, Union Leader Report on Upcoming Robin Hood Supreme Court Case

Robin Hood of KeeneIn recent posts, the Union Leader’s Meghan Pierce and’s Brian Doherty report on the upcoming Robin Hood case at the NH Supreme Court.

Please come observe in Concord on October 15th at 9:30am as heroic free speech attorney Jon Meyer takes on the NH Municipal Association and the City of Keene’s private attorneys in this critical case that will decide whether there should be limits on what can be said to bureaucrats while on-the-job.

One Month Until Keenevention 2014 – Schedule Posted!

fbheader1The countdown begins! Keenevention 2014 kicks off on HallowKeene, October 31st! The near-final schedule has been posted. Dozens of NH-based liberty activists are lined up to speak on our various panels and keynotes – come and meet some of the amazing doers we have here in the biggest, most effective liberty movement in the world. Full panel speaker announcements are still-to-come.

You’ll enjoy various activities inside and outside the hotel and keep in mind more can be added to the list before the event hits, plus the schedule is subject to change.

Don’t miss Keenevention 2014 this October 31st through November 2nd – tickets are available now for $60 USD or BTC. Pre-event ticketing is limited to just 100, so don’t wait until the day-of to buy!

Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, the Keenevention facebook page, and the facebook event for the latest.

Supreme Court to Hear Robin Hood Case October 15

Following the victory of the Merry People at the New Hampshire superior court level, Robin Hood of Keene is now scheduled for another decisive win over the conniving legal team calling itself ‘The City of Keene’ — this time at the state’s highest court, the Supreme! On rhood_wantedakpfWednesday, October 15 at 9:30am, attorneys for the city as well as Robin Hood’s legal counsel will present brief oral arguments in support of their filings regarding the appealed case which was heard over the course of three full days last autumn. While one robed person entertained the narrative last time, on this examination, there will be no less than five dark-clothed individuals asking questions and formulating opinions regarding the legal parameters of the whimsical case.

As many stories that reach NH’s only appellate court resonate, this case has also prompted amicus curiae briefs from the New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union in support of ‘Hooding and an opposition brief filed by the ominous New Hampshire Municipal Association. The location of the Concord court and details of their process are listed on their website.

James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland to Keynote Keenevention 2014

jamescleavelandOn the scale of press coverage for the liberty movement in New Hampshire, “Robin Hooding” is an eleven out of ten.  The ridiculous lawsuits filed in 2013 by the people calling themselves the “city of Keene” exploded into international press coverage, unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

James Cleaveland is Robin Hood of Keene and has done an amazing job with the help of his Merry Men and Women and has rescued thousands of motorists from the King’s tariff!  He handily won 2013’s Keene Activist of the Year by popular vote.  James is a tireless and dedicated activist who puts his money where his mouth is.  I’m excited to announce that he’ll be keynoting Keenevention 2014!

At last year’s Keenevention, James led the Direct Action panel.  You can watch that in full, here.

Don’t miss Keenevention 2014 – tickets are available now for $60 USD or BTC. (more…)

Keenevention Announces Panel Hosts Lauren Rumpler & Mark Warden


Lauren Rumpler

Lauren “Objectivist Girl” Rumpler and Mark Warden, the porcupine real estate agent, will both be hosting panel discussions at the upcoming Keenevention 2014 October 31st through November 2nd. Lauren is hosting this year’s ladies panel and Mark is hosting the legislative panel! Get full details on all the panels and speeches announced thus far at

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Last Chance for Earlybird Keenevention Tickets!

Buzz' Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

I am back from an amazing Porcfest and am loaded down with emails and snail mail to catch up on.  Until I get caught up, the Keenevention earlybird ticket price of just $40 (or BTC!) still applies.  Remember, pre-event tickets are limited to just 100, so don’t miss out!

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