Proof KPD Officer Knew Toplessness Not a Crime Prior to Making Arrest

Peter Bowers“Without a victim, I don’t have a crime…I’m going to have to let them go.”
Peter Bowers, Officer, Keene Police Department

Bowers said this over the radio (As heard by the Keene Police Scanner) prior to entering a private cell-phone conversation with James Cemorales, the shift commander. Judging by Cemorales’ final statement in the audio, he was taking orders from Chris McLaughlin, the Keene Police’s prosecutor. Shouldn’t McLaughlin know that toplessness is legal? After all, he’s trained in reading legalese. Perhaps he knew he could kidnap Cassidy and knew there would be no consequences for him if the charges were dropped. Hopefully these guys will one day stop following immoral orders and leave peaceful people alone. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and what Cassidy should do (if anything) about her kidnapping in the comments section.

Here’s the audio from the scanner, edited for time but not content.

If only police would examine more closely whether there is a victim, we’d have a lot fewer peaceful people being arrested. For instance people possessing chemicals, plants, or playing poker have no victims…

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  1. Congratulations! If any ladies decide to protest again, maybe they could move the protest to the front of the Keene Police Department, Maybe the protest could be focused on her unlawful arrest and detention rather than focused on toplessness, but she could still be topless as a secondary focus!

    You Guys and Gals are doing a great service for all citizens of this country!

  2. false arrest suit?

  3. if she wants to churn the wheels appealing to the fedgoons as truncheon-wielders for liberty, that scanner recording followed by a cell call then her kidnapping is rich evidence. before depositions there would be hours of the kidnapping conspirators getting their stories "straight".

    the good news: many badged thugs suck balls on the stand when outside the usual formulaic "polly wanna cracker" spoon-fed prosecutor routine. why? because they're generally butt stupid, arrogant, and psychotically insecure; perfect for placing in front of a jury, should a voluntarist decide to cross that line.

  4. full steam ahead

    crack the aura of legitimacy

  5. These people are VERY aggressive towards peaceful people on a daily basis. They destroy peaceful people's lives and profit from it. It's a way of life for them because let's face it, it's a lot easier to get your money when you use a gun, versus having to depend on people to VOLUNTARILY decide to trade with you.

    So please forgive me if I don't show sympathy towards a monopoly of armed men with guns, their cages and bosses.

    There's only one language these people understand and it's financial penality because that's what THEY , the majority, ARE IN IT FOR.

    Police everywhere arrest people at the drop of a hat. Much work needs to be done to start turning this in the other direction.

    I hope Cassidy sues for False Arrest because I'm sick of seeing the ones who are supposed to protect us, be the FIRST ones who violate and consequently profit off of us.

    Remember when they used to be called Peace Officers? And now how they are "Law (money) Enforcement Officers" and they don't even KNOW the laws?

    If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to have God like power and screw you peaceful people's lives (where you a bully when you were a kid or were you one of those picked on by bullies, then you would be ideal recruiting material), then you should consider a career in Law Enforcement today.

  6. I think the Keene Police Department should fire the officer for kidnapping/false arrest when he *knew* it was legal for the woman to be topless. But they violated her anyway.

    If it turns out his superior ordered the arrest they should both be fired for conspiring to kidnap the woman together.

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