RLS 47 – Fair Weather Activists


Rob and Shire Dude hit the digital radio waves this past week on LRN.FM recapping the latest 420 rally in Concord. Other topics discussed on the show include the art of live streaming, the next pub crawl in Manch, Keene vs Manch Karaoke, the start of our THC cleanse, DUI checkpoint season, Artsy Fartsy party, Morgan Spurlock documentary crew in the Shire, LRN.FM in Africa, bitcoin hair cuts, Shire Dude’s upcoming trial, the Lizzie Closely story, and what the future holds for the Rebel LOVE Show.

RLS 46: Tech Therapy


Stephanie Murphy & Brian Sovryn join us in studio this week. As per usual we go into life issues. Stephanie opens up the show with dating site activism. From there, other topics discussed include recent Manch activism including the Rebel Love Pub Crawl, talking podcast shop, the studio’s origin story, the return of Porc Therapy?, the need for different types of liberty content, Stephanie’s desire for tit pics, podcast groupies, sci-fi tv geek out, balding, Telegram app for encrypted group chats, and we almost kill Stephanie. As bonus content after the LRN feed, we go in depth with Stephanie and Brian about our polyamory life styles. The Rebel Love Show airs every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. EST on LRN.FM

Shire Dude’s Parking Ticket Pre-Trial

Earlier this morning at the Manchester City Courthouse, fellow Free Keene blogger Shire Dude had a pre-trial over three parking tickets that he received during the winter in Manchester NH. According to Shire Dude, the entire goal of taking these tickets to court is to “Not fund the City of Manchester”. He also hopes to at least at minimum have the funds be donated to a private charity instead. There is a court date of June 16th set and I will be there recording the trial of Shire Dude.

RLS Episode 45: Polyamorous Crime Spree


Derrick J and Cecelia Fairchild make both of their second appearances in the Rebel Love studio this episode. Topics this week include the Feds stealing bitcoin from Ross Ulbricht, fsp media slactivism, Shire Dude season finally, Shire Dude destroys his brand by shaving his beard, snap chat activism, multiple 420 events happening in the Shire, Rob’s chest hair at Porcfest, costume ideas for the Big Gay Dance Party, Derrick J discusses his love for podcasting, new mover parties, more Porcfest stories, Cecelia goes #FullManch, difference between #FullKeene and #FullManch, RLS goes full #FlamingFreedom, Derrick updates us on his conceal carry case, and recording in the court room in NH. RLS broadcasts every Tuesday night on LRN.FM at 10pm EST.

Rebel LOVE Show ep 44: Currency Independence


Neal Connor and Zach Harvey join us this week on RLS. Neal is the President of the Foundation for NH Independence. Zach is a co-founder of Lamassu, a bitcoin start up which released the world’s first bitcoin atm. Lamassu is also based out of Manchester NH. Topics discussed on this week’s show include Zach’s move from Isreal for the FSP, an update on recent bitcoin activism in Manchester, Neal going full soylent, transhumanism, encrypted communications, Shire years, and local food joints in Manch. The Rebel LOVE Show airs weekly on LRN.FM every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST.

Rebel LOVE Show ep 44: Brazilian Anarchy


Bruno Parga and Mattheus Von Guttenberg joined us in studio this week. Bruno Parga is a recent new mover from Brazil and Mattheus Von Guttenberg, a crypto-anarchist aficionado makes his return to the show. Topics this week include Bruno’s move from Brazil, buying cars with bitcoin, right to travel, eskimo family tree, the community coming together about a common threat, encrypted communications, stop free Dover, polyamory at Liberty Forum, and secession movements including here in the Shire. The Rebel Love Show broadcasts live every Tuesday night at 10 pm EST on LRN.FM