Rebel LOVE Show ep 44: Brazilian Anarchy


Bruno Parga and Mattheus Von Guttenberg joined us in studio this week. Bruno Parga is a recent new mover from Brazil and Mattheus Von Guttenberg, a crypto-anarchist aficionado makes his return to the show. Topics this week include Bruno’s move from Brazil, buying cars with bitcoin, right to travel, eskimo family tree, the community coming together about a common threat, encrypted communications, stop free Dover, polyamory at Liberty Forum, and secession movements including here in the Shire. The Rebel Love Show broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM

Rebel Love Show ep 42: The Liberty Forum Experience


The Seditious Sirens join us in studio to recap Liberty Forum. New mover and host of Unity Evolved Liberty Phoenix also makes a cameo appearance for a segment. Topics discussed on this week’s show all revolve around Liberty Forum. At Liberty Forum multiple 420 rallies took place, RLS recorded three shows, Polyamory and Secession talks Rob did with the artist formerly known as O-Girl, and the Liberty Forum Party hosted by the Rebel Love crew. Long story short, a lot of sex, drugs, and Anarchy ensued. Rebel Love Show broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM with fellow Free Keene blogger Shire Dude.

Rebel LOVE Show ep 38: Rebel Flaming Love


Dale from Flaming Freedom and Ann from the Seditious Sirens join us in the Rebel Love studio to pre-game before Liberty Forum. Topics on this week’s show include Liberty Forum updates, Tinder activism, good vs bad publicity, new movers, Flaming Freedom resurrected, entertainment for the liberty community, living life on the fringe of society, closet libertarians in the LGBT community, being open about your sexuality in the Shire, we reminisce about Keenevention and Porcfest, and porcupines helping out other porcs in emergencies. The Rebel LOVE Show broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM.

VICE Reports on Liberty Forum 2015

VICEVICE has previously reported on the Free State Project in other pieces on nanobreweries and Rich Paul’s heroic stand for cannabis freedom. Now, VICE moves on to Liberty Forum, the FSP’s yearly hotel convention that attracts hundreds from around the globe.

It’s good coverage, focusing on the variety of interesting characters and opinions found at the annual gathering. Will we see VICE at Porcfest 2015?

Here’s the text of the full piece: (more…)

Liberty Forum 2015 – Happening in Manchester All Weekend!

Free State ProjectThe Free State Project‘s yearly convention, the NH Liberty Forum, has begun!  Now in its eighth year, the Liberty Forum attracts hundreds of liberty-loving people from around the world to network, see great speakers, and socialize.  The event features dozens of speakers both from New Hampshire and elsewhere, banquet dinners, and parties both in and out of the hotel. The fun started today with a tour of the state house in Concord and tomorrow the convention events begin in earnest at Manchester’s Radisson hotel, continuing through Sunday morning. You can see the schedule and get further details here on the NH Liberty Forum website.

The largest newspaper in NH is the Union Leader.  The editorial page editor, Drew Cline, promoted the event today in a glowing article that affirmed that the Free State Project will help make New Hampshire even more awesome.  Check it out:

Last year, the Free State Project’s Liberty Forum, held at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua, felt a little crowded. About 350 people attended, according to organizers. Today, the event kicks off in a bigger venue, the Radisson in downtown Manchester. Organizers expect about 500 attendees. Roughly half of them will be “liberty lovers” who do not live in New Hampshire. Yet.


Some of the out-of-staters showed up last weekend to participate in Tour New Hampshire, a series of self-guided tours throughout the week offered by the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance, a separate organization not part of the Free State Project. That there is a tour of New Hampshire organized by locals to cater to Free Staters is an indication of the group’s increasing clout. (more…)

Rebel Love Show Ep 36: Truth over School Podcast


Carlos Morales and Brett Veinotte join RLS this week for our second trek live on LRN.FM. The show starts off with Liberty Forum updates. RLS will be recording each day at Liberty Forum at 2:30pm March 5th, 6th, and 7th in Manchester NH at the Radisson hotel. Carlos and Rob will also be doing talks at Liberty Forum. Topics discussed on the show include the great Dunkin Donuts debate, Carlos goes on a food rant, Shire Dude invents the signed selfie, Brett doesn’t care about his listeners, RLS does school sucks outreach, activism in Manchester, online vs in person activism, chilling out in the Shire, podcasting learning hospital, transhumanism, Shire Dude is confronted about being the mastermind behind @IanGoogling on twitter, Rob and Carlos discuss ISFLC, Carlos talks about his dislike for Ron Paul, and the need for more art in the liberty community. RLS broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10pm EST on and you can watch us live at