AKPF #1: BarnStorm

barnie007Presidential season is in full swing — and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in the latest episode of AKPF #1? In this week’s installment, ‘BarnStorm‘, we tour the vile underbelly of modern political figure’s social media ventures. Primarily focusing on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump (also known as Barnie Sandlers and Dolan Tramp), we are also treated to appearances by lesser candidates such as a metal version of Ben Carson and DWP. Stay tuned to the very end for a sneak preview of the newest colorful coins in circulation.

Secret Service Takes Guns, Pony Away From Vermin Supreme

Vermin Supreme for President

Vermin Supreme or President, 2016

Finally! A candidate worth voting for has entered the presidential race. Vermin Supreme is back for 2016’s presidential primary, this year filing in the Democratic contest. On Friday the boot-wearing candidate, who advocates mandatory teeth-brushing, is promising to buy everyone a pony if he is elected, and will go back in time to kill Hitler if elected, filed for the office of President in Concord, NH with a $1,000 filing fee.

Before heading into the state house to file, Vermin exercised his right to open carry weapons and strapped on a few guns, including a pistol attached to the boot on his head. Sadly, the Secret Service had taken over the state house and were somehow able to temporarily destroy NH’s freedom to carry a gun. Vermin was disarmed, and they would not even allow him to bring in his pony doll or even a cigarette lighter. Apparently they were protecting some lesser candidate named Ben Carson with their ridiculous security apparatus. Here’s the full RAW video of his appearance at the NH state house:

Of course, the security is all for show. If someone were intent on hurting Carson, they could simply wait until he leaves the building.

It’s supposedly illegal for the government to deprive people of their right to bear arms in NH’s government buildings that aren’t considered “secure facilities” like jails or courts. Apparently these rules do not apply to the Secret Service.

The entire encounter was captured on video by Free State Project early mover and former CPS investigator-turned-good, Carlos Morales.

Portsmouth Police Target Grandmother UBER Driver AGAIN + City Council Meeting Footage

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz

Illegal UBER Driver Stephanie Franz, courtesy CBS Boston

In an article at Seacoast Online, Portsmouth acting police chief Frank Warchol uses his best, “I’m just doing my job” excuse for his department targeting 63-year old grandmother Stephanie Franz a SECOND time for what is now a total of $1,500 in two tickets. Franz is accused of driving people somewhere in Portsmouth without the city’s permission slip.

The protectionist racket will continue on unabated after Monday night’s city council meeting, where there were people who testified in favor and against driving freedom. Christopher David had a volunteer read his letter to the council, as he could not attend due to his wife having a baby. Here’s the feed from the council chambers, starting with the people addressing the council:

The second speaker is a taxi company owner who accuses UBER of “stealing” money from him, since he’s obediently jumped through the city’s hoops. However, he does suggest (perhaps sarcastically) to repeal all ordinances so his companies can lower their prices, which I think most libertarians would love to see. After him is a former fireman who suggests that UBER drivers could be a danger to passengers due to misdemeanor convictions which the city’s regulations prohibit within seven years of the background check. He also claims that the state background check is more thorough, but the Free Uber page on facebook says otherwise: (more…)

Portsmouth Mayor Livid Over Activists Using the System

Portsmouth Mayor Robert Lister

Portsmouth Mayor Robert Lister, Courtesy Seacoast Online

Civil disobedience UBER driver Christopher David and the Free Uber supporters will be rallying and speaking to the Portsmouth city council this Monday at their regular meeting. They want the regulations on people giving others rides removed, but the outgoing mayor is not having it.

The Portsmouth mayor, Robert Lister, is mad that people are trying to use the system to change the system – a typical complaint of people inside the system. First they get mad at people like Chris who do civil disobedience. They insist that civil disobedience is the wrong way to do things and tell us that we should work inside the system to change things. Then when we work inside the system, they get upset that we’re “wasting their time”. In Lister’s case, he said this in a Seacoast Online article:

“We have rules…They have to follow the rules. For them to keep changing the rules is not appropriate.”

It’s a repeat of what we’ve seen happen here in Keene. The people who support the status quo hate ANY action to change things in ways that reduce their power, whether those actions are happening inside or outside the system.

As we’ve seen with the felony charge lodged against Chris, or the lawsuit against Keene’s Robin Hooders, they will fight desperately to keep their precious control.

Will Monday’s meeting have an effect on the taxi-favoring outgoing city council or will they do as the Keene council did with the BEARCAT in 2012 and ignore the people in favor of the taxi oligopoly?

Keenevention Releasing Weekly Videos – First Up: the Political Action Panel

Darryl W. Perry Keynote 2015

Darryl W. Perry @ Keenevention 2015

Keenevention may be over for 2015, but the video posts have just begun. We record every speaker and panel discussion that hits the stage and then release them weekly in the order they occurred. Here’s the first in the series, the Political Action Panel featuring host Darryl W. Perry. Darryl and his panelists discussed various ways to make an impact on politics from outside the two party system.  Panelists included Alstead Town Selectman Chris Rietmann, former Libertarian state representative Don Gorman, and former NH Libertarian Party gubernatorial candidate John Babiarz:

Big thanks to our 2015 video sponsor – Roberts & Roberts Brokerage – when you’re serious about precious metals – they take bitcoin!

Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog for more videos and other media from the event. You can also follow the new Keenevention Twitter and Keenevention’s facebook page.

Candidates’ Spotlight 2015 and election information

Over the past two weeks, I provided 16 hours of availability for the 20 candidates for city council (10 At-Large and 2 from each of the 5 Wards) to come to the Cheshire TV studios to record a 5 minute segment for Candidates’ Spotlight. I’d like to thank the candidates who made the effort to come to Cheshire TV to record a segment for Candidates’ Spotlight.

Click on a candidate’s name to watch their segment:

Bettina Chadbourne
Mike Giacomo
George Hansel
Carl Jacobs
Jay Kahn
Ward 1
Steve Hooper
Ward 4
Jim Duffy
Robert Sutherland
Ward 5
Thomas Powers

You can watch all of the segments in the playlist below:

Polls are open 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM on November 3

Ward 1:
Michael E.J. Blastos Community Room
400 Marlboro St
(adjacent to Keene Police Department)
Ward 2:
Keene Parks & Rec.
312 Washington St
Ward 3:
Keene Middle School
167 Maple Avenue
Ward 4:
Symonds School
79 Park Avenue
Ward 5:
Crossway Church
28 Arch Street

Sample Ballots for the Municipal General Election:

Ward 1
Ward 2
Ward 3
Ward 4
Ward 5

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