Proof KPD Officer Knew Toplessness Not a Crime Prior to Making Arrest

Peter Bowers“Without a victim, I don’t have a crime…I’m going to have to let them go.”
Peter Bowers, Officer, Keene Police Department

Bowers said this over the radio (As heard by the Keene Police Scanner) prior to entering a private cell-phone conversation with James Cemorales, the shift commander. Judging by Cemorales’ final statement in the audio, he was taking orders from Chris McLaughlin, the Keene Police’s prosecutor. Shouldn’t McLaughlin know that toplessness is legal? After all, he’s trained in reading legalese. Perhaps he knew he could kidnap Cassidy and knew there would be no consequences for him if the charges were dropped. Hopefully these guys will one day stop following immoral orders and leave peaceful people alone. I would appreciate your thoughts on this and what Cassidy should do (if anything) about her kidnapping in the comments section.

Here’s the audio from the scanner, edited for time but not content.

If only police would examine more closely whether there is a victim, we’d have a lot fewer peaceful people being arrested. For instance people possessing chemicals, plants, or playing poker have no victims…

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