RLS 055 – Live From Polyfest(Porcfest) 2015


Recorded live at Polyfest (Porcfest) on June 26th, 2015 from Rogers Campground in Lancaster NH. Topics this week include hitting the strip club at Porcfest, pro male nudity, Shire days at Porcfest, Carlos Morales playing us out of our trip, preparing for the Big Gay Dance Party, Poly Party review, hippie flipping, Cody considers the move to Manch Vegas, the Porcfest vortex, the wide range of groups at Porcfest, and Luke and Murdoch discuss their Porcfest experience. Guests this episode include Derrick J, Ellen Ball, Cody O’Conner, Murdoch Pizgatti, and Luke Rudkowski.  The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM


Recent court activism in Manchester

Earlier today on July 16th 2015, I went to my court date at the 9th Circuit District Division Courthouse in Manchester NH for my trial over a traffic ticket. Accompanying me to record my trial was Renee Kate of the Seditious Sirens with camera and press badge in hand. When we entered the courthouse, we had to pass security. Security attempted to give Renee a hard time about recording in court. Both of us replied that we are recognized by the court and the State of New Hampshire as press and continued to proceed to the court room. The two of us sat down in the court room and witnessed two people take a plea deal from the court. After watching the court threatening violence against people, one of the court clerks walked up to us, called me by name, and informed me my case was Nolle Prossed by the prosecutor. The prosecutor of the case decided to throw out their case against me in regards to the ticket I was fighting. My objective was to petition the court to allow me to donate my time to a private charity instead of the state receiving funds received_464226037085751from me. I attempted this in the pretrial as well but was given a non guilty plea instead. A point I had planned to bring up during the trial as well. We did find it interesting that they knew who I was and didn’t need to call my name out to find me.

The other reason I have been fighting traffic and parking tickets as of late was for practice. Unfortunately, living as freely as I do here in the Shire, being kidnapped by the state is a possibility. I viewed this trial as a court room workshop. Worst case scenario they would take the $110 from me but I would not be in a cage. I walked away with a couple of important lessons. Don’t take a plea is a great strategy in an attempt to win a case. How else would get a case thrown out if you do not fight it?  When possible, take a case to trial.  Also, do yourself a favor by grabbing a friend, printing a press badge, and bring a camera to your court date. The camera and press badge did not see use today but I am certain had I not had those two things, the outcome of today would not have been in my favor.

Manchester Police Face $1 Million Suit After Arresting Man for Recording


Feeling safe yet?

Free State Project early mover and attorney Brandon Ross is once again involved in a “wiretapping” case where Manchester police arrested a man for recording them in his own home.  The man is now suing for more than $1 million in damages, as Photography is Not a Crime’s Andrew Quemere reports:

The city of Manchester, New Hampshire and two of its police officers are facing a lawsuit for more than a million dollars after arresting a man for audio-recording the officers as they searched his home.


Alfredo Valentin, 43, was arrested on March 3 after police conducted a no-knock raid on his home in search of drugs that belonged to a tenant and was later fired from his job because of the arrest, according to the lawsuit.


Valentin was never charged with any drugs crimes and, according to the lawsuit, was not aware that there were any drugs in his home.


Police were investigating Christopher Chapman, whom they suspected of selling heroin, and were able to arrest him outside of Hillsborough County Superior Court.


Despite already having the man in custody, the department sent a SWAT team to break into Valentin’s home, “firing incendiary devices through the property’s windows, kicking in the doors, and entering the property SWAT-style with semi-automatic weapons—damaging property, terrifying the two women who were still in the house, and creating an unjustifiable risk of accidental death or injury,” according to the lawsuit (see full article for pictures of the damage). (more…)

RLS 052 – Green Screen Activism


Carlos Morales and Brett Veinotte joined us this week in the Rebel Love Studio. Topics this week include Carlos and Calvin Thompson’s new project libertarian-atheist.com, pro tips to avoiding copyright infringement on youtube, Shire Dude’s inspiration, Porcfest, Stefan Molyneux cult on Showtime, Carlos and Brett’s relationship, studio sex, Shire Dude’s trial, The Villians of Anarchy, Brett is punished for his anti-poly rhetoric, the podcast beef with Nick of Puke and the Gang, School Suck beef, and Walter Block eating babies. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday on LRN.FM at 10pm EST.