Earlybird Tickets Now Available for Keenevention 2015, Oct 30th – Nov 1st!

Keenevention 2014

Keenevention 2014

Keenevention is confirmed for 2015! Join us for Fall’s Liberty Gathering in the Shire October 30th – November 1st, 2015. Tickets are available now at a special super-earlybird price of just $40 (we take USD and BTC).

Indicate whether you’re planning on attending via this Facebook event and please share with your friends!

The super-earlybird price is good through the end of Liberty Forum 2015, so don’t delay and lock in the best price for the third year of this activism-focused, intimate event.

Welcome to Our Newest Blogger, Shire Dude!

Shire DudeShire Dude is a relatively new mover to New Hampshire from California and has hit the ground running, cranking out much-needed media from the Manchester area. I’m happy to announce Shire Dude as our newest Manch-based blogger here at Free Keene. Here’s his bio from the Bloggers page:

Shire Dude is a freelance agorist who helps individuals and organizations film, edit and produce video content. He has been editing and filming projects since 2005, and he accepts bitcoin for his services. New Hampshire activism is highlighted by his show, ItsLikeThisToo, which is hosted by Ron Paul’s channel, Voices of Liberty. The Dude also co-hosts the Rebel Love Show and produces his own comedy show on YouTube. He escaped California and became an early mover for the Free State Project in May of 2014. To learn more, visit ShireDude.com.

New Video Series Focuses on FSP Early Movers: “Its Like This Too”

Free State Project early movers Cecelia Fairchild and Shire Dude have begun releasing weekly episodes of a brand new web video series, “It’s Like This Too”, which features the stories and accomplishments of other early movers for the FSP.

Here are the three episodes released to-date:

Episode 3, featuring former CPS agent Carlos Morales:


Episode 2, featuring Shire Sharing foundress Amanda Bouldin: (more…)

Awesome New Documentary: “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire”

It’s out! “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“, the brand-new documentary produced by Free State Project participants is now available in full on Youtube.

This one-hour documentary is packed with 101 persuasive reasons why New Hampshire is the best destination for liberty-loving people. In addition to focusing on lots of reasons why New Hampshire is already a great, more-free place to live, it also showcases some of the successes of the Free State Project‘s early movers thus far. It’s an amazing film and kudos goes to executive producer Vince Perfetto and especially producer and editor Beau Davis for making it happen. This movie is going to be the key to pushing the Free State Project to 20,000 signers and triggering the official move – please share it as widely as you can!

Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree is BACK!

This Monday 11/17, Free State Project participants will be releasing their 2nd movie produced in New Hampshire called “101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire“. The new movie is being edited by FSP early mover Beau Davis, who was also the editor of the 1st FSP-participant-produced movie, the feature-length documentary, “Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree“.

To celebrate the imminent release of 101 Reasons, we’re releasing the Director’s Cut of DJVCS for the first time ever on YouTube! Of course the YouTube version doesn’t have the TWO commentary tracks or hours of bonus activist footage that you can only find on the DVD – so grab your copy or buy it as a gift for the holidays for under $10 at Amazon!

Here’s the Director’s Cut of the movie on YouTube:

And as an added bonus, here’s the QnA session with the producers that happened after the real-life premiere at Keene Cinemas in 2012: (more…)