March Issue of the Free Keene Press

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Thanks to BJ Wurts for the great letter about his trip to Keene.

The Free Keene Press is going to be looking to expand the amount of pages we have to fill.  The next edition will be four pages instead of one.  This means I am going to need more Keene-centric content and could use some help with that task.  Currently I am paying for the printing costs out of pocket, with the cost going from $70 to $200,  I will also need help paying for the printing costs.  I am open to the idea of running some ads and pricing is negotiable.

What I am looking for as far as content is:

  • Articles in general
  • Photographs with caption or brief context description
  • Re-printable art
  • Opinion pieces
  • Comics, puzzles
  • Press releases for events around Keene

In terms of the articles I would like to see:

  • Taxes
  • City Council watch type report
  • Events around the Keene area like Pumpkin Fest
  • Social needs and services and a critique thereof, both public and private
  • Important Cheshire county news stories

And much more of course.  I plan on keeping an open mind as to what gets printed.  You can submit an item for consideration by sending an email to

And just to clarify things: By submitting you give the Free Keene Press permission to reprint and edit your item as we see fit.  You will not be compensated.  You will be credited and if your item is edited a note will be made.  Please limit profanity.  More than likely if an edit is made it will be for length.

If you have questions please feel free to email the above address.

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