Keene High School Warden, Lynne “the Witch” Wagner, Resigns

Lynne Wagner

Lynne Wagner, Now-Former KHS Warden

Local independent newsman, Jared Goodell has broken news about Keene High School warden Lynne Wagner resigning, scooping the Keene Sentinel.  Here’s Wagner’s alleged letter of resignation as posted to Goodell’s facebook account that cites both micromanagement and unprofessional tactics as reasons for leaving the helm of the day prison.

Goodell calls Wagner a “witch” on his facebook profile and tells me that he’s kept in touch with several Keene High staff since graduating and has heard many comments about Wagner, including that she is crass and narcissistic. He described an incident involving one of Wagner’s first-implemented changes when arriving at KHS:

a1318[1]“A group of students created a super student parking spot near the front entrance of the high school. The parking spot was painted with the “Superman” symbol, meant to represent “Super Student.” The spot was further marked by a sign, much like a handicap sign, that read “Reserved for Student of The Month.” When Wagner arrived at the school, she had the parking spot’s artwork painted over with black paint and the sign was replaced with one that read ‘Principal Parking Only’.”

Current KHS inmate and incoming 2015 Senior Sophie Shatzman said of Wagner, “She talked to the students like they were too young to understand anything important in life, which didn’t get her a lot of respect.” (more…)

AKPF #1: Checkmark Charliepoint

This week’s installment of AKPF #1 is entitled Checkmark Charliepoint and features footage from on the ground in Manchester, New Hampshire on the evening of a controversial police traffic control checkpoint. ALso featured are the latest updates from the Shire Dude series and news from Derrick J, Rich Paul, and Dave Ridley.

0:00 Cheshire TV warning disclaimer
0:10 Obamacoin southbound on I-93 in Hooksett take em to the bank
1:22 DFW DUI checkpoint in Manchester inquisition
4:49 All the people holding signs
5:50 Decending into the checkpoint charlie
6:55 Captain Hopkins at your protect and service
11:48 Heading back on foot
16:20 Shire Dude episode post-doge 03
21:16 Derrick J interviews Rich Paul after his release from jail after 36 days for alleged violation of probation
24:31 Ridley analyzes the camera seizing activities of police in Cheshire County, Keene, New Hampshire’s North Korea DPRK
28:50 End credits disclaimers

AKPF #1: Festivial

groupphotoporcfestThis week’s stellar installment of the AKPF #1 series features footage captured during the annual Porcupine Freedom Festival, held between June 22-29 in Lancaster, New Hampshire. The gathering was noteworthy for the prolific use of alternative currency by attendees, where vendors readily accepted not only cryptocurrency, but also the elusive Obamacoin, which traded at both three for one dollar as well as the spot price of four per dollar. As usual, the event set a record for participants in attendance.

AKPF #1: Ralstonians

akpfbadge_surveillanceThis week’s adventurous installment of AKPF #1 features historical documentation of presentations delivered in years past, combined with modern declarations straight from the source of the content in Keene, NH. Enjoy this creative imagining of artistic qualities courtesy of the Aqua Keene Parking Force.

Veterans for Peace

This week’s Letter to the Keene Sentinel Editor.

You can barely see it. It’s right on the back of the war monument in Central Square. It’s a faded red peace sign. The statue was chalked more than two years ago, maybe longer. When asked where it came from, one atheist Free Keener said he didn’t know and, “Maybe God put it there.”

Until recently, few who frequent Central Square knew it was even there.

At the City Council graffiti meeting recently, one person demanded that it be removed, asked when it would be done and when an ordinance would be created to prevent it from ever happening again.

I oppose its removal.

Today, many are warming to the idea that war monuments, parades and holidays are just government propaganda. It’s less about the debt and honor owed the soldiers, and more about trying to justify past and future military endeavors. The people who think this way are not all hippies and peaceniks.

I happen to be a young veteran with a normal job and a normal life. I “served my country” and then one day I woke up when I came to realize that war is not the solution, it never was, and never will be.

Sending our sons and daughters across the globe to fight in countless undeclared wars in countries that most Americans couldn’t locate on a map is beyond immoral. Spending almost $1 trillion a year to fund more than 1,000 U.S. military bases and 250,000 soldiers to act as global policemen in a state of permanent war is self-defeating, wasteful and unconscionable. How can anyone in their right mind support such insanity?


Black Sheep Rising – Episode 58

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