Volunteering for Shire Sharing

Shire Sharing is a voluntaryist inspired charity organized by early mover to the Free State Project and NH State Representative Amanda Bouldin. This was the second year that this Free Keene blogger volunteered for the charity. I volunteered to assist with the assembly and delivery of the Thanksgiving meals from their Manchester location. This location was a warehouse near the Manchester airport that was donated to use for this past weekend. The crescendo of Shire Sharing took place on November 21st & 22nd during the assembly and delivery phase of the charity.


Shire Sharing Surpasses Goal Of 500 Families

shire sharing bags 1

Bags are specialized for dietary restrictions.

shire sharing bags 2

Using an assembly line method, all of this was sorted in about 2 hours.

Shire sharing cans

Shire Sharing is a 100% volunteer

State Representative Amanda Bouldin has done it again!  Stacks of canned goods, cooking supplies, fruits and vegetables were sorted into bags by Shire Sharing volunteers.  Also included were cards that read:

This comes to you from someone who cares about you. All we ask is that you take care of yourself well enough to be able to do this for someone else some day.”

Delivery will commence tomorrow to nearly 600 families around Manchester, Keene, Concord and Nashua.  As usual, Shire Sharing turns out a surplus of volunteers.

Volunteers for this charity employ creative fundraising methods, such as hosting a comedy night at Murphy’s Taproom, throwing a party at the largest arcade in the world and donating parking fines to the charity.  If you can think of a new, creative way to gather donations, let me know in a comment below.

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RLS 069 – Keenevention Recap!


The Rebel Love Show is joined by the lovely Tela to recap Keenevention 2015. To describe Keenevention in a nutshell is simply Sex, Drugs, and Anarchy. Suffice to say, it was a blast! Topics this week included puke worthy and inspirational panels at keenvention, the HallowKeene Dance Party, agorist charity Shire Sharing, sauna karma, and free uber activism. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM and RebelLoveShow.com

Bitcoin Discussion on Manchester Morning Talk Radio with WFEA’s Jared Goodell

This Summer, Keene native Jared Goodell launched a morning show on Manchester talker WFEA 1370 AM & 99.9 FM. Friday morning I was honored to have my first chance to appear as a guest on his program. Jared wanted to discuss the decentralized future of money and had some good questions about Bitcoin. The interview turned out to be a good short intro discussion for people new to Bitcoin. Feel free to share, as always:

BREAKING: NH Judge Says Secretly Recording Police is Legal, Dismisses Wiretapping Charge

Alfredo Valentin

Alfredo Valentin, Hero

In a six page decision issued this week, NH Hillsborough superior court judge Gillian L. Abramson dismissed the misdemeanor wiretapping charge against Alfredo Valentin – affirming the right to record police in public includes secret recordings. The judge cites both the Glik and Gericke cases which were important federal cases affirming the right to record police in public. The state argued in this case, that since the recording was secret, the right to record doesn’t apply in NH, where the wiretapping statute is ridiculously oppressive. The judge smacked that claim down:

the Court finds that the First Amendment protects secretly filming police in public, for the same reasons that the First Amendment generally protects filming police. The public has the right to gather and disseminate information about the police.

Free State Project early mover and attorney Brandon Ross is Valentin’s lawyer (Ross has previously beaten wiretapping charges at the NH supreme court.) and had this to say, in an exclusive interview for Free Keene, about the judge’s decision: “By charging him with a felony, the state destroyed my client’s career–and made things much worse with this wild goose chase prosecution. I’m glad the court wasn’t fooled by the state’s manifestly incorrect representations about the law. I look forward to him getting his day in federal court.”


Attorney Brandon Ross

Ross also excoriated the NH legislature for their inaction on fixing the horrible wiretapping statutes, saying, “This never needed to happen. Numerous bills have been brought to the legislature to fix this. Each time, the legislature has failed to act to bring simple, necessary clarity to a law which police are continually abusing. But the NH chiefs of police scare them each time, and nothing happens. The resulting litigation from that spineless failure to act, does nothing but inconvenience citizens and cost taxpayers.”

The decision is excellent and will certainly help Valentin in his million+ dollar lawsuit against Manchester Police for violating his rights.

You can read the full six-page order here. Will the state attorney general’s office appeal to the NH supreme court and risk making this decision apply to the entire state? Stay tuned here to Free Keene for the latest.

RLS 067 – Seditious Serenade with Carlos Morales


Recorded October 20th, 2015
CSP whistle blower and host of the Libertarian Atheist podcast Carlos Morales joins us in studio to give us a seditious serenade. Topics this week include Carlos’s review of the Democrat Presidential debates, remembering Irwin Schiff, Liberty Fest NYC, the DOJ focusing on anti government groups, Carlos’s musical inspirations, modern day abolitionism, and how atheism will lead to anarchy. Make sure to check out Carlos at libertarian-atheist.com The Rebel Love Show broadcasts every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM, IPM Nation, and RebelLoveShow.com

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