Keene’s Motorhome Diaries Crew Arrested and Imprisoned

MHDIt went down this morning in Jones County, MS. Jason Talley posted this to MHD’s Twitter:

“We are in Jones County MS and @adammueller has been arrested for filming cops after they pulled us over.”

Later, other posts to Jason’s facebook page revealed they were all arrested. After asking for details and hearing nothing, I called the Jones County Jail at 601-649-7502 and confirmed they have all been imprisoned.

Adam Mueller – Disorderly Conduct and Disobeying an Officer
Pete Eyre – Possession of a Beer in a Dry County
Jason Talley – Disorderly Conduct, Disobeying, and Resisting Arrest

The bureaucrats at the jail think they will be arraigned tomorrow, so if you live in Jones County, MS, you may want to show up to offer your help and support.

More as we know it on FTL tonight and here at Free Keene. Hopefully the guys will be out to tell their story soon at

Update 5/15: They are out.

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  1. LCL Report – hey, e-mail Allison with the MTCN number and amount. She says it isn't there yet.

  2. I must say that I am extremely impressed by what seems like a good organized network of patriots. good job folks!

  3. Thanks NY Fireman. Condolences on all the losses in 2001. (Buddy of mine, John Perry, police officer, died when one of the towers collapsed.)

    Latest is, someone great named Antonio sent in $1,000. So it looks like two are out tonight. More to follow.

    Jeff Powell in Biloxi helped me find a lawyer in Jackson who is going to help as he can.

  4. Glad she got it. Hadn't heard back.

    Thanks Jim for being on top of everything and everyone else helping out.

  5. Great efforts guys…if there is anything liberty lovers up in Canada can do, let me know.

  6. Thanks Bile, it has been a pleasure. Also very gratifying to see everyone leaping into action.

    And we have to get to work on Sam, too!

  7. Keeping Sam's up to date requires a lot of time in and of itself. πŸ™‚

  8. Well, we gotta get him out before he dies of starvation, I think. Or make the judges pay for judicial murder. Grr.

    Thanks for keeping things up to date on Sam. And the habeas corpus writ is a good thought, I missed that in time to call the judge and speak for him, but will do so tomorrow.

    I just got off the phone with Michael Cory who is a good freedom-oriented lawyer in Jackson, MS. He says the county they were arrested in isn't dry!

    I mean, sh!t. Cops charged him with beer in a dry county and they don't have a dry county in the state, Michael says. For crying out loud, talk about false arrest and false imprisonment.

    Who wants to buy the sheriff's house after Pete and the guys get it in civil suit judgement? lol

  9. The Libertarian Party of Mississippi is also all over the case, as the party Chair and one of the Communication Director's staff were expecting to have breakfast with the guys first thing this morning and were concerned when they didn't show.

    I'm the Communication Director and just now learned of this as I've been out of pocket myself, so the Chair is overseeing everything personally.

    Mississippi does have dry and partially dry counties, and the laws in some of them are very strict.

    I don't have other info at the moment that would be of immediate use.

  10. Tell Michael Cory to go back to law school. Mississippi does have many dry counties. In Jones County the city of Laurel is wet; however, the county outside the city limits is dry!

  11. I trust everyone is cross-posting to appropriate groups where they are known. This may be a long weekend.

  12. If anyone knows the WHOLE story – please send it to me – I'm writing an article for the Mountaineer Jeffersonian about this incident.

  13. This is amazing! I wish I wasn't down to the wire right now so I could help out. I'll bet these cops are aghast.

  14. I can't afford to help financially, my hours are constantly be cut back at work. πŸ™

    But I faxed the sheriff's office a copy of the bill of rights.

    I think flooding the fax machines of every bureaucrat's office in Mississippi is the best way for us broke guys to help.

  15. Great news, the guys are out. JD Talley was pepper sprayed and choked for "refusing" to give ID.

    It is going to be a long weekend and many more days to get these charges dismissed, get the guys back on the road, and initiate a proper set of lawsuits against these brutal thugs. This sort of police brutality must not be allowed to stand. This civil asset forfeiture scam that makes sheriffs into highway robbers must be ended.

    We have a great opportunity to make a public spectacle of these goofs, and get the same sort of highway scams shut down all across the country.

    God bless you all who helped. There is more money at Western Union for Allison to pick up in the morning, and I think the guys will need money for lawyers and such.

    I did find local contacts for lawyers there, and Neil Schulman has activated his net for some big time 2nd Amendment and civil rights lawyers. I smell a fight!

    It's been an amazing afternoon and evening. I am so proud and grateful for all the liberty enthusiasts who dropped everything, sent money, stayed in touch, made it all work.

    With this kind of network, we can make a huge difference in our lives. I want to focus tomorrow on Sam's case, so he can get some food before he dies.

  16. Find out the names of the Comi Cops,and tell their Mother…and children what their parents are really doing for a living…being Anti American and not honoring their Oath…like a NAZI

  17. <blockquote cite="hawkeye">Find out the names of the Comi Cops,and tell their Mother…and children what their parents are really doing for a living…being Anti American and not honoring their Oath…like a NAZI

    That is an awesome idea: peaceful ostracism! And bring it to the aggressors' homes. If a stranger (or many of them) told me that my spouse was corrupt, I'd want proof, though, not just anecdotes.

  18. Carl Ford, an attorney in Laurel may be interested in helping the guys.

  19. What you all fail to understand or continue to dance around is that the police are the enemy of freedom! They are criminals, violating the highest laws of the land!

    As much as most of you refuse to see the only option we have if we are to remain free, the truth is that the guy who killed the traffic cop a few weeks ago had the right idea.

    Police throughout the Fascist States of Amerika continue to imprison and murder innocent citizens, because they are trained to do so! When is enough, enough?

    Until we rise up and make them fear the citizens of this country, our brethren will continue to be subjected to outright tyranny.

    Revolution Now! Independence Forever!

  20. What was the basis for the original stop?

  21. Be careful getting too much of a city-slicker attorney. I got one on hick Marion Co FLA

    and the judge insulted him.

    It's all about humility and penitence –not "justice" –in these hick towns.

  22. 66yr old grandmother travels alone in class b (small) motorhome & hopes to learn what is legal for self defense. sellor told me to keep a gun as hoodlums who take motorhomes don't leave witnesses. Are tasers legal for us sheeple?

    My stepfather carried a shotgun & one 'pump' was enough to send any troublemakers running from the campsite. I was told that even carrying a shotgun (unless broken down) in a motorhome is illegal in many states.

    I'm too old to spend the night in jail without my CPAP. lol..

    Free lodging may be available on or maybe we should create a liberty lovers alternative to their site.

  23. Unless the laws have changed in the past year, in Mississippi it is legal to carry a loaded firearm either concealed or open in a vehicle, as long as you are 21 or older. I'm not sure just what firearms charge was brought, but possession should be legal. I'm assuming that these guys are over 21.

  24. I found out that the guys are having several of the charges dropped. Nothing confirmed yet, but we have photos of the docket where they were booked. The arrest reports will be coming out soon.

  25. I bet all charges have been dropped by now, regardless of what crimes the 3 might actually be guilty of. I am assuming that the cops have any sense, that's all. They have a white hot potato and surely they have dropped it.

    Now, the sheriff has a chance to become a real hero. See Alan Stang's articles if you don't know what a sheriff can be.

    Most cops are very concerned about Martial law and 80% oppose it. Empower that kind.

    I suggest this sheriff get guns in the hands of the Honest by opening his shooting ranges to new gun owners (past 12 mo.) and nongunowners of "legal" age and no criminal convictions and let them get their fist lessons free. Give away seized guns as prizes.

    That would pull his name out of the mud.

    Tell YOUR local sheriff, too.

  26. AGAIN: what STARTED all this?

  27. The tags on the van were paper and the deputy couldn't read it to see if it was expired. He pulled them over as a routine stop to check tags.

  28. I guess the Free State of Jones ain't so free!

  29. This is B.S. The police state must stop!

  30. Wouldn't it be nice if dozens or even hundreds of like-minded strangers had your back when the state comes after you? Move to New Hampshire as part of the Free State Project and make it happen.

  31. first, i must say that i'm very impressed how effective the efforts of this network of patriots has been – HATS OFF TO YOU ALL! 😎

    if i believed in the traditional belief of "hell", i would imagine there would be a very special place for governing authorities who abuse their positions of power in such a way.

    does anyone involved in all this have any connections with the Freedom Watch show with Judge Napolitano? this incident might be deemed worthy of getting on the show to show more Americans how the Neo-Amerikan police state continues to foster an environment for a total lack of accountability among its governing authorities to Constitutionally limited government to the rule of law.

    i will at least contact Trevor Lyman of Break the Matrix to make sure that he has at least heard of this incident.

  32. i get such a pleasure from reading posts like this. it makes me realize just how lucky i am not to be such an intellectually challenged, impressionable person. i would like to say first, i believe that many of the ideals and philosophical views of the libertarian party are necessary, considering the current state of the nation. however, the people propagating this highly subjective and irrational attack on competent and intelligent law enforcement officers have truly misplaced their discontention. being someone with an objective, factual understanding of the situation, unlike most of the other bloggers here, there has been no miscarraige of justice on part of the officers. if someone disagrees with the arrest of these guys, the discontention should be directed toward the legislators and representatives that those very people have elected. this is not a case of 1960's-civil rights violation-style policing. this is a case of people with no rational understanding of the legislative or judicial processes attempting to purport biased accounts of injustice on behalf of the semi-intelligent people that have such an authority over their feeble and impressionable minds in an effort to discredit some of the truly honest and equitable law enforcement officers that are becoming a rarity in today's perverse society.

  33. What part of the situation was an example of "truly honest and equitable law enforcement officers?"

    Three men were arrested, jailed, one pepper sprayed and choked, for what? For wanting to videotape their stop? For refusing ID when it wasn't necessary? For having a beer? Why did they delete the footage from the camera? Why'd they trash the RV?

  34. Well, I can agree with one thing you say, Mr. Reprehensionible: "truly honest and equitable law enforcement officers … are becoming a rarity". Indeed, as evidenced by the behavior of these "officers" yesterday.

    -1, however, for the Nuremburg defense. "We were just taking orders … talk to our superiors". As if you are only some sort of tin soldiers — tools of the state, rather than what you really are: adults fully responsible for the morality of your own individual actions and choices.

    Oh, and lol at talking to politicians as an effective method of change …

  35. the discontention should be directed toward the legislators and representatives that those very people have elected.

    Most of us have stopped playing that game. The only winners are the parasites that get elected. Whether they have blue spots or red doesn't change their nature.

    this is a case of people with no rational understanding of the legislative or judicial processes

    No, this is a case where people have had enough of your unjust and immoral system and are now saying "No" in ever-increasing numbers. If you want to continue living this way, be our guest. The rest of us want no part of it. And no, we're not leaving.

    "Now waitjustaminute! What do you mean you want no part of it but you're not leaving? If you don't leave, then you consent!".

    We have just as much right to be here as those of you who want to live as slaves (or those who seek to become slavemasters).

    This isn't about us. This is about you. All you have to do, is just stop aggressing against us. Stop trying to control us. Stop stealing from us. Stop caging us when we've caused no harm to others or their property. Stop assaulting and killing us.

    We don't want to play your game anymore. A game where no one wins and the only goal is to cause others suffering and pain.

    So just stop.

    That rational enough for you?

  36. "competent and intelligent law enforcement officers" do not exist.

    There are no competent law enforcement officers in Jones County Mississippi. There are highwaymen who rob the motorists traveling by as often as possible, using lies, brutality, and outright theft. The civil asset forfeiture laws are disgusting, and every law enforcement officer who uses them to seize property is evil.

    By their fruit shall ye know them. The law enforcement officers who pepper sprayed our friend are evil, and should burn in hell (as soon as possible) for what they did. And you, "voice of reprehension" are a sycophant for law and order idiocy.

    I don't care what the law says, if it says that I'm not a free and sovereign individual, the law is wrong. Indeed, as Bastiat noted, it isn't really the law, it is just some mala prohibitum nonsense cooked up by legislators. And enforcing such rules is evil.

    If they told you to kill me, would you? Of course you would, because you cannot avoid doing what the legislators tell you, right? Wrong. You have a choice. You just don't want to bother taking it.

    Acting on your own accord would require too much thought. So you pass, and say, "well, harumph, you shouldn't complain about pigs doing our jobs, just tell the legislature to change the laws."

    So, here's my thought. You are a law enforcement officer, or pig. And that means that what you say is evil, what you think is evil, and what you do for a living is evil. You take stolen money in your pay.

    That's what I think of you. I think all law enforcement officers are pigs because they beat up people like me. And always will.

    Which is why, in the end, the bureau-rats, including the law enforcement officers, must be tried, convicted, and hanged in the entrails of the bankers and politicians. Kisses.

  37. hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! folks, sorry i disturbed your philosophical acid trip. i truly did not realize the extent of irrationality permeating this forum. i will not waste my time here any longer. i think i have proved my point already, evidenced by the few remarks subsequently posted. i wish you all the best of luck in your pursuit of "liberty".

  38. Considering your arguments and reasoning are about as shallow as a puddle, we're not really facing a major loss with your departure.

    That said though, I was curious to know how you came about your "being someone with an objective, factual understanding of the situation,"– are you one of the arresting thugs? One of their lackeys? Or do you enjoy making up shit as you go along?

  39. Voice of Reprehension will change his tune when the day comes that he's pulled over and abused. Unless of course, he himself is a Copper, which sounds like a distinct possibility.

  40. Voicethatsreprehensible: Wow, dude. wow. You frighten me

  41. "Tell Michael Cory to go back to law school."

    I would, Ben, but his head is between your wife's thighs and she's moaning so loud, I don't think he can hear me.

    If there is a municipality in the county which is wet, it isn't a dry county. Your pretending that it matters what you filthy despicable Prohibitionist authoritarian scum say doesn't improve things.

    In fact, the right of travel, the conflict of jurisdictions on the interstate highway, and the 4th Amendment right to be safe in his residence (motorhome is a residence) and his 9th Amendment right to keep and travel with beer were all violated by the jackbooted thugs. I hope you are one of them, Ben, and that when you find me, I get to hurt you real bad.

  42. I live in Jones County, Missisippi (Laurel). One of the things you DO NOT DO anywhere in the south, ESPECIALLY Jones, County, Mississippi, is be a smart ashe to any law enforcement officer. You be respectful and civil and if you get smart, you go to jail and that is where you ought to be. If you get too smart, you'll get your ashe beat and THEN go to jail. If you reach in your pocket after you are under arrest, you'll get killed. You wise ashes can get away with that where you come from, but you are NOT going to get away with it in Jones county. Suck it up because you do not have a choice in Jones County. If you don't like it, stay the hell OUT of Jones County and we'll just all get along fine. But if you come here and get wise, hee, hee, you'll have time in jail to try to figure out where you went wrong.

    BTW, the jail does NOT have color TV and the TV's are all tuned to the local Christain channel and can NOT be changed by inmates. Ask me how much I care what you think about that.

  43. I live in Jones County, Missisippi (Laurel).

    My condolences. If you need help escaping the fascist hell you've described, I'm sure there are some good folks nearby that might be able to spring you.

  44. A man seeking to join the Jones County, Mississippi Sheriff's Department is being interviewed. The Deputy doing the interview says: "Your qualifications all look good, but there is an attitude suitability test that you must take before you can be accepted."

    Then, sliding a service pistol across the desk, he says:

    "Take this pistol and go out and shoot six smart mouthed yankees driving motor homes, six meth dealers, six Muslim extremists, and a rabbit. "

    "Why the rabbit?"

    "Great attitude," says the Sergeant. "When can you start?"

    Thanks Zeus, but I'm happy right where I am. But I'll admit that Jones county isn't for everyone, thank God. Woosies don't cut it here. This is a tuff part of the counrty where we still make you back up your words and beat your ashe if you can't. EVERYBODY I know around here carries at least one pistol and some of us carry two of them. People here behave and are respectful of each other because of that and it's the way it should be. Pulling out a camera and smart mouthing the sheriff's deputy AIN'T the smartest thing you can do on any given day. It can cause you a LOT of problems and usually will.

  45. Well, as long as they've still got justice for rabbits there, it's all good.

    Maybe if you close off the roads, hapless strangers won't keep wandering through Hooterville by accident.

  46. Maybe if you close off the roads, hapless strangers won’t keep wandering through Hooterville by accident.


    Maybe hapless strangers ought to mind their manners when they wonder off the road in Hooterville and for SURE, they had dam well better do it in Jones County or they are going to JAIL.

    This is easy: be respectful and answer the questions and provide identification to law enforcemenbt when it is requested. If you don't do it, if you bring out cameras, EXPECT to pay the price for being a wise guy.

    If you disagree with the way you are treated, obey the instructions and go through the process requested by the law dogs. DO NOT mouth off during the encounter. THEN, after the encounter, make a formal, written complaint with the sheriff. Send copies of your letter to the county prosecutor, the local newspaper (Laurel Leader Call) and the local TV and radio stations.

    The sheriff does NOT WANT his officers being rude or disrespectful to the public that he, and they, serve. It isn't good policy nor is it good for his re-election prospects. He knows his officers and he'll know if they have a habit of this kind of behavior and if they do not and he WILL TAKE whatever proper action he thinks is required in the situation because it is in his best interest to do that.

    But if you crack wise to his deputies, he isn't going to have any sympathy for what happens to you next, nor should he have any. You have the right to remain silent, to have an attorney appointed, any statements you make . . . yada, yada. But you also have the LEGAL OBLIGATION to obey the lawful orders or request of the officers. It's a two way street and many law dogs these days are short on patience with wise guys. And come to think about it, so am I.

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