4 Speak in Favor of BEARCAT in Concord – 44 Speak Against

Concord BEARCAT HearingAccording to the Concord Patch, the turnout for the BEARCAT hearing had about 48 speakers, 4 in favor, 44 against the militaristic tank sought by police to crush Free Staters and Occupiers.

Attendees report the meeting room itself was maxxed out and there were at least 150 more people protesting outside. Thanks to all who came out to support freeom! Now the question is, will any city councilors change their vote and vote against this monstrosity? Apparently they put off the vote to a future meeting – a sneaky, cowardly, and all-too-common political move, likely in hopes of dampening turnout at the vote meeting.

Here’s the Union Leader piece on the meeting.