BREAKING NEWS: Sam Kicked Out of Jail!

The call just came in to Porc 411. Sam has been removed, still in his prison orange, from the Cheshire County Jail. Tune in to Free Talk Live tonight for the details!

UPDATE: Here’s the .wav from Sam’s Porc 411 message.

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  1. Some of us don't have access to FTL. Can you make it a bit less exclusive and possibly fill us in here?

  2. This is a bit cryptic. Can't you just post the details here?

  3. That's probably all Ian knows. Sam left a porc411 message a few minutes ago. I doubt Sam even has the details yet…

  4. I don't have the .mp3 from the message and it's not in the porc411 feed yet, otherwise I'd have posted it.

    Information's pretty thin right now.

  5. At this time, there are no details known other than what is on the Porc411 message 0020. Sam is meeting with an attorney @4:00 pm today and I guess after that he will begin getting back to a normal life as a free man.

    Sam's Dad

  6. Roy just sent me the .wav. See the post for the link.

  7. Great news!

    I guess it wasn't all "up to Sam to be released"!

    What about giving his name?! They just let this dangerous man out on a whim!?

    BWUahahaha! What a fucking joke the judicial system is.

  8. It is about fucking time! Judge Burke, do you realize how lucky you are that you are not living in the era of tar and feathering? I would have been the first one in line with my tar brush you tyranical, Constitution-disemboweling fuktard. I kind of take my oath to defend the Constitution (aka, the rights of my country men) a little more seriously.

    WELCOME BACK SAM!!! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you 🙂

  9. Also– is there anywhere we can meet with Sam? I know he's only recently begun eating, but I'd like to buy him a sammich at the least tonight.

  10. There will likely be a celebration announced tonight for sometime as soon as tomorrow and as late as the end of the week.

    Sam's already booked with TV and radio appearances this evening.

  11. Unbelievable! That's great news! Keep up the fantastic work over there.

  12. I recently sent the following letter to Judge Burke:

    "To: Judge Edward J. Burke, Keene District Court

    From: Rev. Deborah Kalinowski

    Re: Sam A. Miller & James Andrew Carroll, Ambassadors of Jesus Christ in Chains at Cheshire County DOC

    Dear Friend,

    Grace and Peace to you. The next time you put on your uniform or robe, ask yourself what protection it affords you in the eyes of God? It seems that through wearing your special garb you consider yourself immune from God's law. Because of the position you hold in the State organization, you sacrifice your best human values – your moral sense, your forgiving nature, your sympathy with the afflicted, and blindly do your duty to the system.

    In your special uniform or robe you commit cruelties and inflict sufferings that you would never consider inflicting upon your neighbor in your private life. Families are broken-up, men's livelihoods are ruined, and innocent men come out of jail with criminal minds. Many of these men you help cast in prison have not committed an evil deed in God's eyes. They are innocent of wrongdoing, but are you?

    You play your role in your special clothes and some poor wretch is thrown in prison. To me you may say, "I pity this man, but as a judge, prosecutor, sheriff, or police officer it is my duty to lock him up." And yet if your hand would not have been part of the process, you would not be guilty of inflicting suffering and cruelty upon this prisoner.

    You say you have noble goals. You want to destroy evil in the world. "Evil is destroyed by punishing men in prison," you say. But returning evil for evil spreads evil. The more people use evil to drive evil away, the more evil grows. Evil can only be destroyed by returning good for evil. Read Christ's Sermon on the Mount to find the keys to abolishing evil.

    My friend, have some pity on your own soul. There is a living God who gave you life. By right of creation, you owe Him certain duties and obligations. You suffer and torment others and lay up more suffering for the future. Yet the heavenly Father loves you and stands ready to forgive you, if you will only change your ways. Do not utterly ruin yourself for you will not always escape from God.

    I am praying you will carry out your duties in the fear of the living God.

    In Service to Our King,

    Rev. Deborah Kalinowski"

  13. Fantastic news!!! Sam, when can I buy you a drink?

  14. Ian… Thanks for the update! Will you have him on FTL tonight?

  15. @Jesse: a sandwich? really? buy that man a steak! with all the fixins!

  16. Jesse & Erik, I'll bet Sam will eat any and everything that gets put in front of him and then lookout for the dessert(s). Yeah, so somebody needs to fill him up and that may take a while.

  17. I wasn't intending to point to his bio… i was pointing to the incident page so people could see the full story.

  18. I'm picturing the Ewok Celebration from the end of return of the jedi going on in Keene right now. This is great news!

  19. I reserve the right to be the first person to buy Sam a meal, in that case. Whatever he wants, the tab is on me.

  20. Looks like there will be a dinner party tomorrow. I told Sam to pick a place that can handle a crowd.

  21. Ooooo, please post lots of pictures of the dinner party so we out of staters can see!!!

  22. That's so awesome! Congrats on your moral victory, Sam!

  23. Congratulations!!! I look forward to hearing the FTL interview tonight.

  24. I was having a nice internal belly laugh just imagining what the 'crats must have been thinking, let alone saying to one another. 'Jeezus, Mikey, whadda we gonna do with this guy?' 'I dunno, Bill, ask Mister Burke.'

    Mr. Burke: :groans

    I'll admit, it was getting a little freaky being all prolonged like that.

    Great work, man, you made em look hyper bad. Now go bend em over and let em have it, criminal complaints, here we come!!

    It makes the idea of liberty in my lifetime seem that much more real, and it's hard to quantify that.

    Thanks Sam

    Andy in Michigan


  26. That's awesome, I hadn't heard that 🙂

    Can't hold a candle to that, but here's my humble limerick:

    King Burke has an ire superliminal

    Fiendish edicts for him are regiminal

    He'd make a droll bit

    For a circus or skit

    If contempt for his antics weren't criminal

  27. Fuck. Another one gets away…NEXT!…

  28. Was having a bad day at work logged on to see wassup, and BAM! Sam's out of JAIL! Just made my DAY!

    Thank you Sam! Looking forward to what's next!

    Best damn news a loooong time!

  29. I'm glad Sam is out.

    I'd really like to know the circumstances of the court order. Without that information it is premature to pile on Judge Burke. He **might** have been the good guy in the end, recognizing and responding to prosecutorial misconduct.

    You Wrote:
    "Without that information it is premature to pile on Judge Burke. He **might** have been the good guy in the end"

    A guy that puts someone in a cage for no legal reason, (who had not hurting anyone) — For 60 days, is not a "good guy."

    Violent Thug would be a more accurate description of that guy.

  31. Isn't it easy and convenient to make people "good" or "bad".

    But that's not real life. It's full of contradictions and nuances.

    The judge did not put Sam in a cage. The Keene Police Department did that.

    The judge went along with keeping Sam imprisoned without trial as long as he refused to give his name. I'm not defending that. For some reason not known to me at this time, possibly Ivy's citation of a federal statute, he set a trial date for Sam. Then, today, for some reason not known to me at this time, he sprung Sam from jail.

    What I do know is that a judge relies on information supplied to him by other people, both the prosecution and the defense. And I do know that the prosecution changed most of its charges against Sam. So it's at least possible that the judge recognized that he had been taken for a ride by the prosecution, and finally did the right thing.

  32. "The judge did not put Sam in a cage. The Keene Police Department did that."

    The Keene police put Sam in a cage because the judge told them to kidnap him and cage him.

    The judge kept him in jail, because he told the police to put him there.

    The plaintiff in this case was also the Judge.

    The defense was denied a trial by the thug, plaintiff, I mean judge burke.

    "What I do know is that a judge relies on information supplied to him…"

    I really want to know where that information came from and who supplied it to him. If you find out by all means let us know ASAP

  33. ThinkLiberty,

    Your post above is fantasy.

    The judge knew nothing about the case until the police had already arrested Sam. He did not instigate this.

  34. Wow, that's great news! Congrats Sam.

  35. ThinkLiberty,

    The links do not contradict what I have posted previously.

    I would very much like to see the subsequent orders, namely, the one that set his trial date to be 6/15/09, and the one setting him free today.

  36. From Burke's own words:

    "Through a pleading from the State serving as a status report, the Court has been advised that the State believes it has identified the Defendant as Sam

    A. Miller…the Gourt is unwilling to schedule a trial date."

    So burke knew who he was and still refuse to schedule a trial for Sam and that is only the first example!

    It looks like those links I posted contradict what you have posted, if you cared to read them.

  37. I read the links. They don't contradict what I posted earlier.

    I wrote:

    The judge went along with keeping Sam imprisoned without trial as long as he refused to give his name. I’m not defending that.

  38. Sam, thank you for standing up for your rights!

    Thank you.

  39. Curt:

    You can't say that Burke is not a bad guy. The person that kept Sam imprisoned without trial is a bad guy.


    Only bad guys keep someone in a cage with no trial. Especially when that someone had broken no law and was doing something the bad guy did not like. Like if someone video recorded in a court house lobby exactly as Sam did. (It's 100% legal to video record in a courthouse lobby.)

    Sorry good guys don't do that kind of thing. You contradicted what you have posted earlier.

    Burke is a bad guy. (this is not the first time he has done something like this. Look at what he did to Ian as one example: 90 days in jail for not sitting down fast enough for the control freak. Burke gave him 6 seconds to jump down to his seat. Watch the video.)

  40. This is wonderful news! I wish I could be there tonight to thank, and congratulate Sam! Please keep it up!

    PLEASE, guys.. Please don't give the cops any reason to come out and make any arrests! I'm willing to contribute to a limo, or van, service!

  41. Judge Burke might think he's a great guy doing a great service. Good people might do bad things, in this case, Judge Burke continually does bad things.

    Does that make him a bad person? No, but it does make him a douchebag, worthy of no praise or admiration. He is dishonorable, dishonest, and disgusting.

    I admire you Curt but I wonder if you would say the same after you were kept in a cell for almost 60 days on the most frivolous of charges. There are plenty of people to blame here. . . the Keene police for kidnapping an innocent man on the whims of the Court, The court itself, that fat load Eli, and of course the all powerful Burke.

    He has a hard on to try and get Freestaters to obey. Sam chose not to. He was facing a trial that would turn into a show and they feared bringing to light the audacious illegal things they've been doing in this situation.

  42. Glad to hear you're out Sam!

  43. I hope they won't accuse Sam of "stealing" those orange clothes down the line.

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