Over 4% Vote for NH Liberty Party Candidate for Governor

NH Liberty Party

NH Liberty Party

Perhaps for the first time ever, 2014’s primary election featured a third party candidate running as a democrat: the New Hampshire Liberty Party‘s Ian Freeman.  Despite the entire campaign budget being about three dollars for postage and doing virtually no campaigning besides media appearances and a debate-turned-speech,  Freeman received more than 4% of the vote!

It would be comparing apples-to-oranges, but it’s interesting to note that 4% is more than 50% higher than the 2.6% score by the Libertarian Party’s candidate for governor in the 2012 general election.  The libertarians spent a lot of time and money promoting their candidate, including thousands of dollars on his ballot qualification alone.  Freeman, on the other hand since he is registered as a democrat, became ballot qualified by simply paying $100 to the Secretary of State.  Part of the campaign was to bring attention to the unfair ballot access rules for third parties in New Hampshire.

The campaign also focused on ending cannabis prohibition and secession from the United States.  You can learn more about the New Hampshire Liberty Party here.

2015 City Council Candidate Fails At Achieving Stalking Order Against FK’s Garret Ean

Bradford "King of Keene" Hutchingson

Bradford “King of Keene” Hutchingson

Bradford Hutchingson, who has been known to call himself “King of Keene” in this blog’s comments, recently filed for a stalking order to be issued against Free Keene blogger Garret Ean. Hutchingson is known for his bizarre and sometimes dangerous
behavior.  In fact, Hutchingson is facing criminal charges for an alleged attack on Garret Ean and will soon be back in superior court for a jury trial in that matter.  Hutchingson is also the only city council candidate who did worse than me in the election of 2013.

The superior court’s John C. Kissinger conducted a hearing on Monday and firmly ruled against Hutchingson’s plea, as Hutchingson admitted that he had no fear that Garret was a danger, while Garret told the judge of the multiple occasions on which Hutchingson had attacked or threatened him and offered to show video of various incidents.

During the hearing, Hutchingson announced his candidacy for Keene city council in 2015 for the at-large seats. Here’s video of the full hearing:

Concord Monitor Reports on Re-Elected Free Staters

501988c68615a0.53593007[1]If you believe the haters, liberty-loving “Free Staters” have snuck into office against the wishes of the majority of NH’s population. Of course, the reality is that there are plenty of people in NH who know and love liberty activists. That’s why they keep getting re-elected, like Carol and Dan McGuire, who have now been re-elected for State Representative multiple times. Here’s the story on them from the Concord Monitor: (more…)

Video of the Legislative Panel @ Keenevention 2014

It’s been a week since Keenevention 2014 and that means it’s time to begin releasing the full video coverage from the event! (If you’re impatient, you can watch all of 2013 here.) We’ll go in chronological order, so first up is the Legislative Panel featuring Mark Warden, the two-time liberty “Legislator of the Year” (as awarded by the NH Liberty Alliance)!  Mark’s panelists included activist-of-the-year Keith Carlsen and the political director of the NH Liberty Alliance, Kevin Bloom! The informative panel covered how to be effective in New Hampshire’s amazingly accessible legislature, whether you are an elected state rep or just someone who wants to have an impact:

More video will be released every week! Stay tuned to the Keenevention blog, Free Keene, the Free Keene Youtube Channel or the Keenevention Facebook page for the next video release!

Alleged Free Staters Win At Least 15 Seats in State House

Free State ProjectAccording to a handy list compiled by “Free State Project Watch“, a project by pro-state group “Granite State Progress“, at least 15 people they alleged to be Free State Project participants have won the 2014 general election!!!

This is huge news. The previous counts of Free Staters in the state house were 12 in 2010, 11 in 2012, and now at least 15! It’s impressive that so many have won elected office already and the official move for the Free State Project has yet to even happen. (The FSP move doesn’t officially start until we reach 20,000 participants and we’re currently over 16,000.)

Not only that, but it’s extra impressive in that the FSP haters put in quite a bit of time, money, and effort to try to stop us. Untold thousands of dollars were spent on hitpiece flyers sent to countless households “outing” candidates as “Free Staters”.

Sure, some candidates lost, but others, like Free State Project participant and democrat Elizabeth Edwards in Manchester, got first place. Edwards even got more votes than did the incumbent!

I don’t know everyone on the list provided by GSP, so presuming it’s accurate – they claim to have done their homework – then it’s safe to say that at least 15 Free Staters are victorious this year, which is a new record high!

If that wasn’t enough good news, the majority of New Hampshire Liberty Alliance-endorsed candidates won tonight as well!  (NHLA-endorsed candidates vote for liberty more often than not – they aren’t necessarily principled libertarians.)

Are you still living outside of New Hampshire? How did the libertarians do in your area? Likely they weren’t even on the ballot or did very poorly. Why not move to where liberty has a chance? Move to New Hampshire and join over 1,600 early movers with the Free State Project and help us achieve liberty in our lifetime!