Lady Keeniacs to Destroy the Liberty Movement!

Topless(FYI-those girls in the pic don’t live in Keene, and are actually wearing pasties. Click for the full version.) Apparently just having some ladies discuss the idea of a liberty event wherein women and men would go topless in public has already begun the next activist “schism”. If you’ve been paying close attention to the movement for a while, you’ll recall the first “schism” was between the politcos and the agorists. There was much forum drama, but the end result was that another forum was born, and the agorists (outside-the-system activists) had a place of their own. Most people still get along just fine, and many still mix their activism between both worlds, but there was much drama and sometimes it still raises its head.

This time, the ideological split is between the sexist prudes and their apologists (it’s not fair of me to call the apologists prudes – some claim to not be) and the freethinkers or as we have been labeled, by the apologists, “libertines”.

A single forum post was all it took to ignite the beginning of the end of the liberty movement. I could cite the absurd excuses to continue the oppression of women that some of these supposedly liberty-oriented posters have made, but you should just see the forum thread for yourself.

How do you feel? Shouldn’t females have the right to go topless in public just as males have long enjoyed? Seems like a no-brainer to me. These liberty ladies are in the right, and I will proudly walk beside them.

So, prepare for the end of the liberty movement as you know it, presuming you believe the apologists. If some naked breasts is all it takes to kill a movement, maybe it deserves to die. The irony is, liberty guys have been bitching for decades about the lack of women in the movement. Now a few of them show up in Keene, New Hampshire, decide to do this as their activism, and all of a sudden they are a liability? Sad.

My prediction is this could be the most popular activist event yet in New Hampshire, and that many other non-prudish freethinkers will be attracted to the Keene area as a result. Plus, I hope KPD does the right thing, and leaves these wonderful, courageous ladies alone. Though I wouldn’t blame them if they showed up with cameras to “gather evidence” for “investigation later”!

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