AKPF #1: Cultwell

cantshootgunswellusaComing back after a break from internet broadcasts, the producers are happy to announce a new episode of AKPF #1 for cable and webcast, featuring content filmed very recently in the Keene area. IP strikes have delayed the release of some episodes and prevented others from being broadcast on youtube and other free video hosting services. Featuring almost entirely original content, this episode should hopefully remain outside of the grasp of information censors. Enjoy this week’s episode of AKPF #1, Cultwell, featuring an interview with Cantwellism researcher Ethan Glover by Garret Ean.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep87 – Brick

Porcfest – Corporates taking over the event and why I didn’t go this year • Gov thugs try to shakedown Pfest vendors • Unlicensed free market vending • Brick: The Movie • City of Keene stuff: Good ol’ boy consultants, the great pension scam, increased tax rate, and mandatory raises forever! • Study claims conspiracy theorists will believe anything • Shaunna, Rapsher, and Joe join • Show notes at BlackSheepRising.org

Keene Liberty Activists Featured in Bloomberg Report on Bernie Sanders’ Appearance

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Hiding From Indy Media

Keene liberty activists Derrick J Freeman and Chris Cantwell are featured prominently in an article by Bloomberg reporter David Weigel that discusses the recent Bernie Sanders campaign appearance here.  It’s not Weigel’s first time reporting on the activity of Keene’s liberty contingent.  He wrote a feature piece for Slate all the way back in 2011.

In his recent piece, Weigel links to the Shire Society, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, and my ambush video of Sanders.  Thanks, David, again for the generous coverage.  Here’s the full article:

They approached the entrance to the Bernie Sanders speech, and the libertarians were waiting. On Saturday afternoon, before 750 or so liberal voters could hear the Vermont senator and Democratic presidential candidate at a Keene, New Hampshire, rec center, smiling members of“the Shire Society” handed them fliers.


“Something to read while you wait,” chirruped local libertarian activist Derrick J. Freeman, as he grabbed another flier from his stack. “I just think anyone could be interested in the ideas of liberty.”


He was not baiting liberals, or trolling them. He was being serious. Freeman wore a cat T-shirt and chatted about his documentary, Derrick J’s Victimless Crime Spree, with people who did not mind the conversation—and who often agreed. (more…)

An Open Letter to Senator Sharon Carson – The Compassion of Decriminalization

Recently, the Concord Monitor agreed to publish yet another liberty-related article. This one was on the subject of marijuana decriminalization. Recently, the Senate decided to “table” a marijuana decriminalization bill that would have helped first time “offenders” avoid getting a criminal record for possessing small amounts of marijuana. The prohibitionists in the senate temporarily killed the bill with typical political chicanery, but the most offensive thing about the whole endeavor was the insinuation this was somehow for the “common people’s” good. That, in spite of very clear signals that the majority of the people in New Hampshire do not want others to go to jail for possessing a plant, people like Senator Sharon Carson would continue to advocate for their imprisonment.

The original piece in the Concord Monitor can be found here, but it lacks the citations that I submitted. You can read it with citations below.

Black Sheep Rising – Ep86 – Snickerdoodle

One man’s trash • Ji is free! • All drink and no food • Turn that fire down • The bellamy salute and some pesky kid who won’t stand for the pledge • Activists head back to school • VT cop gets snickerdoodled • Local sheep segregating by color? • Darryl, Shaunna, Tim, and Rapsher join • Show notes at: BlackSheepRising.org

Chris Cantwell on Why Bernie Sanders Is Dangerous

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Hiding From Indy Media

Chris Cantwell was relatively ignorant of Bernie Sanders until yesterday, and now he’s very concerned about him.  After watching his entire speech yesterday at the Keene Rec Center, Cantwell hammered out an excellent article explaining why he thinks Sanders is the most dangerous man in America.  Plus, his article contains the full video of Sanders’ speech, in case you want to see that.  Here’s the text of Chris’ well-written piece:


I’ve never feared for my safety quite like I did yesterday. I have been beaten, kidnapped, and shot at before. I’ve had my gun pointed at a man’s chest when police showed up. I’velive streamed a riot where drunken lunatics flipped cars and screamed “Fuck the press!”. I’ve been involved in some pretty precarious situations, but none were ever quite so frightening as watching 73 year old Bernie Sanders whip hundreds of radical leftists into a frenzy yesterday in Keene, New Hampshire. That might sound a bit hyperbolic, but I’m dead serious. (more…)