Education Outreach at Manchester West High School

10806304_392029594305396_51057408654822989_nEarlier this morning myself, fellow Free Keene blogger and co-host of the Rebel Love Show Shire Dude, and Ann Leverette of Seditious Sirens decided to hand out School Sucks Project flyers out to students in front of Manchester West High School. If the school can use pro 10423305_392030064305349_4057940784120658817_nstate propaganda in their curriculum, so can those of us that believe the state should not have any role in education. The entire event was inspired by education outreach conducted in Keene years ago. At one point, a school official came out to “request” that we leave school property. We of course did not cooperate with his request. Myself and Shire Dude started to ask what would happen if we didn’t comply with his request at which point the school official refused to talk to us. Most likely due to the fact he was being recorded. After no longer having a 10933882_392032040971818_3464301483672716791_ndistraction from one of the employees of the school, we returned to the purpose of our activism. Even with the freezing temperatures, we handed out flyers for roughly thirty minutes to students as they were entering the school.

Rebel Love Show Ep 33: Crypto-Anarchist Superhero


Mattheus Von Guttenberg, Bitcoin Magazine contributor, and Liberty Forum speaker, stops by the Rebel Love studios. Rob, Shire Dude, and MVG all announce that they have have talks at this year’s Liberty Forum in Manchester NH at the Radisson Hotel. The Rebel Love Show will also be recording live at Liberty Forum each day of the event. Topics discussed in this episode include MVG giving an update on the status of Bitcoin, should the Bitcoin Foundation be in existence?, when will Bitcoin be the mainstream currency?, MVG and Rob share TSA activism stories, issues with coming out as a Free Stater at work, using the topic of police as a tool of outreach, MVG filmed Amanda Billy Rock being arrested, right to travel activism, and cop blocking in Manchester.

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Rebel Love Show Ep 32: The Free Keene of Atheism


Carlos Morales, CPS whistle blower and atheist activist joined myself and fellow Free Keene blogger and co-host Shire Dude in the Rebel Love studio recently. Topics discussed include his new book Legal Kidnapped, Russian oil prices, American fracking, walking the only beach in the Shire, Rob and Carlos discuss being recovering fat guys, Carlos discusses the cults he was involved in, Carlos discusses his activist career in the athiest movement, pros of the FSP and BRLP, why Carlos started his media out reach, and liberty activism for an untapped market.

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Free Stater vs Manchester PD over Inspection Sticker Edict

I moved to the Shire just under one year ago. Since then I have been thrown into being a right to travel activist, but not by choice. The car I purchased with bitcoin has been pulled over by police in New Hampshire over 10 times now. Most likely due to the liberty stickers on the bumper. I do not leave home with out a camera on me any more because of the amount of interactions I find my self in with the local government agents. Due to this, I have recorded conversations with police more than I have ever wanted to. In this situation, I was in violation of the government edict regarding the proper sticker on my windshield. This sticker represents if my vehicle had been inspected with in the last year. Due to the fact that my car was in violation of said edict, I attempted to talk to this officer in a way that broke down the uniform. I treated him as a human being who is issuing a letter of extortion to me. Is this a good tactic? I know there are many strategies for talking to the police but I was already being issued a ticket and took advantage of the situation in an attempt to emotionally reach the officer. I am sure I made mistakes in how I handled this, please leave any criticisms you may have. The video was recorded by the latest Free State Project early mover Ann Leverette.

Rebel Love Show Ep 30: The Liberty Mecca


Beau Davis, the creative force behind 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, stops by the Rebel Love studios. Beau’s latest documentary is about the Free State Project here in the Shire and the reasons why you should move here as well. The last time Beau was on the show was during the filming of 101 in which the Rebel Love Show, Rob Mathias, and fellow Free Keene blogger Shire Dude were all featured in it. This is also the first episode recorded that we are officially on LRN.FM. Other topics discussed on this week’ show include the Shire being the libertarian mecca, dreaming big in the Shire, what will happen when the move is triggered, Rob and Shire Dude talk about how Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree inspired their move to the Shire, right to travel activism, who doesnt love Dave Ridley?, Beau discusses how his cannabis use has helped him and woke him up, Chalk the Police in Manchester, trespass of 12? Shire Dude evolution since living here, Beau pitches the Rebel Love TV Show and the Porcupine AV club, should activists wake others up?, are liberty media types historians, and Beau talks about future projects.

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Rebel Love Show Ep 30: Community Standards


Its a Festivus miracle! We have finally released our episode with Brett Veinotte and Ali Havens. Long story short, slactivism and audio issues came into play with the recording of this episode. The episode was originally recorded on November 19th, 2014. Topics discussed on the show include Rob’s, Shire Dude’s, and Ali’s appearances in 101 Reasons Liberty Lives in New Hampshire, why both Rob and Shire Dude moved to Manchester, dating with in the community, Ali shares her first instance of meeting a “celebratarian”, can you live off donations? Brett plans to create an imitation ice cream called Primalscream and Nutscream, Bret’s new show is a health show? you will stop consuming liberty media once you move to the Shire, the pros and cons of the cult leader himself Stefan Molyneux, we all share drunk stories, and the Satoshi Saloon needs to return to Porcfest.
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