House Floor Vote On CACR20 on February 1st

NH Statehouse Statue

New Hampshire State House

A constitutional amendment proposed this session (CACR 20) would give the people of New Hampshire the power to fight back against the dangerous and reckless spending of the federal government. In the last 100 years the U.S.federal government has only managed to balance its budget once! By comparison New Hampshire not only cut taxes, but even reduced it’s budget during a time in which all the other states were spending recklessly (that is during the recent economic shutdown that was COVID). As an independent country New Hampshire could do better and CAC20 would give the people the right to vote on an amendment that would declare independence if the federal government continues to increase our indebtedness.

No matter how people actually vote on this constitutional amendment our legislators sending it to a vote of the people would be an act that sends an important message to the federal government: Stop stealing our money or we’re out. This bill would enable voters to declare New Hampshire an independent country IF and only if the United States continues to entangle New Hampshire in a debt we will never be able to pay back. The declaration of independence from the United States empire would only occur if both the citizens of New Hampshire voted yes to pass the constitutional amendment AND the federal governments debt hits $40 trillion. It is also essential that the house and senate conduct a roll call so we know which reps favor democracy and freedom and which reps just pay lip service to it.

The committee hearing on this amendment saw more than 50 individuals come out in support of it and only one person testify against it. I’m not even sure that is correctly framed as my recollection is they had a neutral stance on the amendment. As the committee didn’t listen to it’s constituents and placed the amendment on the consent calendar it’s now up to you to tell your reps to pull this bill off of the consent calendar and do a role call vote. This will give us the power to vote out reps who do not support democracy and the freedom of their constituents to vote on this important issue.

In conclusion please tell your rep to pull CACR 20 off of the consent calendar and support it in a roll call vote!

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