Litigating the Shire Society

Twelve years ago I blogged on this website a criminal court case in Cheshire County, NH involving a military veteran turned independent journalist named Jason Talley.  Mr. Talley had become ensnared in contempt of court and disorderly conduct charges after he dared commit the dastardly crime of mere possession of a recording device in a New Hampshire court facility.

Ultimately, after months of litigation, the case was won in Mr. Tally’s favor due to a technical “error” committed by the prosecution.  In my humble opinion this “error” was intentionally committed to protect the New Hampshire Judiciary from having to publicly defend their egregious conduct.

What “egregious conduct” you ask?  The court order that Mr. Talley was accused of violating was put in place after another activist, Ademo Freeman, was arrested for “threatening” the Keene District Court Presiding Judge Edward Burke.  This interaction was caught on video and contained absolutely no threat.  What followed were administrative court orders restricting the Federal and State Constitution so that cameras could not be possessed in court facilities.

You see the misconduct here?  Judge Burke breaks the law that forbids making false claims to law enforcement officers and then supervisory judges in the New Hampshire Judiciary restrict people’s freedoms as a result.

A crime or misconduct committed by a state employee cannot give justification to the government to restrict the freedom of those who are not in government.  Not unless there are two classes of men.  This is what they did.

Why is this misconduct relevant today?  Well…  it is a black-and-white example of how individuals in government employment are able to break the law with impunity and then cover for each other when they’re caught.  I personally notified the Attorney Generals Office, the Legislature, and the Judicial Conduct Committee.  To my knowledge no one ever was held accountable.

I would have far less of a problem with this misconduct if the government was not going after peaceful friends of mine for victimless offenses, fining them, and then using that money to pay their own salaries.

In New Hampshire there are three existing government systems: The Federal Government, The New Hampshire Government, and the Shire Society.  Two are recognized as sovereign, the third is not.  I seek to change this.

I intend on representing a Shire Society member who is targeted by the State for victimless crime prosecution.  I am not a Shire Society member as my allegiance is to the New Hampshire and Federal Constitutions, but when the State prosecutes a Shire Society member for victimless crimes and uses those fines to pay the salaries of judges who are not subject to the same rules, we have two classes of men…  and that is prohibited by Part I, Article 10 of the New Hampshire Constitution.

Every New Hampshire law enforcement officer, judge, and lawmaker is duty bound like me to uphold the Right of Revolution…  and I intend on doing that by fighting for the Shire Society being a revolutionary government system.

We’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned!

If you work in New Hampshire government and are wondering why I’m about to come after you like this, this is why.

Freedom’s the answer…  so what is the question? 🙂

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