Jared Goodell Launching Manchester Morning Radio Show on Tuesday, 8/25, 7am

Jared Goodell Show

Keene Native Jared Goodell Launching Morning Talk Show in Manchester

Keene independent newsman and local radio pro Jared Goodell has been given a major promotion – straight to morning talk radio in Manchester, NH, starting Tuesday 8/25.  Saga Communications’ Manchester-based WFEA-AM 1370 flipped to talk radio earlier this year to provide some competition to iHeartMedia’s longtime market leader, WGIR. This summer, WFEA also signed onto translator 99.9 FM.

Goodell’s show will be the first local, longform weekday talk show on the station and it’s a major win for Goodell, a Keene native who cut his teeth in Keene music radio for years – he started at age 13 at WOOL-FM in Bellows Falls, VT. It’s a bold move for Saga to tap a young talk host like Jared to head up mornings. Good for them for taking the chance on the farm team rather than going the typical route of hiring some old politico or using a national morning show.

Goodell says of his new gig, “I hope to usher in a new era for talk radio. There is a lot of speculation as to the future of the format, some of which is not great. I love talk radio and want to see it live on for many more generations. Talk radio has always been the medium that the American people could use to amplify their voice and to hold their government accountable.”

He’s proven he’s got the chops for issues-oriented talk radio in his recent week-long fill-ins for longtime local morning man Dan Mitchell on WKBK here in Keene.  I was grateful to be a guest on a recent episode to discuss the Shire Free Church:

Goodell’s new show will be 7a-9a to start, eventually expanding to 6a-9a after a syndication contract ends. While his show will not air in Keene at this time, you can still listen online via WFEA’s website.

Good luck in the big city, Jared. Here’s a video of Goodell performing WKBK’s morning show, courtesy of Youtube’s CAPTAINQUINN: (more…)

Cop Blocking in Manch Vegas, Cedar and Union

Cop Blocking is not one of my favorite forms of activism. To be honest I dislike it. Mostly because I try to avoid violent people as much as I can. However, in the situation when police are threatening violence to your neighbors right in front of you, I feel an obligation to help out. The Rebel Love Studio is near what New Hampshire considers a “ghetto” in Manchester. On the night of August 12th, 2015 there was a large crowd of minority teens and a large contingent of Manch PD on the corner of Cedar and Union St. Ann Leverette, Renee Kate, and I hit the streets with smart phones in hand to help out our neighbors from the threats of violence by the police. We used the opportunity to hand out cop block lit to the people the police were harassing. The Manch PD also confront us a couple of times during the incident. Luckily no one was arrested on this night.

NH Activists Reach 6 Courthouses with Jury Nullification Outreach in 2 Days

Jury nullification outreach efforts reach new heights in NH

jury activistsOn August 3rd and 4th, New Hampshire activists (organized by Joel Valenzuela of Rights Brigade) reached an incredible six courthouses with jury nullification outreach information supplied by NHJury.com. Activists canvassed much of the state, reaching locations in Dover, Laconia, Brentwood, Concord, Manchester, and Nashua, sharing with jurors the knowledge of their age old right to nullify bad laws.

RLS 055 – Live From Polyfest(Porcfest) 2015


Recorded live at Polyfest (Porcfest) on June 26th, 2015 from Rogers Campground in Lancaster NH. Topics this week include hitting the strip club at Porcfest, pro male nudity, Shire days at Porcfest, Carlos Morales playing us out of our trip, preparing for the Big Gay Dance Party, Poly Party review, hippie flipping, Cody considers the move to Manch Vegas, the Porcfest vortex, the wide range of groups at Porcfest, and Luke and Murdoch discuss their Porcfest experience. Guests this episode include Derrick J, Ellen Ball, Cody O’Conner, Murdoch Pizgatti, and Luke Rudkowski.  The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM


Recent court activism in Manchester

Earlier today on July 16th 2015, I went to my court date at the 9th Circuit District Division Courthouse in Manchester NH for my trial over a traffic ticket. Accompanying me to record my trial was Renee Kate of the Seditious Sirens with camera and press badge in hand. When we entered the courthouse, we had to pass security. Security attempted to give Renee a hard time about recording in court. Both of us replied that we are recognized by the court and the State of New Hampshire as press and continued to proceed to the court room. The two of us sat down in the court room and witnessed two people take a plea deal from the court. After watching the court threatening violence against people, one of the court clerks walked up to us, called me by name, and informed me my case was Nolle Prossed by the prosecutor. The prosecutor of the case decided to throw out their case against me in regards to the ticket I was fighting. My objective was to petition the court to allow me to donate my time to a private charity instead of the state receiving funds received_464226037085751from me. I attempted this in the pretrial as well but was given a non guilty plea instead. A point I had planned to bring up during the trial as well. We did find it interesting that they knew who I was and didn’t need to call my name out to find me.

The other reason I have been fighting traffic and parking tickets as of late was for practice. Unfortunately, living as freely as I do here in the Shire, being kidnapped by the state is a possibility. I viewed this trial as a court room workshop. Worst case scenario they would take the $110 from me but I would not be in a cage. I walked away with a couple of important lessons. Don’t take a plea is a great strategy in an attempt to win a case. How else would get a case thrown out if you do not fight it?  When possible, take a case to trial.  Also, do yourself a favor by grabbing a friend, printing a press badge, and bring a camera to your court date. The camera and press badge did not see use today but I am certain had I not had those two things, the outcome of today would not have been in my favor.

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