“Disorderly” Update

As previously posted, there were trials on Monday for some of the activists charged with disorderly conduct for not leaving the courtroom lobby on April 13, 2009. Only two ended up having trial on Monday, as two had their charges dropped, and one trial was continued while Kurt Hoffman further prepares with his lawyer. The full trial videos of Nick Ryder and David Krouse are up for viewing.

Nick’s case was “taken under advisement”, and will be ruled on and the verdict mailed. We will certainly post an update here when we have one.
David was found guilty, and will be forced to serve 6 days in jail if he refuses their fine money.

Additional video taken from a second videographer at the trials is available on this youtube channel:

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  1. Thanks for posting. While long it's good to watch / hear how these things function both personally and legally.

  2. David has already stated he will not pay any fines. He's planning to report for jail, presumably to avoid providing them a flimsy excuse to escalate their violence against him. That's my take, however, and I don't want to put words in his mouth.

  3. Oh… and I'll have Dave up on jailedactivist.info by monday.

  4. Rules of the KDC:

    1. Rules are only applicable when beneficial to the prosecution.

    2. No laughing at ridiculous lies proposed by the prosecutor its witnesses.

    3. Witnesses to the violent abuses of power by the state have no business in or with the court and will be arrested.

    4. Respect for the victims of violent abuses of power by the state will be considered disruptive.

    5. Your First Amendment right to speech and assembly does not apply here.

    6. Only members of the press who have an affiliation government chartered corporate master will be afforded the privilege to report on the proceedings.

    7. We make our rulings and notify the defendant by private mail as to avoid public scrutiny or accountability.

    8. These rules will be arbitrarily applied and can change at any time for a future date or ex post facto.

  5. It's interesting how crazy uncle Ed recognizes Nick as a journalist for his own trial (when they start in the conference room), yet if he finds him guilty, will be denying this same recognition for Dave's trial.

  6. I found Nick to be fairly competent in his defense, dishing it out as it was given. While he certainly brought to the fore that he wasn't involved in the actions of the group, I found it unfortunate that more light wasn't shed on WHY the group was "loud" and what was happening i.e. Rivera and Walton were causing the disturbance and the people who remained mostly did so because they were concerned for the well-being of Sam.

    Other than in Ian's brief testimony and some comments by the prosecutor, there was very little mention about what I would describe as "agonizing screams of horribly intense pain" coming from Sam. No questions as to whether or not Rivera was at all concerned about his victim's well-being and why he refused a) to give a satisfactory response on the status of what was happening to Sam and b) refused to allow someone to verify Sam's well-being.

    They kidnapped him, they tortured him and they put him in a cage for 58 days because he refused to pay their ransom or become an accomplice to their crimes against him.

    That Burke is the central figure in it all and refuses to recuse himself is proof enough that the system is a machine. A machine that runs primarily on the blood and sweat of peaceful human beings, chewing them up, tearing them apart and destroying their lives to benefit the state with resources or other enrichment.

    And that is why you will never find justice there. Anything but.

  7. Did anyone else laugh out loud at the fact that the judge made them go into the separate room because of the "distractions"(giggling) in the courtroom yet later in the smaller room he just rambles about how hot it was in the room? The hypocrisy of it all is hilarious. (During Nick's case)

  8. "Stand up when you address the court….. remain seated (while you talk)…" Judge Burke.

    The first couple of minutes says a lot.

    Great job Nick.

  9. Why was Rivera still allowed in the back room after he gave his testimony? In what capacity was he acting that he was allowed to stay while the other witnesses were sequestered and left immediately after their testimony?

    Seems like intimidation, probably against their rule and possible grounds for dismissal if Nick is found guilty.

  10. I've only watched the first video so far. But the defendant missed many many objections just based on relevance.

  11. It took every iota of restraint I have to refrain from asking the prosecutor a simple question: "Where did you by your bed?"

    Seriously though. The mattress must be stuffed with live chinchillas. That is the only way I can imagine that despicable excuse for a human being is able to sleep at night.

  12. But the defendant missed many many objections just based on relevance.

    that he didn't make an objection doesn't necessarily mean he missed it. objecting to everything possible in court is usually the sign of a noob/dipshit litigant (often insecure psycho prosecutors with no awareness of the stacked deck they're so proud of). considering his experience and the absurdity of this bullshit, i think nick did a damned good job.

  13. Believe me, I've seen a lot of trials and thought of all the things I would do better than them.

    It changes a lot when you actually have to get up there and think on the spot. I didn't do everything I hoped to, but that's to be expected.

  14. Excellent job, Nick.

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