Cop Blocking in Manchester with Supportive Locals

I encountered and filmed an arrest (purportedly for a license issue) in Manchester’s West Side, at the intersection of Granite and Main. Bystanders were initially hostile to our filming, but when we explained about Cop Block and that we were just trying to hold police accountable and make sure they didn’t perpetrate any abuse, they became very supportive. Score one for the good guys.

Rebel Love Show Ep 20 “In Satoshi’s Name”



Dr. Darren Tapp of NeoCash Radio stops by the Rebel Love Studios and drops some bitcoin bombs.  Topics discussed include how Darren first became interested in bitcoin, personal experiences transferring money with and with out bitcoin, and the preferred use of bitcoin among the liberty community here in the Shire.  Every Rebel Love Show episode is available at  Show archives are also available on itunes, stitcher, and youtube.

“You’re forcing my image on your camera!” – Manch Politician

In a ridiculous example of some people’s bizarre views about cameras being pointed at them in public, a Manchester “alderman”, Pat Long confronts independent newsman Dave Ridley:

Perhaps Pat does not understand that the photons captured by the camera’s sensor are not being forced there. Photography is a passive act, by nature. In public, there is no prohibition on it, nor should there be. (more…)