Live Footage of Activists’ Arrests

Keene PD, Cheshire Sheriffs, and NH State Police arrest five peaceful activists for standing or recording in Keene District Court. Here’s the video as it was streamed live at

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  1. Is there any recording of the goings-on inside the courthouse?

  2. Yes, Ian's working on them now.

  3. Wow. I only wish I could move sooner. Is Sam going to file some charges over this I hope?

  4. I watched one earlier that was even showing the lobby and even Dave's arraignment in the court and all, but… I don't want to link to it myself and possible get the person in trouble.

    Basically people were sitting on benches and standing in the lobby like any normal person would and then the cops just start arresting people for no reason. Some reports have the cops making statements (not on tape) that they even thought it was ridiculous and that the prosecutor/cop (or former prosecutor) was just going nuts.

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