FK EXCLUSIVE: “Healing Our World” Now In Kindle and Epub Formats!

healingThanks to Keeniac and liberty activist Abbie, we are proud to announce the world exclusives of Dr. Mary Ruwart’s awesome book, “Healing Our World” (90s edition) in Epub (.epub) and Kindle (.azw) formats! Just click your preferred format to download.

Plus, we still have the .PDF of “Healing” and some other books like “The Market for Liberty” and “Complete Liberty” free in audio format as well as .PDF on our Free Books page!

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  1. To anyone using an iPhone you can download this directly to your phone, Jailbroken or not, simply install the app "Stanza" from the iTunes App Store and add as a website source. Then access the new source and select the .epub version. Stanza will then prompt you to download the file and ask you if you want to add it to your library. After the download .. Walla its there ready to read.

    Thank you to whoever spent the time to work this version out.

  2. Thanks Keeniac, Abbie, & TJLawJX! Downloading Stanza now.

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