Triple Civil Disobedience Success!

Today’s triple civil disobedience was a triple success! Watch here at for video later, but here’s a quick summary:

  •‘s Dave Ridley was informed before the trial that the “judge”, Mr. Burke had reviewed his ordinances and determined his earlier interpretation had been incorrect and that cameras may now be panned by their operator while in Keene “district court”.
  • Additionally, the man in the robe did not publicly acknowledge another major change that occurred today. All entrants are now allowed recording devices. Four video cameras were operational today, as compared to Mr. Burke’s earlier commandment of one camera per court.
  • Free Keene blogger Nick Ryder had an apparent victory in his refusal to pay a speeding ticket. Mr. Burke heard the case, and after Nick made his final statement, Burke said he’d take it under advisement and ended the “trial”. If he were going to pronounce Nick guilty, he’d have done it then.
  • NH Free Press publisher Russell Kanning appeared in front of Mr. Burke to update the “city” on their demand he perform 30 hours community service. Kanning has completed 0 hours and Burke extended the due date out 60 more days.

This morning’s multiple success is still more proof that noncooperation and civil disobedience result in immediate, tangible changes with a large return on investment. Compare this to how difficult achieving today’s successes would have been “working inside the system” by running campaigns and contacting “representatives”, and begging they change the system. How much time and effort would that have taken? Noncooperative activists achieved their goals with a total turnout of 12 activists, a couple hours of time, a few press releases, and some courage.

Please join the peaceful evolution here in Keene. The fun is just beginning! Also, join our discussion on the Free Keene Forum!

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  1. Wonderful! Congrats and thanks to all who were involved. It's nice to see some victories.

  2. Congratulations! I am very pleased to read these outcomes. I cannot wait to see the videos.

  3. Congratulations Nick, Russell, and Dave! Good job, and good job everyone who was there to support them. I really wanted to be there for all three activists, but I anticipated the bureaucracy wasting time and postponing the "trial" throughout the day, and I just couldn't take the time off work today.

  4. Great job guys… Let's keep building up the momentum! Everybody remember to call in to Talkback tomorrow!

  5. Great job gentlemen, my hats off to you. I wish I could have been there.

  6. Don't be so quick to pat yourselves on the back. All of this simply shows that the state is not out to bust your chops, and that NH is about as free as you can get provided you accept some notion of shared authority. Which I know you don't.

    Regarding speeding tickets, it's not uncommon for people to get a break if they actually go to court. Up to 65 mph, the legal standard is "reasonable and prudent having due regard to the prevailing conditions" and the posted limit is just prima facie, not conclusive proof that you have violated the law.

    Back when they posted the 55 mph limit, lots of people got off by going to court and proving that they were "reasonable and prudent" even if in excess of 55 mph. The state didn't have much of a case, having posted highways for 70 mph prior to 1974.

  7. Curt,

    First, thanks for commenting and following the situation.

    Nobody thinks we just eliminated speeding tickets and are suddenly immune from rulings in the Keene court, but Friday's activists made the next resister that much more comfortable taking that step. If it will bring out one more person that is willing to say "I'm tired of being afraid", it was a good day's work.

    And no matter what happens, I can be proud of what I was able to do, instead of giving in the way they want me to. That's a victory for me.

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