Desperate LENCO Pulls BEARCAT Promo Video Offline!

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LENCO has pulled their BEARCAT promotional video offline completely. In the video, militaristic cops fire weapons, release gas into a home, and do other maneuvers that prove this product is NOT marketed as a rescue vehicle, all to an AC/DC soundtrack.

Isn’t it interesting that LENCO decided to pull the video offline this week? Do you think they’ve ever experienced pushback from a community like they have from Keene? They REALLY don’t want the city council to see this.

Luckily, it appears a helpful individual had the forethought to rip the video before they could pull it. So, perhaps you know someone who would like to upload this video to Youtube, Metacafe, or Liveleak? Here it is in MP4 form.

This is the video LENCO doesn’t want you or the city council to see. If you find a link to it on a video sharing site like the above-mentioned, please let me know so I can post it here.

UPDATE: Copblock has uploaded a copy to their Youtube.


i agree w fk reader.. :-)

FK reader
FK reader

Keene Sentinel columnist Steve Gilbert asks, "If the Keene City Council ultimately reverses itself and rejects the BearCat, is the city and region better off? If so, why?" My simple answer is that we are better off because we will have fended off a small part of this culture of war that has taken hold of our country. If our city doesn't have problems (from terrorists), don't fix 'em.