World Premiere Documentary: “The Court of Public Relations”

In a system where all power is supposedly based on the consent of the governed, where all men are created equally, what happens when one questions the legitimacy and the very nature of government? Watch this video and find out how government solves market needs in a very different way than private companies sseking a profit.

Thanks to Sam from the Obscured Truth Network for this great documentary!

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  1. Brilliant. I thought Sam was older listening to him on FTL, but I guess not.

  2. Your entire premise to the judge was that you didn't understand the nature and cause of the charge? Some guy in a blue suit saw you going faster than the posted speed limit. What exactly didn't you understand?

    If you want to get in a philosophical discussion about who owns the road or the social contract you didn't sign, do it somewhere else. You make libertarians look like pompous crybaby assholes with shit like this.

  3. Brilliant. I think this went over Mark's head. But, hey, most people cannot comprehend what you are doing, Sam. Thank you for taking our "rulers" on. You are like those who carry firearms so that the rest of us are safer.

  4. Sam you Rock! I can't for you to come out with more like this.

  5. Well, I'm not a libertarian.

    Perhaps Mark is the one making them look like "like pompous crybaby assholes with shit like this."

    Well I'm off to poison a well. 🙂


    You know Mark, the other slaves disagreed with Fredrick Douglass for learning to read; yearning for freedom. They believed they were supposed to be slaves. That was their role in life, to be governed by another supposedly equal human being.

  6. Nicely done. This would make for a perfect video for high school civic teachers to show a class on one of those slow days. Pass this on to your teacher friends. (We all know if they are teaching in public schools they are not all that interrested in working and would love to have video to show.)

  7. Sam, did you sign the ticket the officer gave you when you we're pulled over?

    I've heard that you are not required to sign their forms. But I've also heard of people that have been assaulted for not doing so.

  8. Ahh can't wait to see what happens during his trial.

  9. Great piece Sam!

  10. Hey Scott,

    I refused to sign the electronic screen he offered that doesn't give me a clue what they are demanding I sign. I always insist on paper copies of everything. I don't want these people having my electronic signature.

    The cop said ok, your refusing to sign and then he gave me the piece of paper. I hadn't thought of refusing to acknowledge his piece of paper.

    Thanks guys, share it with friends. I'm working on a DVD Image with the FTL interviews, the video, and a few other things I'm working on included. It will be available free via .torrent


  11. Fantastic documentary, exposing some very important things! Your little speech at the end was great too. 🙂

  12. Government creates bread lines?


    Corporations create scarcity through miserly hoarding of resources.

    Government-run bread lines are the response to the artificial scarcity created by greedy corporations.

  13. Please dude. Try to make some bread on your own. It will take you almost an hour, easily. If you make $8.00/hour you've spent at least $8.00 of your time on bread. You can buy bread for $1.00. Hoarding resources? Time is the most important resource. You can have bread and read a book or be a simpleton, your call, for 1/8 of the price. Greedy? Don't be silly.

  14. Mark, lets get one thing straight. You're no libertarian. Second, Sam was not being pompuos but doing what intellectually fat people like yourselves (literally perhaps as well) wont do,and that is simply excercise your most basic rights. I know for someone like you that would require a lot of energy from all over your body. Its statists like yourself that talk a lot but in the end burn incencse at the altar of the state.

    As for "Alapoet" its nice to see that the children of the high priest Karl Marx and the human toilet (aka Che Gueverra)are still runiing around. Give us examples of the horrible greedy corporations causing "artificial scarcity". During Katrina, was it your beloved gov't or Wal Mart that helped the people? It was Wal Mart that provided water faster and more efficiently due to less centralizing beuracracy. I cant believe people like you and Mark are still running around freely.

  15. alapoet, you don't make any sense. Why would these so called Corporations be hoarding resources? If they were so greedy they would be selling their resources so they could make more money. And even if they did "hoard" their resources so what, It's theirs to hoard if they want to. Go get your own "resources" (what ever the hell that is).

  16. Mark missed it. It wasn't the nature of the charge that was the issue. The issue was the nature of the proceedings. That is, how does this court work? What the judge didn't want to describe was the nature of the court proceedings because it works like this: The government hires men and puts them in blue costumes and outfit them with emblems and weapons. These men are assigned the task of issuing tickets to people. The purpose of the tickets is to generate revenue for the government. The judge, another government employee in a black costume, is there to instruct the people who received the tickets to pay. Revenue collected via traffic tickets constitutes a very large percentage of the budgets of many municipalities. It is a scam. It is extortion. The reason the court is involved is to inspire guilty feelings along with fear to make the shakedown easier.

    I got called in to do jury duty last year. The case was a battery where the victim didn't want to prosecute. I told the court I could not vote to convict someone in a case where there was no victim, and the judge and prosecution represented the same people (the government), because, I didn't think it was possible for someone to get a fair trial in that situation. The judge said "You are excused."

  17. Sam, what part of the uncapitalized definition of libertarian do you disagree with?

    1: an advocate of the doctrine of free will

    2 a: a person who upholds the principles of individual liberty especially of thought and action

    Or are you just being fashionable?

  18. I prefer to focus on my ways of being rather than finding the perfect label for my beliefs.

    When people hear the term _______ most immediately think, oh, he's an ________, and that means all the judgments and beliefs I've made up about _______ must apply to this guy.

    I prefer the term Voluntarist because it's simple and fairly self explanatory. I believe all interactions should be voluntary. No lengthy definition or explanation necessary.

  19. SamIam is cool.

    The BLUE LIGHT GANG that was brilliant, I heard of this expression years ago, I think it was in a film.

    And the closing comments were banging too.

    "You See It, Don't You."

    He most certainly did, he couldn't handle that comment, it just rattled around his brain, and he backed up. The body language he displayed was all to clear.

    The below link is a must view film on the reality behind the Pharmacutical Industry, 'Mercury Autism and the Global Vaccine Agenda,' by Dr David Ayoub. a classic peice of footage, not to be missed.

    You may wish to add an appendage to the reference to the Pharmacy in respect to it, but all in all outstanding, SamIam.

  20. nice commentary on the legal system but more than a little self serving. The courts don't need your business and are not part of the free market. Go to a libray and read the revised code. Maybe someone will take you a little more seriously.

  21. i'll be honest i did not watch the whole thing, but i linked to view a documentory about tickets and cities that use them as a scam to create revenue.

    I was dissapointed to see a guy that obviously has a grudge, against the system after the fact.

    i do not want be mean but, is this every college kid stereotype that paid for there right to get out of a jam, through higher education?

    he makes a mockery of people with real issues.

    thank you

  22. John: I disagree with the running of a scam. In this case, the person was doing 62 on a 45mph area. The ticket is issued because he violated the traffic regulations which established that area to be a 45 mph, not a 62. Yes, police officers are given the authority to issue tickets and you have the right to dispute those tickets in court. What you cannot do is whatever you please because you disagree with the laws in place. I was wrongly ticketed and I went to court and disputed the charges in court. I showed the evidence of the error of the police officer and the ticket was dismissed. But if I am flying low doing 65 on a 45 mph street, do I have the right to question the police officer issuing the citation or my stupidity for not following the law? What would have happened if I would have killed a child as a consequence of my speeding? Would you have blamed the police officer for not stopping me while I was speeding?

    The judge is not there to represent the government in court. It is there to ensure that neither party (defense or prosecution) take advantage of each other and tilt the process. You perceive the judge to be a government official, and even though he or she is, their job is to ensure that the process is transparent. What you refer to a victimless crime in the case of the battery, the prosecution has the obligation to present charges against the defendant, even if the victim refuses to do so, otherwise that person may (and I say may, not that he or she will) continue with the battery. What if next time the defendant goes one step further and causes permanent damage? Whose fault would that be now? The government for not prosecuting when they could?

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