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  1. Meg, Sam, Crew:

    That is fucking awesome work. I laughed my ass off!

  2. Hilarious 😀

    And slightly disturbing of course … but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by abuse like this anymore … after all, these politicians didn't seek power because they wanted to mind their own business and run their own lives.

  3. I never knew the truth could be so funny. I laughed until my sides hurt. This beauty should go viral. Great job Sam and Smeg and all of the crew.

  4. You guys did it! You first made the best C.R.A.P. video yet to air. What was even better than that is you put in all the yummy goodies that would make such a thing absolutely classic and very expert in it's performance. I'm very proud to know each and every one of you who just by your friendship have likewise enriched my life just in the few short months I lived among you all.

    It's in a form that the average person can easily understand and enjoy. It had great entertainment value & you could readily tell that the cast & crew had a fantastic time shooting it. It is also very evident that it was well thought out and scripted, no slapdash production at all, as people can see through hurried videos spotting them a mile away.

    This production has a potential to reach out to not just the prospective folks the freedom movement would like to see, but also to the fence sitters that need such fine work to get them motivated to move.

    Best of all, it filled a need near and dear to my heart, the exposure of the illegitimacy and also the subsequent peaceful dismantling of the state, brick-by-brick. The pharmacies of Tamworth, New Hampshire are going to make a fortune selling gallons of Maalox to the actual council members.

    Kudos and a big thanks to you great people for taking the valuable time out of your busy lives to create such a fine work. I anxiously await the next video.

  5. Wow. High production value can often be effective.

  6. that was funny as hell with awesome acting!

  7. Thank you, citizens. You words inspire me to go forth and bring C.R.A.P. like this to the masses!

  8. I just love you guys!!! Such a genius tactic!!!

  9. Wow! that was bad ass! "can i taser him"

  10. That's a good one. My only thought is that the average person might not understand what's going on without someone to set it up (like they did on FTL last night). Without the setup I might be a little confused…

  11. Cool video, but am I the only one that notice the camera op with the big ass camera in the scene with the cops?

  12. Dave, you mean the scene where later that guy says "I'm in the middle of an interview"? He's supposed to be a part of the scene.

    Oh, and I loved Jim in this. He's hilarious.

  13. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Great Job.

  14. Wait! There's a guy with a camera in that shot?

  15. "peanut loves beards" lol

  16. This is absolutely wonderful. I imagine this is what the MSM would be like on a liberty oriented TV channel.

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