Peace Defeats the Brutalist House!

Peace Flag Leverett StAs documented here, controversial “Anarchist Atheist Asshole” Christopher Cantwell has moved out of the Keene Activist Center neighborhood.  New-mover-to-Keene Nolan from New York and Keene Cop Block‘s Centurion are now in the house across from the KAC. Today, Centurion hung out a peace flag after cutting down the bushes in front of the house, officially terminating the Cantwell-inspired “Brutalist House” name.

It’s good to see peace-houses expanding in the Free Streets Project.

The Telegraph of London Reports on the Free State Project

telegraph_logo[1]The Telegraph’s David Millward got wind of the Free State Project when he was covering Robin Hood of Keene for the paper. Naturally, he was interested and came to Keene to interview Free Keene bloggers Rich Paul, Derrick J, and me about the Free State Project. Here’s the story:

Nirvana for a libertarian in New Hampshire is a gay married couple guarding a stash of marijuana with an AK47.


“I could live with that,” said Ian Freeman, a leading light the Free State Project and one of the pathfinders in a mass migration of like-minded people to the New England state. (more…)

Is NH gaining a reputation as a Bitcoin destination?

BitcoinJust a couple of weeks ago, Bitcoin Magazine ran a story about New Hampshire’s lively Bitcoin scene. Prior to that, Bitcoin Magazine filed a video report from the bitcoin-accepting Stone Farm in Fitzwilliam and reported on this year’s Liberty Forum in Nashua.

Now Cryptocoin Magazine has published a story by Evander Smart that asks, “Is New Hampshire the most Bitcoin-friendly place in the United States?” What do you think?

Media Coverage of Keenevention 2014: Sentinel, Union Leader

James Cleaveland's Keynote @ Keenevention 2014

James Cleaveland

At this year’s Keenevention, the media were in attendance in the form of Martha Shanahan of the Keene Sentinel and Meghan Pierce of the Union Leader. Here’s the Sentinel feature sotry which appeared on the front page, below-the-fold, with photo. Also, don’t miss this excellent profile on Keenevention’s keynote speaker James “Robin Hood” Cleaveland from the Union Leader.

Here’s the text of the Union Leader piece: (more…)