like it.

  14. Scared of the press? LOL. What "press"?

  15. I'm 110% behind this .

    Keene isn't USE to being looked at….


    Yes the PRESS… …..

    This is smart,brave citizen press.

  16. Keene isn't used to getting looked at by the same 10 or so people? Are you not feeling well? A person that is 110% behind this, I would think would actually BE there.

  17. Hard to tell if youre being serious or not SMASH,

    Are you serious when you say robbing Walmart or a bank would be ok? Really? And the cops can only arrest if someone brings a charge? So,,,,, let me try to figure this out;

    I could legally rob a bank but not steal your newspaper off of your front porch?

    Or what are you saying?

    If John Doe hits my car I just have to call the cops and they will arrest him on my say so?

  18. I am on the ground right now holding my gut, the pain from the laughter and Matts response to David!

    Matt, you got wit!!!!!!

  19. @Matt,

    Yeah, David's idea of 110% behind it is similar to when Derrick J was 110 % behind Pete using his camera to go upstairs at the courthouse to "find out what was going on"… OMG you can't make this stuff up!! Is FreeKeene supposed to be like the liberarians version of the Onion News?

  20. I say stealing from WalMart and robbing a bank would be ok because look at my name… i hate banks and businesses, and banksters and business owners. I think theyre the ones who are destroying our society by profiting while other people are struggling

  21. Fair enough Smash,

    Would I be fair in asking if it would be ok for Walmart or a bank to hire armed security to shoot to kill anyone trying to take their assets, since the police couldnt legally intervene?

  22. enslave keene- i guess it'oud be ok but i hope if society decided to get this new legal system, they would also decide to destroy capitalism and the concpts of money first. I guess all the FreeKennes would have do something deifferent though

  23. 1.

    enslave keene on Wed, 28th Dec 2011 11:15 am


    Once again police officers (The Man) politely asking folks to give reasonable birth between them and their victims (honest working people) and the FK’s refusing to do so. It really is this simple.

    People in the employ of the government providing services in the interior of the government (NON ELECTED) employees are NOT subject to public review nor is there any such right under the law. Clerks, secretaries, janitors etc, are simply not obligated to answer to the public at large.

    When my children were little and told to go their rooms and they would walk up to the threashold of the doorway and try to be cute and say “im still in my room” they would get a healthy whack on their backside. Exactly what they FK’s need…


    PP1: "…give reasonable birth…"WTF?…what is an "unreasonable birth"? An abortion?…Glad you agree that (honest working people) are VICTIMS of (The Man)…But, WHAT is "this simple"???WTF? What are you talking about, dude?


    PP2: WTF?, WTF? WTF?….Can you PLEASE translate the 2nd paragraph into

    NON-psychotic language?…."interior of the government"???WTF?….


    PP3:Was that a violent, or non-violent "healthy whack" on their backside?….Is "healthy whack" some kind of pedophile codeword?

    What kind of sick fuck ARE YOU? Seriously……….

  24. enslave keene,

    How many times did you whack your children when they were little? Did their mother saved them from your abusive behavior or did she fail your children as well?

  25. @smash – Do you drive a vehicle? Do you use gas for it? Do you use fuel to heat your home? What kind of computer do you use? How about guns…..what kind?

    All these things come from corporations – and all of them engage in Capitalism. .

  26. actually that Sargent looked like a good guy…. though he should stop tryin to intimidate people

  27. @Anarcho

    Provide just an ounce of lucidity to your question and Ill answer it.

    @Think Liberty

    My Children turned out fine with a good respect for parental authority, especially now that they are parents.

  28. @Anarcho

    Although judging by the choice of screen name Im sure your sexual promiscuity is not at all ambiguos…..

    Now please go crawl back under that rock known as "MOM'S BASEMENT" and let serious discussion transpire. OOoooppss this is Freekeene.

  29. enslave keene: "After getting that good whack, they then understood the definition of “GO TO YOUR ROOM”… All confusion addressed and clarified…." (talking about a child)

    Thank you for addressing my confusion and clarifying for me why you are so in favor of violence to solve problems. YOU were most likely needlessly whacked as a child and are sadly passing the sentiment on to everyone else around you. No only are you advocating violence, but anonymously admitting using these tactics against your very own children. I sincerely hope they see that their mom or dad (whichever you are) is an abusive tyrant bent on maximizing obedience to authority. Shame on you.

  30. "My Children turned out fine with a good respect for parental authority, especially now that they are parents."

    You and your children might be perfectly good people. However, you are advocating obedience to a violent monopoly and I cannot accept that. I hope you'll eventually see through the badges and costumes and realize that you are nothing but tax livestock for the government bureaucrats' fat pensions and inflated salaries.

  31. @Ali, obviously you dont have children.

    @PV, Violent monopoly? What monopoly is that? Parents that discipline their children? Ok..

    And what choice do you have other than accepting it, just as I have to accept freak keeners and their behavior?

  32. Dunno if Ali has children, or not, but I do, so I guess that gives me "cred," or whatever?

    So I'll say it: you're a child-abuser. There is no possible excuse for hitting a child, other than the general case of self-defense, where it would be acceptable to hit anyone.

    Those who abuse children are just about the lowest scum on the planet.

  33. Enslave keene, according to you I can't validly comment on childrearing if I haven't had "one of my own" (and why haven't I if loving liberty makes one so clearly promiscuous as you implied to thinkliberty?) You seem to be very protective of the police officer's actions in your words on this blog. You are almost overly-protective, maybe not the point where you want to "whack" them as you would your own child, but to the point where you are crouching so low to the ground kissing the heels of the uniformed law-peddlers that your ass crack is almost completely exposed.

    Makes me wonder since you identify with child abusers having been a parent, do you identify with police officers because you are currently or once were one yourself? Or maybe you're just a brown-noser because you think it will translate into less violence coming your way.

    For your own health, take this tip: the gov't ain't your daddy.

  34. Ah – so where were all these anti spanking debaters last year when that woman whose child was finally taken away for abuse and then decided to rally behind freekeene's efforts to yell and scream at the police for finally stepping in against the abuse? Freestaters wanted the child returned IMMEDIATELY with a pat on the old back of mother of the year. LOL. But here enslave talks about spanking 20 friggen years ago in an off the cuff comment to drive his point home and that is all anyone can harp on – and declared him GUILTY AS CHARGED.

    Meanwhile, poor Ian is at home still trying to figure out what following someone around means and no one is helping him.

  35. @ali – wow…..I think it's been a good solid week since someone 'suspected" wink wink nod nod that anyone who opines differently than anyone else that they are a cop. In other words……LAME.

    Brown nosing? – puhleeeeez. Most cops (and indeed most PEOPLE) haven't even heard of 'freekeene', much less freestaters, so if enslave gets pulled over for speeding, I doubt his participation in this blog that only 20 people read are going to help much.

  36. Interesting. Somehow, I don't recall too many freekeene supporters calling Thomas Ball the "lowest scum on the planet", or "an abusive tyrant bent on maximizing obedience to authority", or accused him of being "some kind of pedophile" or ask about him "Did their mother saved them from your abusive behavior or did she fail your children as well?"

    Does the phrase double standard or hypocrisy mean anything to you? Why the deafening silence on Thomas Ball?

  37. ^ saved(sic).

  38. Because it was the judges, and the cops, and the janitor at Cheshire Court, and the old lady who answers the phone's fault for Thomas Ball's failed relationship and poor courting experiences – that's why! They were also the reason Santa didn't come one year too. 🙁

    But you won't find an answer to my earlier question or yours. Instead, an epic battle of insult slinging will thus occur – conveniently skirting the entire issue.

  39. maineshark. ali, thinklibwrty, anarcho-pussy-eater, pv, you were all on board with calling Thomas Ball a sick pedophile child abuser, right?

  40. I wouldn't call Ball a pedophile. Nor did I call anyone here one.

    Ball certainly behaved in an abusive manner. Any rational person would acknowledge that.

    Doesn't excuse the behavior of the cops and courts, who behaved in a more-abusive manner.

    Those who fall under the control of DCYF are far too often taken from bad situations, and put into far-worse situations. Taking a child from his/her parents, even if they are abusers like enslave keene, is often more damaging to the child then leaving the child with them. Shoving someone into the reach of a waiting rattlesnake to save him from stubbing his toe is not exactly a beneficial act.

    What Ball did was wrong, but that does not justify what the cops and the courts did, which was far worse.

  41. As far as I understand, Thomas Ball didn't brag about hitting his kid and didn't suggest it as a way to deal with social issues as enslave keene has. But of course, it's wrong no matter who does it. I don't agree with the way the state handles anything.

  42. I can almost feel the head of your red faces as you two clowns try to justify your answer – and still somehow relate it to some anonymous guy named enslave who wrote a comment on a blog as if it is even in the same league as the things Tom Ball did. LOL.

    Yes MaineShark – that is great, we should just leave physically and sexually abused children with those who harm them instead of getting them out – that could be devastating. Brilliant.

    Ali – how do you know Thomas Ball didn't do that? Did you know him? His personally authored biography *might* not include every detail of his life. lol. Freestaters want to end laws. Spanking (something I personally don't advocate or practice for the record) isn't illegal. But it sounds like you wish it was.

  43. Given what percentage of children taken by DCYF end up being physically and/or sexually abused while in the "care" of the State, and what percentage of children DCYF takes for reasons /other/ than abuse (parental drug use, for one example, even if the parents never harm the child), it's not as clear cut as you'd like to pretend. In many cases, they're taking children from non-abusive homes, and putting them into abusive situations.

  44. Matt, you don't get liberty. It's over your head. That's cool. I mean, it's not that hard to understand, but if you're not even going to try it's no skin off my back. ;p

    PS- You're the one that related enslave keene to Ball. Just wanted to point that out.

  45. So let me clarify, my child rarely but did get a good whack in the "meaty" part of their butts with a hand when they defied my parental authority. I think there are times that spoiling the rod not only spoils the child but the parent as well.

    It's good to see blanket statements about a good 1 whack translate into child abuse, My dad only beat me once with a belt, he only beat me once because I never forgot it, not because someone stepped in and charged him with "abuse"…

    You guys make me laugh thinking I may be a cop or I was an abused child. Really all im doing here is getting some comic relief from a stressful job throughout the day when I get the chance..

    I love pointing out and having a good belly ache at some of the fecal matter on this blog, I just wish I was as good as Matt at pointing it out…

    There are like 10 people in freekeene, lol yall are a joke and I will keep coming back getting my laughs.


    The child abuser.

  46. I also was raised in a fashion that led to me never getting arrested.

    YES YES, I know that for most on here that is a badge of shame but you know what I really enjoy the bennies of having no record. In 35 years of working Ive been unemployed about 2 months, half of that due to choice. Yea Ive worked in career fields I wasnt even qualified for educationally but the "no record" got me 2 jobs over 2 other more qualified people..I came to know this after the fact of course.

    I also have a concealed carry permit, yeah another bennie but hey, dont sweat it kids…

    Become a freak keener and be all you can be…

  47. ali, how can you call one person who swats his kid on the backside an "abusive tyrant bent on maximizing obedience", yet someone who admits, in his own writings, to hitting his daughter so hard in the mouth that she 'belched blood', you casually say "but of course it's wrong". And then somehow pass it off by saying "I don’t agree with the way the state handles anything."?

    maineshark, can you point out to me where you called Thomas Ball "the lowest scum on the planet"? Somehow I missed that.


  48. And by the way ali, I was the one who brought up Thomas Ball. matt, I believe, was referring to 'baby Cheyenne'. The child who was reporderdly(sic) abused.

  49. These busters are straight up jokes, they themselves don't even realize how they are looked upon and laughed at. Nobody likes you busters and to tolerate life near you guys they, like me find comedy in what you do and what you are..

    Your hopes for an anarchist utopia will never happen….NEVER HAPPEN!!!

    In this life or the next 10 lives because you know why? There are just too many of us damn pesky people out there with too much damn sense to ever fall for such a FUBAR'd society…

    Get over yourselves, continue to provide us with entertainment and continue being Ian wanna bes, but do realize 99.99 percent of you dont even have the ability to have a simpletons radio show.

    Yes in closing, great group you guys are! Your leader is one hell of a roll model to shoot for, it's what I call "not settling"…

  50. ali, you don’t get life. It’s over your head. That’s cool. I mean, it’s not that hard to understand, but if you’re not even going to try it’s no skin off my back.

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