Bitcoin Hits Front Page of Monadnock Shopper News, Delivered to 40,000 Homes in Cheshire County!

Monadnock Shopper News

Bitcoin Front Page Article Delivered to 40,000 Homes!

Since 1958 the Monadnock Shopper News has been connecting the people of this region with local businesses on a weekly basis. They deliver to over 40,000 households via postal mail – basically every home in Cheshire county. How exciting to see a feature article about local bitcoin-accepting businesses here in the Keene area as their headline, front cover story in this week’s issue!

The Shopper News’ reporter went to visit with Chris Rietmann, one of the proprietors of Route 101 Local Goods, a unique store featuring locall-sourced products that’s also where bitcoin (and other cryptocurrencies) can be spent, plus bitcoin can be purchased from the region’s only Bitcoin Vending Machine, and you can even buy delicious Vietnamese food from the “Bon Vivant Gourmet Street Food” truck parked just outside at 661 Marlboro Road in Keene.

Ed Forster of Little Zoe’s Take and Bake Pizza and Ken Urbanski of Kirby’s Q in Alstead were also interviewed in the front-page piece. The bitcoin-accepting business owners commented on their interest in Bitcoin while Rietmann explained important aspects of what makes Bitcoin special. Rietmann is frequently seen introducing new users to it in his shop, since his store has the Bitcoin Vending Machine which makes buying it a snap.

The article even lists a bunch of local businesses in the area (ranging from food to sports to car repair) that accept bitcoin! Keene, as you may already know, is the undisputed city with the most bitcoin-accepting businesses per capita, per

You can read both pages of the Shopper’s feature article on bitcoin even if you don’t live in the area, by downloading this PDF.

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  1. Awesome! What’s next to come out of Keene? Certainly the times are a changing.

  2. Oh boy. Your silly imaginary currency ends up on the front page of a rag. Whoop-dee-do.

  3. This may be as close to Journalism as one can now find in America, but many of us Vets are looking into making a New Broadcast center, one that discloses the Bad sectors in US Inc, US of United States Netherlands King company charter in Manhattan Island, and The United States of America 1781 Perpetual Union. As far as Money anything of a country even printed is better than that made by “MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN”, notes made out of thin air acting as money or that as in TV series Star Trek, whereby units of credit fiction (more Pope poo), even swapping and bartering a ” PET ROCK ” is an advancement. Snide remarks you seem to infer yourself as a troll, I practice with Trolls, Commies and Fascist Common Purpose before I eat breakfast, just legally can not hunt them anymore. So Amerikan_Patriote, don’t hide your colors, which one are you, what in this U.S. muck do you represent !

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    Bailor for The United States of America 1781,

  4. ^^^ More evidence that basic training fries your brain.

  5. Schizophrenic Troll – exempliar

  6. So this little blurb is in a shopper’s guide? The part of the paper that gets thrown out first because very few people read it? It may go to 40,000 people but I seriously doubt most of those people will read the story or even remember what it was about. You get quite excited very easily.

  7. What? No dire warnings about how bitcoin is volatile and easily manipulated, Jacks? Well that’s disappointing. But at least you managed to be dismissive without using the phrase “rants and raves” for once. How long do you think you can keep that up? I have a lot of money riding on you, you know.

  8. I read the article in our copy of the Shopper and found it interesting. I had heard of bitcoin but seeing it in our local paper made me give it a second look.

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