Keene’s Motorhome Diaries Crew Arrested and Imprisoned

MHDIt went down this morning in Jones County, MS. Jason Talley posted this to MHD’s Twitter:

“We are in Jones County MS and @adammueller has been arrested for filming cops after they pulled us over.”

Later, other posts to Jason’s facebook page revealed they were all arrested. After asking for details and hearing nothing, I called the Jones County Jail at 601-649-7502 and confirmed they have all been imprisoned.

Adam Mueller – Disorderly Conduct and Disobeying an Officer
Pete Eyre – Possession of a Beer in a Dry County
Jason Talley – Disorderly Conduct, Disobeying, and Resisting Arrest

The bureaucrats at the jail think they will be arraigned tomorrow, so if you live in Jones County, MS, you may want to show up to offer your help and support.

More as we know it on FTL tonight and here at Free Keene. Hopefully the guys will be out to tell their story soon at

Update 5/15: They are out.

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  1. //Disorderly Conduct and Disobeying an Officer//

    If an officer ordered you to give him a blowjob and you refuse, could you be arrested for disobeying an officer?

  2. probably

  3. Likely Scott but the cop could get in trouble for issuing you such an order.

    The dry county thing sucks. Some states let people in the back of RV's drink but clearly not this county.

    I wish them the best. Rural MS isn't the best place to get arrested.

  4. I once posed that questions (the blowjob thing) to someone who said that you should always do what cops tell you to do.

  5. What was the initial stop for? Do they have any of the "banned" symbols on their RV?

  6. Reminds me of this video.

  7. I was supposed to be on board this weekend with the boys.

    I am flying to miss right now. Can we get a fund going? Give me a call if u can help. 4047867151 (leave a message if I am in the air)

    Allison gibbs

  8. Anyone who is heading to the meetup/lotr happy hour in Nashville tonight where these guys wont be, let's talk how to help!

  9. Since they appear to be being held overnight I'm not going to put anything up on just yet. Plus I really can't work on it too much from work.

  10. Just spoke to Allison – she's getting on a flight to Mississippi right now, will call me with a Western Union location to send money to get the guys out of jail and hopefully get the RV back.

  11. I called the jail, they told me that they are at this address. 5178 hight way 11 north in Ellisville 39437. The officer I spoke with said she didn't think they had any representation yet. She also said that the charges were transporting alcohol across state lines, disorderly conduct and firearms charges. I didn't speak with the case worker, nor was the captain there to speak about the issue. These guys need an attorney. Does anyone know of an attorney in Mississippi that might be able to help?

  12. Was anyone left with the RV? Is the RV in the cops' possession?

  13. >:(

    I'm willing to pitch in some loot for a defense fund and bailing the MARV out. We should fund raise at Free Keene Fest for the boys, and help them out.

    Words can't describe my rage right now either.

  14. The Governors office is 601-359-3150

    The Jones County Jail is 601-649-7502

  15. Please spread this far and wide! I had these guys at my farm, and they are great Patriotic Americans! Only a HUGE show of concern will help them!

    The Governors office is 601-359-3150

    The Jones County Jail is 601-649-7502

  16. Transporting alcohol across state lines? First off, that law is about transporting booze for the purpose of sale. People travel across state lines with booze all the time. Second, what conceivable probable cause did they have for searching the vehicle to find booze? There's no way a decent court (not that the USA has any decent courts) would admit evidence obtained without cause.

    Should be a big black eye for Mississippi by the time this is all through. And, say, guys, if you go through Murfreesboro, Tennessee, they are also evil there. I'd go out of my way to avoid Murfreesboro. The cops and sheriff (Rutherford County) prey on the I-24 traffic. Evil thugs.

  17. Firearms charges? S**t…this is sounding more and more serious by the minute and my initial "WTF?" shock is turning into anger and concern. We may have to start figuring out how to raise money for an attorney for Jason, Pete, and Adam. Hopefully we'll have a clearer picture soon of what happened and what we need to do.

  18. Maybe I'm just a hopeless pessimist, but I foresaw something like this happening, and in Mississippi to boot. Do they enjoy being steretyped as witless, ignorant, oppressive, genetically deficient, knuckle dragging, evolutionary rejects? Incidents like this don't help.

  19. The number to the jail that a couple of people posted keeps coming up as busy right now — guess they are being inundated with calls. Good to see how fast the word has traveled on this!

  20. So after being disconnected twice, the woman who finally answered told me "the captain says we can't talk to anyone else about this right now, call back tomorrow" and hung up. Has anyone else gotten an answer out of someone there?

  21. I still haven't heard what was the initial reason for them being pulled over? Speeding? Seems unlikely considering what they were driving.

  22. The captain can choke on a fat one. Keep calling. Don't let up on the phones. I keep calling back, but I can't get through yet.

  23. I'm in Memphis. I'm going to talk to my wife about going down tomorrow morning once I get more details. I'm going to start calling now.

  24. I just put out an email to the attorneys I know down there, too.

  25. When I talked to the officer (Benjamin I think), she made it sound like it was a very serious matter. And, ya the receptionist hung up on me once to, but I think it was an accident. The officer told me that she didn't think they had representation yet.

  26. The phone number for the court is 601-428-3137. I've informed that the arraignment time hasn't been set but the court house opens for business at 8:00 am.

  27. I wonder how many phone calls to the department it took until the "oh shit" feeling sunk in.

  28. Okay, I am informed by @allisonzayne on Twitter that she needs a place to stay in Mississippi. Trying to find some contacts there, now. I think I've a couple of Boston Tea Party goers we can send her way.

    Next step, contacting Second Amendment Foundation and similar groups. The firearms charge is obviously contradicted by Heller, and infringes 2nd Am.

    So, it'll be good to get after all this stuff.

    The video thing which prompted the arrests and search should be upsetting to Institute for Justice, ACLU, etc. I don't think it provides probable cause, since filming is not a violent activity. Cops need to be taken down several pegs on this crap.

    Let's make it itch and burn so Mississippi feels as bad as they did in the late 60s.

  29. @ hamburglar007 — "We've had about 500 calls about this already" said the woman I talked to. "Well, lots of people have their back" I replied with a chuckle. I think they're feeling a little pressure — keep it up everyone, let them know how many people support "The Motorhome Diaries Three!"

  30. The Jones County Sheriff Alex Hodge Office Phone: 601-428-3600. Cell Phone 601-422-3520

    Jones County Board of Supervisors President Andy Dial 601-315-0428

  31. The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS is roughly 30 minutes south of where this happened. College campuses are usually a good place to start looking for any connections when it comes to housing etc.

  32. Hey i stay about an hour north tell allison to give me a call at 601-480-2316

  33. I just wanted to let you guys know:

    1) I called the jail. After being passed around like a $2 hooker by 2 ladies down there, I discovered only that the guys where being fed, and she said they looked fine. She was unable to tell me if any of the charges were felonies.

    2) I called the governors office, and left a message asking him to please make sure that they guys in Jones County knew that the MIAC report had been rescinded, and that being a political activist does *NOT* make you a terrorist in America.

    I got the impression from the first two women that they had received several phone calls, and that the pattern of passing me back and forth was *not* normal, but that neither of them really wanted to deal with me.

  34. Allison Zayne is on the ground in Jackson, MS now.

    She has a bank account and an ATM card with her, so we can use bank wire if people are oppressed by Western Union's fees (or just hate WU as I do). I'll coordinate as best I can – staying here, on FB, and on Twitter until she's settled.

    I messaged my three FB friends in MS. The ones in Hattiesburg and Jackson are closest. Still no couch for Allison to crash on, so please put the word out.

  35. I just got off the phone with Allison. She said:

    She's trying to raise money to get the guys out on bond. It'll take $1000, I believe, to do so. Please call her if you can donate anything to this cause. This should be just a loan.

    She's also got a motel room down there for a couple of days, so she's good for that.

    — Her # 1-404-786-7151
    — mail is

    She is in contact with withrow (above) so you don't have to pass on his phone # anymore.

    She suggests that it's time to *stop* calling the jail and the governor. Also, she clarifies that these guys are in Mississippi, not Missouri, in case anybody made the same mistake I did and thought they were in Missouri.

  36. I've got one spare bedroom offer in a family home in Biloxi, about 114 miles from where the guys are. Still checking on Jackson and Hattiesburg contax.

    Stopping Power author J. Neil Schulman is arranging a lawyer (Don Cates?) for Pete now. Neil says that the motorhome is a residence and searching it requires an actual warrant, not just probable cause. Also, the gun possession in a place of residence is definitely covered by Heller vs. DC. We should be able to make some real hay out of this one!

  37. Just spoke with "Stacy" at the jail.

    Bail has been set as follows:

    $1000 each– Pete possession of beer in dry county, Adam disorderly conduct, disobeying

    $1500 – Jason Possession firearm, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest

    Additionally they will have to pay a towing fee to get MARV out of lockup. She did not have information on where MARV was towed, but said that you'd have to call general dispatch to get that info.

    She said that she is leaving and that no more information will be given out this evening because the sheriff is "out of pocket". They re-open at 0800 if more information is required.

  38. It's sick what these people do. Just sick.

    All kinds of good ju ju to Pete, Adam, Jason, Allison and whatever crew she manages to pull from the woodwork.

    Stand strong, all of you guys!

  39. I just spoke with Allison and she said some has arranged and paid for 2 nights of stay for her, but now she needs a rental car. She said her "mission" for tonight is to go find MARV.

    She is giving me her account # so I can send a bank wire transfer of some money to help the guys bail out.

  40. Whose pocket was the Sheriff in, before he became "out of pocket"?

    Allison's last name above is incorrect.

    The "Message from Allison" above was me, if you want more details or whatever.

  41. Looks like we've got a good line on a second amendment lawyer for Pete. J. Neil Schulman just got off the phone with me and sez he's talking to Don Cates (sp?). Apparently, the motorhome is a residence, so Heller vs. DC definitely applies. The federal charge should go away pronto, as long as it isn't a verboten weapon like a fully auto Thompson.

    My buddy in Biloxi has activated his network to help out locally. He has friends all over the area. Many are good old fashioned secessionists, and they'll be very sympathetic about the federal firearms charge. (Isn't one of the guys from Florida? That counts with those Confederate guys. Well, you know, if you aren't also very Jewish or very Cuban.)

    Jeff and his wife have offered their spare bedroom in Biloxi for Allison, which is a hike, but it's something. And Jeff thinks he can find someone closer, too.

    I've e-mailed Allison for her bank wire details in case anyone hates Western Union too much, and I'll get those to guys who contacted me on FB about it.

  42. Western Union can accept funds from you for her to get in Mississippi. She says:

    Western union option #1 food tiger, 615 hill st ellisville ms 29437

    Send her the MTCN and amount you send by e-mail.

    Mike, what is Allison's correct last name?

  43. Nevermind, Allison Gibbs. She just e-mailed it to me.

    So, or Dial 1-800-CALL-CASH® (1-800-225-5227) to send money in minutes. We have until 8 p.m. tonite if we want ALlison to get the money.

    You'll need her name and the address where she is, and you'll get a Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN or something like that) and she'll need that plus the amount you sent.

    You can pay for the funds to go using a credit or debit card.

  44. Not to argue with the jail, but Allison says she was told Adam is on hold with the ATF to come question him or something. Anyway, Neil is activating his network for a good 2nd amendment lawyer now.

    Jeff in Biloxi has a guy Caleb in Jones county who can help with transportation. So that may be sorted.

  45. Ok Allison, I just sent the guys $300, please let me know you got it, I have never done western union before and not sure it worked

  46. What receiver's city are people using?

  47. This is the number for the dispatcher in Jones County:


    Please call and report a kidnapping by a criminal organization calling themselves the Jones County Sheriff's Department. Don't stop calling until Adam, Peter and Jason are released from their cages.

  48. Allison's on her way to Ellsville, MS – she should be there, now

  49. Western Union needs her name: Allison Gibbs

    Her city: Ellisville MS 39437


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