Sheriff Richard Foote’s Ludicrous Testimony Outlined in Trespass Case Memorandums

Heroic, free-speech-supporting attorney Jon Meyer has filed these excellent memorandums in the trespass case against me and Kelly Voluntaryist. They do a good job summarizing the ludicrous, incompetent, and corrupt sheriff Richard “Dick” Foote’s testimony from the recent hearing on his illegal trespass order he issued against half-a-dozen liberty activists, banning us from the courthouse, “forever”.

Here’s his Second Motion to Dismiss and the memorandum of law in support of it.

Also, here’s a detailed “Reply Memorandum to State’s Answer and Objection to Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss”. If you’d rather read an executive summary of this nearly three-hour hearing video, this is the document for you.

Bradley Jardis
Bradley Jardis

New Hampshire's top 1st Amendment litigator (IMHO) has taken a personal interest in the unconstitutional and abusive actions of government officials in western New Hampshire. That's pretty awesome. The non-abusive government employees in NH can thank Attorney Meyer (and Attorney Jorel Booker) for having the right to speak-out about these types of things, even while on-the-clock: Deputies working for a Sheriff like Dick Foote should be calling him out publicly.