Addressing Corruption in Keene

As this post goes public, I will be in Keene District Court presenting a letter addressing blatant criminal acts. The letter outlines allegations of corruption, criminal conduct, grand  jury tampering, assault, and perjury – all by NH public officials. In their system the proper procedure is for citizens to present their evidence to a grand jury so they can investigate as their duty requires.

In the letter I outline and provide links to a video of  Howard B. Lane, Judge winking at the prosecutor after overruling my objection, inventing facts, discriminating against my disability, and perverting the rule of law.


Sam Dodson
39 Central Sq. #259
Keene, New Hampshire

March 17th, 2010

Court Name:  Keene District Court
Case Name:  State vs Samuel A. Miller
Case Number: 449-2009-CR-03618

I am writing in response to your armed agent, Peter Bowers who came to my door to demand I show up on March 17th, 2010 related to your case number 449-2009-CR-03618 demanding Samuel A. Miller either pay $300 or beg for more time to pay $300. Peter Bowers also told me while standing on my front porch it was a felony to film him from inside my own home.

Has your Keene district court expanded the unlawful camera ban implemented by an unknown entity who is either complacent in the fraud, or to cowardly to admit he/she wrote it?

Has this unaccountable entity now banned filming all state agents in the city limits of Keene, or was Peter Bowers simply standing on my porch with a loaded weapon threatening me with false arrest on felony charges? I have this on video, and I’m happy to make it available to any interested parties.

For the record, as I told you at our last encounter, I am not Samuel A. Miller, nor have I ever used that name. Hopefully we can clear this up by stating for the record how this information was obtained. I have reason to believe it was gathered in an illegal warrantless search of the Public Service of New Hampshire databases. Is this why your court has refused to change the name on your complaint and case?

The conduct of the state’s agents in this matter is extremely concerning, indicating a possible conflict of interest.

  • Can you please state for the record if any bonds have been sold to investors related to this complaint or case?

  • Has this affected your ability or swayed your judgment in correcting the name, if it is indeed me you seek?

  • Can you please state for the record if any agents of the state involved in this case have investments in bid bonds sold by the “City of Keene” to private investors, to realize immediate payment from fees and fines?

If this is a simple clerical error, and it is indeed me you seek in this matter, I’m happy to address it with you. However, after reviewing records of the trial, in response to my objection to the mistaken identity, you quietly referenced relying upon a drivers license, and ordered me to move on.

Perhaps you were unaware that I have a hearing disability. Unfortunately this seems to be a pattern, as this court has previously discriminated against my disability, ignored testimony of my disability, always to the benefit of the state, and to the detriment of a fair trial.

More importantly, what drivers license are you referencing? For the record, I have never shown any form of ID to the Keene police department. There was no testimony or documentation presented by any party of a driver’s license ever being verified, recorded, documented, or offered as evidence in this case.

  • For the record, please point out my error, and show where the trial record reflects evidence or testimony of the drivers license you relied upon.

If you are unable to point this out Howard Lane, as the self proclaimed finder of facts, I find it more than disturbing that your either mistakenly relying upon facts the record doesn’t reflect, or simply inventing facts to the benefit of the state. I have reason to believe you are no longer fit to stand trial, and request to see a recent (last 2 years) competency evaluation declaring you in good mental health and fit for duty as a district court judge.

When I asked you who you were representing, your answer was the State of New Hampshire. When I pointed out that’s the same party attacking me, and I asked how that’s not a conflict of interest, your answer, “because it’s not”, was unsatisfactory.

  • Please explain for the public you serve how your representing the party attacking me while presiding over the case as the finder of facts is not a conflict of interest.

After the trial I was told by several first hand independent witnesses present in the courtroom, that you winked at the prosecutor not once but twice during the trial. Upon reviewing video of the trial, this was confirmed. The video can be viewed here:

The wink caught on camera was at 4 min. 38 sec. into the video. I made an objection based on relevance, and before overruling it, you wink at Chris McLaughlin stating “does it really matter?”.

  • Howard Lane would you please share for the public record what was so important for you to communicate to Chris Mclaughlin without my knowledge, that you were willing to risk multiple felony incitements on ex-parte communications (RSA541-A:36) to do this during an open court proceeding?

  • Chris McLaughlin, would you please state for the record if you saw any of these winks, and if so why you didn’t act in accordance with your duties when a felony is committed in your presence?

I believe felony charges require grand jurors to “diligently inquire” into all such matters, as required by their oath:

You, as grand jurors, do solemnly swear that you will diligently inquire, and a true presentment make, of all such matters and things as shall be given you in charge; the state’s counsel, your fellows’ and your own you shall keep secret; and shall present no person for envy, hatred or malice; neither shall you leave any unpresented for love, fear, favor, affection or hope of reward; but you shall present things truly as they come to your knowledge, according to the best of your understanding. So help you God.

As a “fellow”, I have documented evidence, first hand knowledge, and documented proof of felony level crimes I believe were committed by Howard Lane, Chris Mclaughlin, Eli Rivera, and Ronald Leslie. All of these men are agents of the state, county, and local government, and should be shown no favor or bias out of fear.

In an attempt to inform the grand jury, I handed out fliers to perspective grand jurors informing them of the documented proof, admitted by this very court that Eli Rivera took the stand in contempt of a subpoena, secreted documents, and then perjured himself on the stand.

  • Please set a date for Eli Rivera to answer for his contempt, as he knowingly omitted a driving record search from a subpoena and lied about ever conducting such a search, despite writing SAMIAM in large letters across the results. He also told Peter Thomas, Policeman and/or Shane Maxfield, Policeman of a suspension notice, sent when I was in state custody, so that I could be arrested immediately leaving trial.

After reading the response, and taking the oath, any grand juror clearly has a duty to look into these allegations, as a matter of personal honor and integrity. I was met with hostility by several people who read the brochure. I have reason to believe that they have been intentionally misled, threatened or otherwise intimidated into abandoning their sworn duty. I have reason to believe the county prosecutor or his designate, likely Chris McLaughlin, is guilty of tampering with the grand jury.

Given the very serious nature of these allegations, and the documented proof accompanying them, please state for the public record the process for citizens to bring complaints of criminal wrongdoing against public officials to the grand jury so they may diligently inquire into these allegations.

I hope you consider the gravity of the situation when formulating your response. The US governments are running dangerously low on political capitol to so brazenly continue operating outside the rule of law. The people are waking up to the criminal nature of your organization, and the detrimental effect it is beginning to have on their lives.

I will share your responsive answers, lack of answers, and any violent acts committed by your agents, with the public, who employs you as their servant.

I will not go silently into the night.

Sam Dodson

CC: NH Judicial Conduct committee

Public Utilities Commission

John Lynch, NH Govenor

Posted to

Union Leader

Concord Monitor

Keene Sentinel

Keene Free Press

Keene City Council

Boston Globe

I can’t wait to see how they will respond. Using their system clearly doesn’t work,  airing their dirty laundry in public will raise awareness to the corruption while also eroding away their legitimacy.  I feel this will be more effective than any legal process, as the bureaucrats don’t seem interested in following the law.

Update: Their hearing was reschedule for the 31st. I had the joy of handing this document to Eli Rivera, who probably read it in the middle of the trial he was persecuting.

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  1. "The strength and power of despotism consists wholly in the fear of resistance" [Thomas Paine]


  2. Beautiful Sam(!). Thank you for identiying these Tyrants and peacefully challenging them their so called "justice" system.

    These people have always made me sick and it's always great to see light shined on cockroaches (opps, sorry, I mean – on those who have chosen to "serve us" for our protection.).

  3. Unless they inexplicably decide to arrest themselves, I can't say I think this document is going to accomplish much in regard to holding them accountable for their actions, but I wish you all the luck in the world for making the attempt.

  4. I agree completely Zeus, and that's the point of this letter. It's not written to them, it's written for the average person to read and understand.

    I kept the legal structure/words to a minimum and put it in a letter format for exactly that reason. This is to show people that nobody is watching the watchers. They believe themselves to be above the law, and act with little fear of any consequences.

    The idea is to shatter the illusions that these people are heroes working hard to uphold the rule of law.

  5. Clearly you have not put enough trust in Baby Jesus. If you would have voted for Bush a 3rd term, you would not be in this predicament.

    Lets pray that these Obama bureaucrats get the gout.

    With these things I say, in the name of his Blessed Holiness Baby Jesus H Christ before he grows a beard. Amen

  6. Glad to see you're making reference to the bid bonds, it's a subject I really want to start investigating more.

  7. My personal opinion is that this is the most important activism happening in New Hampshire, or anywhere else, right now.

    Stick it to 'em, Sam, and keep us posted!


  8. I have no idea what the purpose of this affidavit is. Is it a motion to dismiss? Or a criminal complaint? An interrogatory? What is it?

  9. @JZacker, as he posted, it is more a letter to the public to present the injustice that they may not know of over anything else.

  10. Sam, I'm a big fan, and I hate to be pedantic, but you should consider a proofreader!

    In paragraph 2:

    I think you mean "complicit" and "too cowardly"

    Paragraph 9:

    "you're relying"

    Paragraph 18:

    "political capital"

    Anyway, I guess it's too late for polish, but I'm reading every word intently, and hoping to see where this goes.

  11. I suggest a proofreader. When the first word of your document is misspelled (affidavit), that really sucks. Like the last poster, I hate to be critical, but I notice misspellings immediately upon examining any document. Get this stuff proofread before you hand it out.

  12. It's great to see something like this being written for all to see. It's about time the looking glass of "the law" has drastically changed it's angle… It's going to be quite tough to make a dent when local law is against the movement, but if this reaches higher ears, some wonderful progress could be made. Keep it going!

  13. JZACKER & ADRIAN BISSON, I agree, & more so. Sam, what is this shit?. Yes, *SHIT*. There's so many typos, homophone confusion, etc., I'm not even gonna start correcting all the mistakes here. This looks like some kind of "Uni-Bomber" manifesto…Yes, *RAMBLING, barely coherent, poorly written, even more poorly edited. D-. Re-write & repost it, and try again, kiddo. Anybody who has any real power is gonna see this for what bit is…A punk-ass prattles on…The saddest part, Sam, is that FuckfaceRivera & Lane,(and his crony-in-crime Douglas K. Watson) really do deserve to be criminally *INDICTED* (Note: *NOT* "incited" as you wrote above, Sam.)…And, Lane, jr. is not competent to *CONDUCT* trial. He's certainly competent enough to *STAND* trial…Jesus.H.Fucking Christ, Sam! This is such a poorly written piece of shit…Kinda like stocking up on rotten tomatoes because you heard the Nazis are coming, and you just wanna get pasta…Sure, I get the gist of what you're saying here. But I sure can't much respect anybody who thinks that this is an example of something well-written. What? OH! I see! You deliberately made all those errors so the Average American wouldn't feel bad about their own poor education & ignorance???…

  14. Here's something about Jumanjiville/kangaroo/keene district court that you should look into: After a stint as a county persecutor, Burke went into private practice w/Bragdon & Berkson. Peter Bragdon. Neil Berkson. Then, he blow-jobbed his way onto the bench. Helped set up "Mental Health Court"…which is blatantly *UNCONSTITUTIONAL!*…the largest single "contractor" getting $$$ from "M.H.C.", is *MFS*, Monadnock Family Services. Former MFS Board member? YUP! BURKE! So, after serving on the board of a 501(c)3, a lawyer becomes a judge, then proceeds to nurse to life an unconstitutional court whose largest $$$making "customer" is the very same 501(c)3 that now-judge served on as a lawyer!!!…That ain't the "appearance of impropriety", HELL NO!, it's *IMPROPRIETY PERSONIFIED*…

  15. …we do not mis-construe, when we take your silence as a confession of guilt…Having just found out that, yes, it really does look like Eli *FUCKFACE* Rivera is running for Cheshire County Sheriff…Let me state for the record, Rivera is guilty of moral turpitude, even if I'm not using that phrase exactly correctly. First, there is the serious issue of *CITIZENSHIP*…I have a court document indicating that Eli is a *LEGAL RESIDENT*…What is your exact citizenship status, Eli???…Prove it!!!…Also, on Christmas Eve, 2005, Rivera conspired with (now-retired, THANK GOD!) KPD officer Randy Tefft, to also involve Officer Lundin, in a fraudulent arrest of myself. There. I have made a full, formal, statement alledging an illegal abuse of authority, and several acts of *OFFICIAL OPPRESSION* committed against me and my family by Rivera. That alone should disqualify him from office as Sheriff. I'm filing formal charges w/the AG's office. THIS SHIT IS WAR, RIVERA!…Of course, you can always settle……ELI has his own *BIRTHERS* anti-Rivera gang going!!!…YOU WILL NEVER BE *MY* SHERIFF, RIVERA, YOU FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT! WAIT TILL WMUR CHANNEL 9 GETS THIS ONE, YOU motherfucker. You really, really, really, hurt my Mother, Rivera. Yes, *PACO*PUTA*, THIS SHIT IS REAL SERIOUS WAR!…I'm sure you're scared, huh, Eli???…But, if you think that you can approach me like Peloquin did, you got another thing coming. RIVERA is also a bully & a coward, like all bullies, so I know that at least if he waits in a dark alley, and jumps me, he won't be alone. Rivera is too scared shitless to confront me, much less face me, alone….He might get some cop buddies, but WTF???…P.S. I'm RUNNING FOR SHERIFF, TOO, RIVERA!…..WAIT & SEE, you wetbackshitfuck!….swim your wet-back ass back to Puerto Rico, asshole!….guess you can tell what i think of rivera, huh???…feelings mutual, so…fuck it……I have no need, urge, or reason to stop by 55 Pine Ave….God, this town is fucked…

  16. Remember, KIDS! Rivera worked at the C.C. House of Corrections, when it was run by Carl Baird. Ask Rivera about Carl Baird!…Tell us all about Carl Baird, Eli!…& Dombrowski, & Michael Sullivan….Remember them, too, Rivera???…

  17. Post Deleted by SamIam: KingofKeene – Threats of violence and talking about murdering other human beings is not welcome here.

  18. I'm not certain that those you were referring to are human . . .

  19. Rep. Michele Bachmann: "I want people in Minnesota armed and dangerous….having a revolution every now and then is a good thing."

    Rep. John Boehner: "Take [Democratic Congressman] Steve Driehaus, for example. He may be a dead man. He can't go home to the west side of Cincinnati."

    Rep. Steve King: "Let's beat that other side to a pulp! Let's take them out. Let's chase them down."/////….

    Comment by theKINGofKEENE

    March 27, 2010 @ 9:46 pm

    Post Deleted by SamIam: KingofKeene – Threats of violence and talking about murdering other human beings is not welcome here.


  20. Deleting my posts makes you feel like such a STATESman, doesn't it, Sam???…lol…*STATES'-MAN SAM!, YES, HE AM*!!!…(which individual in a group of activists, would be most concerned that the group not be wrongly perceived by the "general public", and what might they do, to manage & massage the groups' public image???…Censoring certain voices in a "group discussion", is an excellent tactic. It's taught at THE SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS!…How do I know it's taught at the SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS???…I taught there, until they kicked me out, for doing what i do here. Exposing the "tricks" of one side, to the other. Everybody is basically playing some minor variation of the same game…Once you learn that, it's easy…If you only ever watch the kick-off return specialist, or punt-kicker specialist, on an NFL team, how well would you understand football???…If you only ever watch the quarterback, how well would you understand the cruCIAal role that punt/field goal kickers play???…Hey, corruption is corruption. That's what *TOPIC* this is posted under, right???…whether it's corrupting the "State", -or-, CORRUPTING THE CORRUPTORS!!!…BWA HA HA hA hA HA,…

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