Last Chance for Earlybird Keenevention Tickets!

Buzz' Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

Buzz’ Big Gay Dance Party @ Porcfest 2014

I am back from an amazing Porcfest and am loaded down with emails and snail mail to catch up on.  Until I get caught up, the Keenevention earlybird ticket price of just $40 (or BTC!) still applies.  Remember, pre-event tickets are limited to just 100, so don’t miss out!

You can get your tickets now via credit card or bitcoin!

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FK’s Freeman Challenges Hassan in Democratic Primary

Ian Freeman Rainbow HatHere’s a press release I’m sending this morning to NH media:

As of Thursday morning, nationally syndicated talk show host Ian Freeman has thrown his hat into the ring for governor of NH in a primary challenge to incumbent Maggie Hassan. In addition to being a registered democrat, Freeman is a co-chair of the New Hampshire Liberty Party. Freeman openly challenges Hassan on her inhumane continuation of the insane “War on Drugs”, especially the war on cannabis users. On Freeman’s campaign info page, he states,

If Maggie were a true democrat, she’d care about the little guy, but yet her state police continue to put the little guy behind bars for victimless crimes like cannabis possession. As governor, I’ll pardon all victimless criminals as one of my first acts.

Freeman also supports NH seceding from the United States as well as equal ballot access for all candidates. Regarding Freeman’s positions on other issues, please see the NH Liberty Party platform. Or, contact the candidate directly with any questions or media requests at 603-513-2449 or ian at

SFK Group Member Displays Glock Pistol At Square

Craig 2Yesterday (6/3/2014) at about 7:30PM, approximately 40 minutes after a man was slammed into the fountain, a man entered the square, walked past myself and a few others, then lifted his shirt to display what appeared to be a glock pistol, pointed to it with his hand which was very close to it, and then came back later (still armed) and sat on the gazebo steps nearby the group who saw his exhibit.

Rich managed to catch this display on video despite his camera being mechanically defective (it keeps zooming in).

I posted pictures of this man to Facebook and was soon contacted by a source that told me he is Craig A Faulkner, a member of Stop Free Keene and son of Dorrie O’Meara. (Note the ear on photos below).

CraigCraig Hat
Craig SFK

Craig Faulkner 18


I have no problem with people carrying tools for self-defense, but I feel that the display was an attempt to intimidate and threaten the people at the square with violence and not for his defense.

The following pictures show further evidence he might not be a peaceful-minded person.

Craig TwitterCraig Twitter2

Stop Free Keene, the Yin to Free Keene’s Yang

Here is the letter-to-the-editor I sent into the Sentinel which was published last Sunday.yinyang[1]
I am still interested in discussing any concerns anyone has.

Letter Below:

You may have heard about the “Stop Free Keene” group. I see this development as positive, since I believe that if someone has concerns with other people’s actions, they should let others know, a principle that Free Keene shares.

Unfortunately, my admiration for the group is offset by the rhetoric I’ve seen from the group. Often, many comments on their Facebook group are negative. They often resort to name calling, personal attacks and even advocating for violence toward bloggers of Free Keene. I’m fine with someone disagreeing and calling names, but it’s not OK to think violence is acceptable.

One Stop Free Keene member posted a picture of a Free Keene blogger with a laser dot illuminated on his head and torso. Under this picture was a rifle with a laser aiming device attached. Stop Free Keene deleted the post, but the Stop Free Keene member who posted the picture is still in the group and no public announcement was made denouncing the person or his post.Many Stop Free Keene members wear Emerson Towing hoodies. In this video,, an employee of Emerson can be seen threatening a former Free Keene blogger. Many Stop Free Keene members stated they support this behavior. Other Stop Free Keene members have also made threats and are still in the group. Conversely, a Free Keene blogger was removed over concerns that he may
not be a peaceful individual because of allegations regarding his language.