Keene Police Scanner – Server Change

ScannerFor years, Free Keene has provided the community service of a Keene police scanner feed, which was highly-listened during the Pumpkin Fest riots, with over 300 simultaneous streams being served that night.

Last night the Free Keene server moved into the new “Liberty Cloud” and the Keene Police Scanner is now at a different IP address, though still accessible through this URL. Please use the links on the scanner page to access the feed the next time you listen, or just play

Another convenient method to listen is via the Tunein app. Search for “Keene Police”.

Now 10% of the “Top 40 Liberty Minds Under 40″ Live in Keene!

Marcel Fontaine

Marcel “GayKay Fortyseven” Fontaine

This weekend, Marcel “GayKay Fortyseven” Fontaine made the move to Keene as part of the Free State Project. That brings us to four of the “Top 40 Liberty Minds Under 40″ list for 2015 that are living in Keene!

Keene is a special place. It attracts some of the best, most noteworthy activists out there. Some move on to other parts of New Hampshire, some continue their journey elsewhere, and others put down roots here. We don’t get the number of movers that Manchester does, but those that come are some of the most distinguished activists out there. The other Keeniacs who are part of Tony Stiles’ list include, Chris Cantwell, Derrick J Freeman, and this blogger.

When you move the best activists together, amazing things can happen. That’s the point of the Free State Project. If you love liberty, you should make plans to move to New Hampshire and get active. Here are 150+ reasons to consider Keene as your destination.

Correction: FSP Movers Are 26% of Net NH Migrants, Not 15%

Free State ProjectAccording to Free State Project founder Jason Sorens, the database available on the FSP website does not actually catalog when movers moved, despite using the term “mover” in the database. The date shown there for each mover is apparently their date of signing the FSP’s Statement of Intent. So despite us double-checking the numbers, this confusion resulted in an inaccurate article I posted earlier today. Here is a correction to that article.

In the original article here, I corrected (or so I thought) the incorrect (and subsequently withdrawn) article that was originally posted by the FSP that used bad numbers to determine that FSP movers numbered 36% of domestic migrants from Jul 2013 – Jul 2014. Using the numbers provided to me by Darryl W. Perry, we determined that, using a larger timeframe of Apr 2010 – Jul 2014, the actual percentage of all migrants (including international) was 15%. However, due to bad input data it turns out that the actual number is over 26%!

Here’s how I determined that FSP movers amount to 26% of the net migrants into NH from Apr 2010 – Jul 2014. First, I kept the same number of net migrants from the census data, which is 3,013. Then, using data from from April 2010 and July 2014, I determined that according to the numbers presented on the front page of on those dates, that 810 people moved to New Hampshire in that timeframe. 810/3013 = 26.88%!

That’s an impressive percentage, especially if you consider that the FSP’s official move has not yet been triggered. When that happens (at 20,000 FSP signers), thousands more liberty-oriented activist movers will be on-the-way.

Here’s the now-retracted article: (more…)

Contest Announcement from – Win up to $50 in USD/BTC/Silver! has been around for a few years, but really hasn’t done much more than cover the jury nullification scene and passed out some flyers.

Jury Nullification, particularly in New Hampshire, is starting to become quite a movement, and we felt that it was time to scale up the operation so we can tell more potential jurors about their natural right of nullification.

Recently, we formed a Board of Directors and we are looking for some Great Ideas for getting this organization started.

Our friends at the Civil Disobedience Evolution Fund have offered us a $1,000 grant to jump-start, plus another $500 as an incentive for people to give us ideas that we can use to raise funds and get the word out about jury nullification.

We could use some help here. Go to if you have an idea about fundraising or getting the word out. You can win up to $50 worth of FRNs, silver, or bitcoin.

“Monadnock Showdown” Premieres Thursday @ 8pm on Cheshire TV!

Monadnock Showdown

Monadnock Showdown, Thursdays 8pm on CTV

Local DJ Parker Springfield and vocal coach Judy Fine are launching a new show called “Monadnock Showdown“! I had the honor of being invited onto the inaugural episode of the exciting, new point-counterpoint show on Cheshire TV.

The show recording was excellent and Parker and Judy had some challenging questions for me. The first episode will air this Thursday night at 8pm on Cheshire TV, channel 8 on Time Warner Cable in Keene. It will also be uploaded to their YouTube channel by Friday. I’ll link it here on Free Keene once the video is available. Meanwhile, be sure to like their facebook page to get the latest from the show.

Sadly, despite having two weeks to respond to the hosts’ invitation (and a purported 1400+ members of their facebook group), no one from the local group of haters stepped up take the free media to oppose me. Apparently at least one local politician refused the hosts’ invitation as well.

Kudos to the hosts for having the courage to have me on despite being attacked verbally by some local haters for daring to associate their show with the likes of me. It’s that kind of courage that we need in Keene media. I’m really looking forward to seeing the show develop over time.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep82 – Bawlz


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