Peace Ticket Issued in Response to Speeding Ticket

Yesterday, while heading to the Occupy NH “Trespassive Three” trial in Manchester, I was pulled over in Antrim by officer Brian Reopel for allegedly speeding. He ticketed me for 66 in a 50 and I am responding by sending in a Peace Ticket along with their completed ticket.

The intent of the Peace Ticket is to give them warning that if they continue aggressing against me, a peaceful Shire Society member, they should expect a trial which will probably cost them more than they would get if I paid the ticket (which I also won’t do), as well as publicity for the matter. It gives them the chance to do the right thing and withdraw their complaint, settling the issue.

Eventually, if enough people start taking traffic tickets to trial that are also Shire Society members, perhaps the police will learn know better than to pull over people with visible Shire seals on their cars (get your free sticker here). One can dream!

August Wagele
August Wagele

Where is the video/audio and speed info from your dashcam???